Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
136 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
111 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Easy Money Magic chapter intro
Karl Fulves Quarter Bet No. 1, quarter under half dollar changes into dime, heads or tail presentation
Money Changer No. 2, dime changes in half dollar in seemingly empty hands
Edge Grip Display
Monty Crowe Five Riser No. 3, two bills are rolled up in perpendicular position, when unrolled, the former bottom bill is now on top, topological
Also published here 4
Dr. Edward G. Ervin One from Two No. 4, two coins clearly shown, one placed in pocket, it comes back, featuring three-coin arrangement that can be shown from both sides as two coins, also for six-as-three coins
Variations 5
Karl Fulves Quick Print No. 5, several blank papers, they are folded and put in cup, one removed, it changes into bill
Sam Aaronson Quick Copper No. 6, copper and silver coins alternated, four coins tossed in other hand, the coins have separated, slightly smaller diameter and strip-out
Related to 7
Animation No. 7, six copper coins and one silver coin in handkerchief, silver coin apparently doesn't like that and the handkerchief shakes widely, at doorway edge, part of handkerchief behind door, gag
Tony Kardyro Never Was No. 8, coin vanishes with handkerchief, unload under band of wrist watch
Karl Fulves Stand-Up Magic chapter intro
Bob Hummer Slap Coin No. 9, coin in closed fist, other hand on top, quick upward motion and coin lies on top of fist
Also published here 12
Bruce Elliott Slap Coin Variation several coins penetrate from inside fist to top
Inspired by 13
Money Makes Money No. 10, coin from bill
Clayton Rosencrance Bill Display coin hidden behind bill and transferred from side to side
Harry Baker Penny-Tration No. 11, seven pennies counted in spectator's hand, one penetrates it
Also published here 15
Gaylord E. Hill Impromptu Bill Vanish No. 12, rolled up behind ear, apparently vanishes from spectator's hand
Also published here 16
Ross Bertram Crash Glass No. 13, through bottom of glass
Also published here 18
John V. Hope, Robert Olsen Hot Silver No. 14, marked coin vanishes from handkerchief and reappears in another handkerchief in paper bag, featuring sleeving while wrapping coin
Karl Fulves Air Traffic No. 15, coin in fist, pen pushed through and coin vanishes, repeat and coin reappears, using pen clip
Karl Fulves Higher No. 16, coin placed in eye like monocle, performer slowly turns around and coin vanishes, reappears on top of head (duplicate)
Karl Fulves Matter Thru Matter chapter intro
J. W. Sarles Drop Kick No. 17, one of four coins under cup penetrates table
Dr. Jacob Daley Timing Pattern No. 18, two coins counted on table, one held underneath, top coin joins, rhythm
Also published here 25
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Tunnel Move No. 19, one coin penetrates table, extra coin
Glass Go No. 20
Ross Bertram, J. W. Sarles Rub a Dub No. 21, coin rubbed through table, backwards movement during rubbing, with Bertram patter and Sarles idea of using two coins of which only one penetrates
Karl Fulves Winged Silver No. 22, coin vanishes from covered glass, reappears in ball of wool
Inspired by 33
Karl Fulves Coin Stunts chapter intro
Stay Put No. 23, balancing-on-finger stunt
Flip Out No. 24, coin spins strangely when tossed up
The Pivot No. 25, two coins held between fingers, first finger flips it to back, poker chip flourish
Reflexes No. 26, bill dropped through fingers, cannot be caught
Metal bending No. 27, coin apparently soft and bent back and forth
Tower of Nickels No. 28, stack of coins, problem to move top coin one coin down without touching the stack
Billflip No. 29, coaster flip flourish at table edge with wallet
Tom Fitzgerald Spread the Wealth No. 30, eight-pointed star, coins have to be moved, puzzle
Also published here 41
Penny Hex No. 31, layout puzzle with six coins
Dates No. 32, finding the year 1776 on a dollar bill
Snow No. 33, looking for anagram of "night snow" on dollar bill
Key and Scale No. 34, finding a key and a scale on a dollar bill
On the Line No. 35, line on paper, placing three coins on paper so that two heads are on one side and two tails on other side of line
Triangle Solitaire No. 36, coin layout game/puzzle
Touch Four No. 37, layout puzzle
Two-Headed Coin No. 38, "how many heads on a quarter?"
How Many Eyes? No. 39, "how many eyes on a dollar bill?", catch question
Betting Lincoln No. 40, trick question about tossing a bill up
Not a Half No. 41, trick question about two coins
Penny Catch No. 42, trick question
Penny Checkers No. 43, layout puzzle
How Many Ones? No. 44, "how many ones on every dollar bill?", puzzle
Date Bet No. 45, guessing year on coin, trick question
R. J. Cooper Balancing Act No. 46, balancing coin on bill
Emil Jarrow Confucius Coins No. 47, coin layout puzzle
Also published here 48
G. W. Lewthwaite Sharper's Game No. 48, layout puzzle with coins on checkerboard, spectator loses
Karl Fulves At the Table chapter intro
David Devant, Dai Vernon Nimble Nickels No. 49, ten coins in two rows, picked up in pairs, one coin moved across, they all travel across, double toss
Twist No. 50, coin vanishes from handkerchief, reappears under salt shaker
Penny Ante No. 51, one coin under each hand, travel to same hand
Dr. Jacob Daley Mobility No. 52, three coins and two cards
Also published here 56
Karl Fulves Down Under No. 53, coin wrapped in handkerchief apparently tossed through ceiling, it come back from below table
Karl Fulves Cover Up No. 54, simplified matrix
John V. Hope, Robert Olsen Duet No. 55, two coins wrapped in handkerchief, named one penetrates table
Variations 62
Karl Fulves Swindle Switch chapter intro
Related to 65
Jean Hugard The Masked Move No. 56, coin and bill in handkerchief, named item penetrates it
Stewart Judah Thru the Ring No. 57, coin in handkerchief, ends threaded through a ring, coin penetrates ring
Also published here 67
Karl Fulves Lockpick No. 58, coin under handkerchief and key on other side transpose
Jack Miller Miller's Magic No. 59, one-handed coin-through-handkerchief
Karl Fulves Prepared Tricks chapter intro
Karl Fulves Half and Half No. 60, borrowed one-dollar bill in envelope, cut in two, two half dollar coins come out
Inspired by 72
James F. Herpick Envelope Switch
Also published here 73
Karl Fulves Two Coins No. 61, two coins under two cards, one travels to the other, coins connected with thread
Inspired by 74
Karl Fulves Porous Coin No. 62, coin wrapped in paper is penetrated by pin
Inspired by 77
Ronald B. Edwards, Karl Fulves Moneyfly No. 63, coin travels into spectator's hand, using money tray made from bill
Inspired by 78
Karl Fulves Safe Deposit No. 64, one and five dollar bill, fiver vanishes and reappears in box, one folded to look like two bills with fake index
Magnetizo No. 65, one bill clings to another
Karl Fulves Mystic Dime No. 66, coins travel from one paper cup to another under the table
Karl Fulves Topsy-Turvy No. 67, three copper and three silver coins in one purse, copper coins travel to another purse, silt in purse
Karl Fulves, Alex Elmsley Astral Coins No. 68, coins travel through table to under card, thread from coin to card
Inspired by 86
Murray Sumner, Rick Johnsson, Yoshio Hirose Puncture No. 69, pen through bill with paper cover
Inspired by 90
Karl Fulves Shortchange Trick chapter intro
Karl Fulves Bunco Bills No. 70
Also published here 93
Dr. Raymond L. Beebe, Karl Fulves Shortchanged No. 71, removing bills from spectator's pocket apparently
Karl Fulves Bamboozled No. 72, with glued bill flap gaff
Inspired by 97
Karl Fulves Money Mental chapter intro
Ronald B. Edwards Divination No. 73, three nickels, three pennies, three cards (Two, Six, Ten), spectator arranges coins in some way under cards, performer divines layout
Also published here 101
Bob Hummer, Jack Yates Time Will Tell No. 74, twelve coins on table in circle layout, spectator removes six coins, some head/tail matching
Related to 102
Al Koran Take One No. 75, three different coins on table, three spectators each take a coin, performer finds out who has which
Vic Shoenk, Karl Fulves Destiny No. 76, coin from batch chosen, deck shuffled and dealt into four piles, face cards on piles are the year of the date, e.g. Ace-Nine-Eight-Nine
Card Addition with Pen as pen is removed from outer breast pocket
Edward Bagshawe, Sam Schwartz, Karl Fulves Metalogic No. 77, four coins, each represents a president, one chosen and divined
Bob Hummer, Stewart James, Mel Stover, Karl Fulves Immovable Object No. 78, six numbered glasses, coin moved from glass to glass
Karl Fulves A Lesson in Timing chapter intro
Bill Wisch Easy as 1, 2, 3 No. 79, learning classic palm and false transfer, rhythm
Coin thru Table No. 80
Karl Fulves Haunted House chapter intro
Roy Walton Thru and Thru No. 81, cup dropped through cup, with coin inside as convincer
Karl Fulves Rebound No. 82, silver coin in paper, copper coin in envelope, transposition
Karl Fulves The Gathering No. 83, coin travels from under one playing card to another
Karl Fulves Sealed-Box Mystery No. 84, coin penetrates table upwards into matchbox
John A. M. Howie, Karl Fulves Holed Out No. 85, coin through smaller hole in paper
Inspired by 122
Karl Fulves Coins and Cups No. 86, four coins each in two paper cups, they travel into one cup one by one, slit in cup
Karl Fulves Platform Tricks chapter intro
Karl Fulves The Miser's Dream No. 87, using a paper carton as bucket
Karl Fulves, Brian MacCarthy Hyper Banking No. 88, slit in center of a paper, coin disappears and reappears
Inspired by
  • MacCarthy's "The Disappearing Hole" in "Impromptu" from 1939
Al Lasher, Karl Fulves Coin-juring No. 89, coin displayed in the space between the hat band and the crown of the hat, coin vanishes when tossed up, reappears in glass in hat
Inspired by 131
Al Koran, Karl Fulves A Stab in the Pack No. 90, deck wrapped with dollar bill, knife next to selection
Knife Glimpse
Karl Fulves, Tom Harris, George Blake Pay Day No. 91, envelopes torn to pieces according to spectator's wishes, the one with bill remains unharmed
Inspired by 134
Karl Fulves Smart Money No. 92, calculation with date on any coin with result in number nine, this book is a force-book with "of" as every ninth word at the start of each chapter
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