Written by Stephen Minch
Work of Stephen Minch
36 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Lenti
Language: English
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Stephen Minch Introduction
Stephen Minch Prediculous cards dealt face-up, all cards are seen to be Kings of Hearts, only odd-backed card is stopped at
Also published here 2
Glide Force stop force
Stephen Minch Unbalanced two black cards on table, four red cards in spectator's hand, one red card moved to black pile, now four red cards on table and black in spectator's hand
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • Linking Ring Parade, July 1981
Stephen Minch A-Ten-Tion prediction on table, three cards removed, two spectators are shown the cards, one sees three Threes of Hearts, the other three Sevens of Hearts, prediction card is Ten and the three cards change to other Tens
Also published here 7
Stephen Minch, Edward Marlo Quick Three-Way Display alignment move, with extra card
Stephen Minch The Torn & Restored Fly miniature newspaper is torn and restored, with sucker explanation with falling pieces
Also published here 11
Stephen Minch Either/Or two cards from ESP deck, spectators think of a number and count to card
Also published here 15
Stephen Minch The Smaven Synthesis spectator moves hand over tabled spread of face-down ESP cards and stops where he like, card predicted, 1-0-1 stack
Roger Smith, Stephen Minch Ribbon Spread Range Force
Inspired by
  • Ultimate Card Book No. 2, Roger Smith
Stephen Minch Menephysics divination of one ESP card, impromptu Mene-Tekel stack
Also published here 19
Stephen Minch Étoile D'Éventualité spectator deals cards face up and stops, that card removed, die rolled and to that number counted to from stopped spot, both cards predicted, Himber Wallet
Also published here 22
Stephen Minch Towering Prediction cards are laid out and spectator follows instruction from written scroll
Also published here 27
Stephen Minch The Silver Key key turns on hand, then on spectator's hand, the key on chain swings by itself over selected disk, then key is wrapped in paper and vanishes in flash of fire
Also published here 31
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