Written by Alexander de Cova

Work of Alexander de Cova

28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Alexander de Cova.
Language: German

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Alexander de Cova Vorwort 3
Alexander de Cova Theorie & Praxis - Der Effekt
- Die Präsentation
- Die Requisiten
- Zuschauerbeteiligung
- Kreativität
Also published here 4
Alexander de Cova Silk-Vanish open thumb tip handling, silk vanishes at fingertipsAlso published here 9
Alexander de Cova, "Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring-Tausch borrowed rings appear to transpose or be at several places at once 12
Alexander de Cova Tube for Ring from inside pocket to bottom of jacketAlso published here 14
Alexander de Cova Devil's Handkerchief Handling retrieving vanished ringAlso published here 16
Unknown Ring Switch on Stick Also published here 18
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring from Ring Box Extraction Also published here 19
Alexander de Cova Mikrofon-Gags 1. Das sich vergrößernde Mikrofon (growing sponge)
2. Probleme mit dem Mikro-Ständer
3. Das lange Mikrofon
Also published here 20
Alexander de Cova Card Shelf construction of a card shelf and brief card or other item to sealed envelopeRelated to 23
Alexander de Cova Tossing item tossed in air vanishes, secretly put in other hand behind backAlso published here 25
Alexander de Cova, Ken Krenzel Synchronus two spectators choose cards in their hands and find the card of the other spectator, out of hands, without creditsInspired by 27
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force 27
Unknown Criss Cross Force 28