Written by David Malek

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30 pages (Stapled), published by Malek Enterprises
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Malek The Malek Multiple Card Control for three cards, consecutive (cover) passesAlso published here 4
David Malek Jacks Done Better false dealing demo up to fifth, with surprise ending, performer deals himself Aces instead of TensInspired by 8
David Malek The One Handed Fifth Deal 9
Terry Zembrzuski Mock Fifth Deal 10
Frederick Braue Braue Add-On 10
David Malek The Double Cross dealing a good hand to the confederate but performer has a better hand as a kickerRelated to
  • Darwin Ortiz's "The Bottom Deal Demonstration" in "Darwin's Deceits"
David Malek The Yellow Kid all backs with four cards and gambling demonstration, Himber walletInspired by 19
Martin A. Nash Nash's Multiple Shift briefAlso published here 20
Derek Vernon Alignment Move 22
David Malek The Instantly Memorized Deck position in shuffled deck is named and performer knows card, memory presentation 29