Written by Abraham B. Hurwitz, Ed Mishell

Work of Various

41 pages (Stapled), published by Magico Magazine
Illustrated with drawings by Ed Mishell.
Language: English

(65 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Abraham B. Hurwitz, Ed Mishell Introduction 5
Unknown A Star is Born twisting a rubber band into star figure 5
Willie Schneider Seeing Stars star figure between fingers 6
Jay Rene It's a Snap rubber band through thumb 7
Walter Rollins, Harry Lorayne Torn and Restored Elastic "Snap!" 8
Unknown The Two Way-Stretch making one rubber band look like two 9
Unknown Ring-Off getting ring off rubber band, more a puzzleRelated to 10
Unknown Put It On reverse of "Ring-Off"Related to 10
Unknown Betcha-Can't putting rubber band around spectator's hand that he cannot remove one-handedRelated to 11
Stanley Collins Jumping Band rubber band jumps from two finger to other two fingers
- The Exchange Jump (two rubber bands simultaneously)
- For the Skeptics (locked with another rubber band)
Unknown Penetrating Bands Also published here 12
Unknown For the Kids faces on wide rubber band become distorted when band is pulled 13
Unknown One Handed Silk Vanish silk secretly pulled into hand as it is apparently put in paper bag 13
Unknown Loop the Loop loop around spectator's finger is freed 14
Unknown Spirit Arrow arrow on block of wood points to "yes" or "no" to answer questions 14
Unknown Snap rubber band around card, card penetrates and is now around next card, "Pixel" precursor 15
Unknown To Make Anything Disappear with a Rubber Band small item put in silk vanishes 16
Unknown The Dancing Pencils gag 17
Unknown Snap Back puzzle apparatus in which stick must apparently inserted in tube and attached to rubber band 17
Unknown Comedy Jumping Hat flies off head 18
Unknown Quicker Than the Eye match penetrates opened paper clip, optical illusion 18
Unknown The Rising Card rubber band gimmick between two cards 19
Unknown Disappearance of Ring or Other Object Under Hank ring (or item) put in left hand, silk around hand, rubber band around silk, item vanishes or appears in other hand 19
Unknown Aladdin's Ring optical illusion/effect when rubber band is spun around fingers 20
Unknown Owi Goowi the Worm thick piece of a rubber band "vanishes" by crawling into hand 21
U. F. Grant Elastic-Scape two halves encircled with rubber bands, selection placed between those halves, vanishes, then jumps outVariationsAlso published here
  • "The Encyclopedia of U. F. Grant Magic"
Unknown Thumb Penetration 22
Unknown The Deck that Cuts Itself - Al Baker strange Al Baker creditRelated to 23
Unknown The Herring Bone Design 24
Unknown Criss-Cross deck wrapped both ways with rubber band, thrown to other hand, selection remains in hand 24
Unknown Challenge Interlace Interlude doing a one-handed interlace design faster than spectator 25
Unknown Button Holed long elastic through spectator's button hole 25
Unknown Beadazzled bead on long rubber band, held stretched next to card spread, moves and stops at selection 26
Unknown Business Card Prediction out to lunch 26
Unknown "Y" Not two different colored rubber bands are in some configuration and change places 27
Unknown Single Hand Knotting secret rubber band 27
Unknown Jumping Wand wand jumps from hand 28
Unknown Try Your Hand at This putting rubber band around spectator's hand that he cannot remove one-handedRelated to 28
Unknown Ring-Go! rubber band on string, ends held by spectator, it is removed 28
Unknown The Clips That Join configuration with bill, paper clips and rubber band, bill pulled and other things linked 29
Fred Furman The Jumping Band rubber band between two fingers, apparently penetrates one while spectator is holding the fingerAlso published here
  • The Magical Bulletin, Jan. 1921
Alex Elmsley Let's Do the Twist puzzle about twisted wide rubber bandAlso published here 31
Unknown Bracelet and Band removing bracelet that is around one finger while tips of fingers are banded with rubber band 31
Unknown Instant Transformation face card of deck changes when rubber banded deck is thrown in air 32
Unknown Finger Penetration 32
Ed Balducci Another Finger Penetration 32
Willie Schneider Willie Schneider Contributed This One thumb penetration 33
Unknown The Jumping Band band around fingers, spectator places hand on top, rubber band jumps onto his fingers 33
Unknown A Penetration two rubber bands around hand, penetration 34
Ben D. Stone Thumb-Thru 34
Unknown A Borrowed Loop endless chain type layout with rubber band, knowing when pencil or finger will be caught 35
Unknown Spirit Finger Control fingers attracted and they move towards each other 36
Unknown Rabbit Into the Hat rabbit on one side of card, top hat on the other, spun quickly, optical illusion 36
Unknown Rabbit Into the Hat II rabbit on one side of card, top hat on the other, when looking on edge it appears as if rabbit is in hat, optical illusion 36
Unknown How to Make Your Ears Wiggle string on back 37
Unknown The Dancing Skeleton cut-out skeleton in front of paper, flash light, optical illusion 37
Unknown The Floating Hot Dog optical illusion, between outstretched fingers 38
Unknown Crash - Diving Submarine raisins in club soda rise up and down, physics 38
Unknown The Twirling Cigarette Paper spins on tip of finger, physics 38
Unknown Matchbook Horse & Rider gag figure with matchbook 39
Unknown The Deceptive Hairpin one or two ends of wire pin put on spectator's arm, he doesn't know if one or two pins without looking, physics 39
Unknown The Ghost and the Arrow arrow reverses when viewed through glass of water, physics 40
Unknown The Lemon Pig pig figure constructed from lemon and matches 40
Unknown The Pipes of Pan instrument from drinking straws 40
Unknown Tumblebug match book tumbles around, animation 41