Written by Stephen Minch
Work of Stephen Minch
40 pages (Stapled), published by Bob Lynn
Illustrated with drawings by Stephen E. Fabian
Language: English
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Stephen Minch Introduction to the Ceremony on performing those ceremonies, story-telling magic
Also published here i
Stephen Minch The Setting
Also published here v
Stephen Minch The Stigmata of Cthulhu stigmata marks appear on skin of spectators
VariationsAlso published here 2
Stephen Minch The Fungi from Yuggoth ceremony where life from another sphere is created, fungi from chosen star appears in pan, chemical
Also published here 6
Stephen Minch The Eye of Alhazred chosen symbol appears chemically on paper, with fire
Also published here 11
Stephen Minch Pickman's Model stain appears on table under statue, then statue moves and disappears
Also published here 16
Stephen Minch The Silver Key haunted key on second finger, key also turns on spectator's finger, signet is found by using key as pendulum, then key vanishes in box
Also published here 21
Stephen Minch Dreams in the Witch-House water turns to blood (chemical) and back to water when stirred with a bone, coin travels to cloth bag in locked box, case moves on table uses Joseph Fenichel's "The Crawler"
Also published here 27
Stephen Minch The Music of Erich Zann séance performance, metronome starts moving and violin and music box start playing under glass bowl
Also published here 36
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