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John Bannon Introduction
Simon Aronson Preface
Simon Aronson Point Spread red/black game in several phases played by two spectators, performer predicts difference between number of red and black cards, repeat, shuffle-bored finale
Simon Aronson Equalizer Credit Information
Related to 16
Simon Aronson, John Bannon Simon's and John's proof of the Red-Black Relationship Principle
Simon Aronson Moves and Removes marker moved on 3x3 layout, final card predicted, with 4x4 "Sixteen Card Version" on p. 30
Related to
  • Martin Gardner Presents (1993), p. 149
Simon Aronson Child's Play rock/paper/scissors with small prop versions, with three chips, outcome predicted
Inspired by
  • "My First Trick" (Robert Neale, Tricks of the Imagination, 1991)
Simon Aronson Simple Double Duke Aces shown, short overhand shuffle, stacked except one, performer has Royal Flush
Related toAlso published here 47
Simon Aronson Stack In Trade Aces stacked to performer and shown during deal, then another player has Aces and performer Royal Flush
  • Overhand Shuffle Methode (Version 1)
  • Streamlined Handling
  • Collins Method (Version 2)
Inspired by 52
Simon Aronson Three For Two three selections made in different way, no-touch selection procedure, all located, two key cards, first cut of cut-deeper force
Inspired by 61
Simon Aronson The Aronson Stripout with final three-packet cut on table
  • Push Through Variation
  • Front Lift Variation
Related toVariations 65
Simon Aronson Quad-Mates Revisited four cards put in deck at four positions, next to mates, Gemini Twins with four cards and spelling of random words
Inspired by
  • "Quad-Mates" (Simon Aronson, MUM, May 1979)
Related to
Hiroyuki Sakai Four Card Touch Force multiple cards touched, stripped out, first card outjogged by performer
Simon Aronson Doublestop Simplified two selections, two piles, spectator thinks stop on his selection in one pile and second selection is at same position in other pile
  • Key Method
  • "No Key" Method
Inspired by 79
Simon Aronson Lift Shuffle Control for two cards
Simon Aronson This Side Up playing card with "Instructions" written on them becomes signed selection on one side
Inspired by
  • "Emergency Card" (Randy Wakeman, Randy Wakeman Presents)
Criss Cross Force
Wild Card Switch scoop and turnover
Simon Aronson Plastic Sleeve Switch with divider
Simon Aronson Happy Birthday odd-backed card matches spectator's birthday card in date book
Inspired byVariations 96
Simon Aronson The Calendar Card card chosen by spectator matches card on spectator's birthday in calendar list
Simon Aronson Other Applications for th Personalized Greeting Card ideas on how to use greeting cards with customized messages on them
Simon Aronson Two Possibilities with impromptu handling in final comment
Variations 113
Michael Close, Simon Aronson MC Spread Double Lift Variant
Simon Aronson The Trained Deck selection cut into deck, three chosen cards added, selection at this position, repeated, then selected card is spelled by spectator in his head while performer deals, performer stops at selection, Multiple Card Sum Stack
Related to 123
Simon Aronson Mark-a-Place Move
Simon Aronson, Geoffrey Scalbert Sunken Key Placement
Simon Aronson Multiple Card Sum Stacks consecutive sum, not forcing
Related to 134
Simon Aronson Doubly Lazy two selections, Ace to King twice
Related to 136
Simon Aronson Spell Check three cards spelled to consecutively starting with random card, selection at end of last spell, declining letter spells
Simon Aronson Suit Yourself one deck mixed face-up/face-down, other deck shuffled twice and named suit removed, in first deck this suit is reversed in same order
Inspired by 144
Simon Aronson Past, Present, Future spectator cuts off pile, pockets card, shuffles bottom pile and remembers card, cuts again and remembers card, deals through top pile and turns over a card, one named, position of one named, pocketed card predicted in wallet
Simon Aronson Floating Key Principle
Simon Aronson Lazy Memory ideas for applying the memorized deck to the Lazy Man's Card Trick
  • Memorized Doubly Lazy
  • Spelling to the Second Selection
  • "Sessions" Lazy Memory
Related to 162
Simon Aronson Everybody's Lazy two spectators and performer remember cards, performer names position of spectator's cards, spectator names number and there is performer's card, no-touch
VariationsAlso published here 167
Simon Aronson Two Wrongs Make It Right two decks, two cards chosen in one, both decks dealt in unison to two predicted cards in other deck, the selections show up in same place, funny presentation about making wrong predictions
Simon Aronson Taking Advantage of One's Position selection procedure in which a packet is cut off, next card remembered and placed on this packet, another packet cut off onto first pile, next card remembered and put onto first pile, and so on
  • Self Position
  • Shuffling
  • False Positives
Related toVariations 179
Simon Aronson Self Centered two cards chosen by cutting and shuffling packets, procedure similar to one-pile free cut
Inspired by 187
Simon Aronson Madness in our Methods three selections, fair conditions, no-touch and no card seen
  • Alternative Revelations
Simon Aronson Topsy Turvy three selections with cutting and shuffling packets, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, cards located by apparent muscle reading in spread
Related to 203
Juan Tamariz Restoring part of Stack at end of Topsy Turvy
Related to 215
Simon Aronson High Class Location three selections
Related to 216
Simon Aronson The Open Index
  • The Open Index
  • Estimate, Glimpse and Cut
    • A. Glimpse First, then Cut
    • B. Cut First, then Glimpse
  • Knowing Where You Are
    • A. Marks
    • B. Key Cards
    • C. One Way Backs (see also p. 237)
  • Determining the Desired Card
    • A. The Target Card is Directly Designated by the Spectator
    • B. The Target Card is Indirectly Designated, and is Not Known to the Spectator
    • C. A Target "Position" is Designated
Wrist Turn and Bevel
Edward Marlo Book Break
Simon Aronson The S. A. Combination "Self Adjusting", spectator touches force in spread, it apparently does not leave sight, under-the-spread force
  • A. The Force Procedure
  • B. Application to the Open Index (spectator touches named card)
Related toAlso published here 232
Simon Aronson The Cross-Index Index - Charting the Course on card indexes and the cross-index index idea
  • Above Suspicion
  • Cross Indexing Two Variables
  • Charts and Lists
Simon Aronson On the Berglas Effect with fifty-two decks, as example of cross-index index
Simon Aronson Fate card freely chosen from range of twelve, then birthday named, then chart removed, using cross-index index
Variations 249
Simon Aronson Signs zodiac sign cards specify one's lucky number, color, symbol..., cross-index index with example effects
Simon Aronson The PIP Stack "Position Information Procedure"
Ace to King stack in deck, allows performer to know position of replaced selection
Edward Marlo Incomplete Faro Placement
Simon Aronson A Short Routine: Colorful Countdown spectator selects card, lucky number on zodiac chart is looked up, at that position is selection
Simon Aronson A Long Routine: Three is a Charm three spectators, card, color and symbol selected, position of card and color and symbol written on zodiac chart when spectator's signs are looked up
Simon Aronson Uncharted Territory more ideas for "Signs" and the cross-index index
  • Variants
  • Lists, Grids and Tables
  • Other Formats
  • Conclusion
Simon Aronson Bibliography of Simon Aronson
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