Written by Patrick Page

Work of Patrick Page

34 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Dennis Patten.
Language: English

(22 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Patrick Page Introduction to the Purse Frame 1
Patrick Page Coin Production from purse frame 2
Patrick Page Sponge Balls sponge ball production from purse frame 5
Patrick Page Continuity producing sponge ball from purse frame after coin trick, routining 5
Patrick Page Wand Production Plus producing a modelling balloon from a purse frame 6
Patrick Page One to One angly coin production from purse frame, best for one spectator 7
Patrick Page Down the Sleeve producing object from purse frame, using sleeve 10
Patrick Page Impromptu gag, producing lighter from purse frame 11
Vic Pinto, Patrick Page The Purse coin purse is produced from purse frame 12
Patrick Page For the Smoker cigarette and lighter are produced from purse frame 13
Patrick Page Zany gag in store, purse frame and change 14
Unknown The Downs Palm wile holding purse frame 14
Patrick Page Whisky Tot filled shot glass produced from purse frame 16
Patrick Page Thumb Tip production of handkerchief from purse frameRelated to 16
Patrick Page The Vanish vanish of coin or object with purse frame 18
Patrick Page One More several coins vanish from purse frame 19
Patrick Page And Another vanish coin from purse frame 20
Patrick Page With a Pull 22
Val Andrews The Big One gag, using oversized purse frame 22
Patrick Page Just One More Vanish vanish of coin with purse frame 24
Patrick Page Transpo copper / silver transpo with purse frame 25
Patrick Page Patrick Page's Purse Frame Routine coins produced from purse frame, jumbo coin as climaxAlso published here 27