Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
121 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Instant ESP chapter intro
Stuart Robson Money Sense No. 1, spectator take coin in one hand behind his back, performer knows which hand, "This quick trick will work most of the time."
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Sixth Sense No. 2, performer puts coin in same hand as spectator, secret extra coin
Related to 2
The Blindfolded Deck No. 3, underneath-handkerchief cut force, secret deck turnover
The Figures Match No. 4, three-digit number divined after some calculation from spectator and removal of matches
Squaring the Cycle No. 5, die moved on square layout, starting position divined
Significant Digit No. 6, spectator writes number on one side of small paper, it is torn in half with writing down, performer knows which half has writing and the number, pencil writing transferred to moist finger
Mind Power No. 7, four objects on table, spectator touches one with eyes closed, predicted, tallest object
Sam Schwartz Hypno-Math No. 8, spectator cannot add two numbers correctly, upside-down numbers
Karl Fulves Tele-Poker No. 9, person phoned, he deals two hands of any number of cards, after some discarding only two cards remain in one hand, which is predicted
Inspired by 11
A Mind for Figures No. 10, psychological force of two numbers, "It will work most of the time"
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Karl Fulves Mind Reading with Cards chapter intro
Jack Vosburgh Scrambled Thoughts No. 11, Ace, Two and Three held by three spectators, two spectators exchange cards with back turned, performer knows which
The Psychic Pickpocket No. 12, spectator places a card in one of his pockets while performer is out of his room, performer divines the pocket
Digit Discovery No. 13, with repeat, Ace through Ten set-up
Bottom Glimpse basic
X Marks the Spot No. 14, card chosen from packet is only one with x on back, number and counting
Royal Mind Reading No. 15, two Royal Flushes given to two spectators, they select one card and put it in the middle, hands gathered, mixed and re-dealt, spectators get their Royal Flush with chosen cards transposed
Karl Fulves Joker Poker No. 16, Joker is inserted in fifteen-card packet which is then dealt out, hand with joker has a pair and wins
Also published here 22
Mentalist's Dream No. 17, selection from one deck is reversed in another deck, Ten-Twenty Force
Letter Perfect No. 18, spectator writes letters on cards, one chosen, shuffled back and found
Theodore Annemann A New Kink reversal for one-way replacement
Karl Fulves, James G. Thompson Jr. Future Vision No. 19, spectator pushed paper into deck, cards above and below are predicted
Inspired by 27
Karl Fulves Mind Over Matter chapter intro
Karl Fulves Money Mental No. 20, One-, Five- and Ten-Dollar bills held by three spectators, blindfolded performer knows who has which bill, blindfold peek
Karl Fulves Things Equal No. 21, after some handling, matches outside the matchbox and inside equal, repeat phase in which matches multiply
Karl Fulves Katch Koin No. 22, coin is dropped into spectator's hand, who has to close his hand around the coin quickly with eyes closed, coin is back in performer's hand
Also published here 33
, Henry Slade Psychic Compass No. 23, compass needle moves, magnet in shoe under table
Fire Power No. 24, compass needle moves, iron in staple in matchbook influences needle
Karl Fulves Replica No. 25, four coins on table, one chosen and put in envelope, it duplicates in envelope, equivoque with written instructions
Lightning Addition No. 26, strips with number, speed addition demonstration with them
Long Division No. 27, long number, performer knows whether it is divisible by four or how to change it so it is
Teleportation No. 28, two bills torn, one half of each travels into envelope
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Karl Fulves Book Tests chapter intro
Think of a Word No. 29, spectator cuts deck and takes two cards, values added and content of that page divined
Cross Cut Force
The Printed Word No. 30, spectator cuts deck and takes two cards, values added and phone book opened on that page, 14-15 stack
Theodore Annemann Word on the Page No. 31, two-spectator version of 14-15 stack
Also published here 50
Winged Thoughts No. 32, atlas opened on any page, performer divines content, index on slate
The Want Ad Test No. 33, paper strip cut where spectator wants to, ad at place where it is cut is predicted
John Hudak, Karl Fulves Stop Press No. 34, newspaper test over phone
Inspired by 54
James G. Thompson Jr. Magazine Mentalism No. 35, trick performing for friends over phone
Also published here 56
Karl Fulves Psychic Secrets chapter intro
Karl Fulves Crystal Clear No. 36, secret one-handed center tear with napkin as it is burned
Time Will Tell No. 37, medium divines the time set on spectator's watch and the card he stopped at
Karl Fulves A Room Away No. 38, selection returned to cased deck, medium in other room finds selection
Inspired by 61
Impossible ESP No. 39, six symbols listed, two chosen by throw of die are predicted
Karl Fulves The Invisible Die No. 40, deck shuffled and put in glass, number from one to six named, card at that position divined
Karl Fulves Card Addition in Glass with paper carton as separator
Karl Fulves The Time Pool No. 41, spectator's watch apparently speeded up when dipped into special glass
Seven Keys No. 42
Karl Fulves Key-rect No. 43, with borrowed keys and house lock of a friend's home
Karl Fulves Psilver No. 44, selection of spoon or fork is predicted, they then change places in the hand and pocket of the spectator, then one bends like the other, power of darkness elements
Also published here 69
Karl Fulves Slate Sorcery chapter intro
Robert Parrish Telltale Slate No. 45, five spectators write favorite tv show on slate, first spectator's one divined
Also published here 73
Robert Parrish Handwriting No. 46, identifying handwriting of five persons
Also published here 75
Karl Fulves Thoughts in Color No. 47, spectators write down favourite car on slate, performer knows who wrote which from a distance
Inspired by 76
Theodore Annemann, Burling Hull Spirit Writing No. 48, message appears on one of two slates, false count
Karl Fulves Faces and Slates No. 49, four people written on slate, medium can identify a chosen one
Karl Fulves It's Murder No. 50, word code
Karl Fulves Hyperspace No. 51, slate under table pressed to table, spectator writes word, it goes through fourth dimension and is now in mirror writing
Related to 81
Karl Fulves The Isis Slate No. 52, coding four numbers (or other things) with two lines on a slate
Also published here 83
Karl Fulves, Tony Bartolotta Epic Slate Test No. 53, sum prediction after addition
Also published here 85
Robert Parrish Picture ESP No. 54, slate as mirror
Also published here 87
Karl Fulves Miracles with Cards chapter intro
Sleight of Mind No. 55, five poker hands, five spectators think of a card each, re-dealt and divined
Karl Fulves Remote Viewing No. 56, two spectators remember cards in shuffled deck that is cut back-to-back far away, out-of-hand key card placement
Karl Fulves Even-Money Proposition No. 57, spectator is given pairs of red and black cards, he guesses all colors correctly
Also published here 94
Eddie Joseph Ultimate Match No. 58, one card cut to in one deck, matches position in second deck, inverse stacks
Variations 96
Franklin V. Taylor Double Stop No. 59, two cards, two halves dealt, performer shouts stop
Also published here 98
Karl Fulves Confederates chapter intro
Bruce Elliott, L. Vosburgh Lyons Finger, Finger No. 60, number of held-up fingers divined repeatedly
Also published here 101
Karl Fulves Covenant No. 61, Ace, Two and Three are shuffled and distributed amongst three spectators, performer divines who has which card
Also published here 103
Karl Fulves Names in the News No. 62, two spectators chose picture in newspaper and person therein, both predicted
Karl Fulves The Faraday Cage No. 63, paper bag used to completely block ringing sound of phone, when removes the ringing continues
George Schindler The Darkroom Séance No. 64, lit cigarette goes out
Also published here 108
Karl Fulves Psychometry chapter intro
Theodore Annemann Pseudo Psychometry No. 65
Also published here 111
L. Vosburgh Lyons Graphology No. 66, spectators write on paper cards, performer assigns them correctly
Also published here 113
Karl Fulves, Tony Corinda, Maurice Fogel Super Psychometry No. 67, marked envelopes with personal envelopes, questions on the outside are answered, with (cold) reading, very detailed
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