Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Stephen Minch

97 pages (Spiralbound), published by Micky Hades International
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Lenti.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Stephen Minch A Left-Handed Foreword written for left-handed magician 7
Stephen Minch Anthropophagic Jacks Jack put on card, card becomes blank with bone picture, more cards become blank between two Jacks, rubber-banded Three become miniature card, card with fly picture vanishes, Jacks transform in flap card case, partial rough-smooth 11
Stephen Minch Bookleaf Change center card of sandwich changes, here with double facer 19
Stephen Minch Added Note on the Bookleaf Change face-up card between two face-down cards changes into selection, see also p. 19 21
Martin A. Nash Instant Double Lift after picking up tabled spread 21
Stephen Minch A-Ten-Tion prediction on table, three cards removed, two spectators are shown the cards, one sees three Threes of Hearts, the other three Sevens of Hearts, prediction card is Ten and the three cards change to other TensAlso published here 23
Stephen Minch, Edward Marlo Quick Three-Way Display alignment move, with extra card 24
Unknown Gambler's or Square-Up Cop from packet 30
Stephen Minch Variations on the Showing-Three-as-One Swindle Quick Three-Way type, with or without extra card 31
Stephen Minch Small Packet Double extracting double from center of four-card packet 31
Stephen Minch Prediculous cards dealt face-up, all cards are seen to be Kings of Hearts, only odd-backed card is stopped atAlso published here 34
Unknown Glide Force stop force 35
Stephen Minch A Light Fandango selection rises from fan, wiggles and goes back down, then vanishes from deck 37
Stephen Minch Fan Steal Related to 39
Stephen Minch Swami Fly comedy routine with mind-reading plastic fly, buzzes at correct card from three cards, joy buzzer 43
Stephen Minch Fly-Catcher plastic flies in amber-colored plastic, two in the hands and one in the pocket routine, plastic frog finale 49
Stephen Minch Cups and Flies balls change into plastic flies one by one, plastic spider final load and bug aerosol can 53
Stephen Minch The Torn and Restored Fly miniature newspaper is torn and restored, with sucker explanation with falling piecesAlso published here 58
Stephen Minch Out of the Flying Pan... card chosen and put in pan, fire made, lid closed, giant flapping fly inside, it holds selection 63
Stephen Minch The Match Monster animated acrobatic matchbook, eyes stuck to it, thread 69
Stephen Minch The Ribbon That Was Something Ellis ribbon, small metal ring appears, penetration routineInspired by 76
Stephen Minch Milo the Magnificent comedy routine with puppet, comedy wands
- ball & cone phase
- milk pitcher
- finds card after many failed tries, puppet assistant brings jumbo card