Written by Ken De Courcy, Jack Yates

Work of Jack Yates

8 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings by Ken De Courcy.
Language: English

(8 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jack Yates Jack's Pack stack in which position of every card can be calculated with formula and vice versa ("Reversing the Process") 2
Jack Yates Effect mnemonicosis type effect, card is named and located by various means, "In a way, it becomes rather like Dai Vernon's 'Trick that cannot be explained'" 2
Jack Yates The Number Force card named, numbers jotted down and summed up, card at that position
- Plus a Marked Deck (card pushed out of marked deck instead of named)
Jack Yates, Ken De Courcy Notes by the Editor - Keep the Sequence
- False Shuffles and Cuts
- With Two People
- Short Corner
Ken De Courcy By Age forcing the card that lies at spectator's age 6
Ken De Courcy "Age Cards" Addition binary number cards, card named and number cards that total its position removed and added 6
Ken De Courcy As a Location System using the stack as an open index, with optional corner shorts at regular intervals 7
Ken De Courcy Climax four packets, each secretly has one suit, four card location 8