Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Various
120 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
150 entries
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John Scarne Play Ball production of two baseballs, body loads, 1956
Related to
  • "The Odds Against Me" (John Scarne, Chapter 11)
1 1993 1
Karl Fulves Dice story about John Scarne doing controlled dice shots
1 1993 2
Mel Stover Now Hear This verbal puzzles
1 1993 3
Mel Stover A Casbah Cavort spelling location with small packet and story presentation
1 1993 3
Don Nielsen Kronos force of number five, six or seven with wrist watch procedure, newspaper test application, see note on p. 7
Related to
  • "Step Back in Time" (Stephen Tucker, Compendium, 1984)
1 1993 4
Karl Fulves Likely Suspect packet, selection stands always out, three phases, only face-up card, then only black card, then odd-backed
1 1993 5
J. W. Sarles Roll Down "An Impromptue 3-Part Card Routine"
  • spectator reverses a card behind his back, performer names it
  • in repeat spectator reverses the card right next to first selection
  • spectator shuffles cards face-up/face-down behind his back, Triumph
1 1993 6
J. W. Sarles Reverse Coincidence first performer then spectator both reverse a card behind the back, at the end no card is reversed
Related to 1 1993 7
Karl Fulves Svengali Notes
1 1993 7
Karl Fulves Svengali Transpo
1 1993 7
Karl Fulves Sven's Back
1 1993 8
Karl Fulves Svengali Trap though-card sandwich
1 1993 9
Karl Fulves Sventranspo II thought-of card transposes with another card
1 1993 10
Sam Schwartz On Being Natural comment
1 1993 10
Martin Gardner Blow Up marshmallow grows to twice the size in vacuum and then instantly collapses again
1 1993 10
Karl Fulves Interim Report on John Scarne, Pallbearers Review reprint, Larry Gray & Dai Vernon & Cardini backpalm anecdote
1 1993 11
John Scarne Card from Nowhere bottom card of deck changes into selection, addition from bowed-out right-hand palm (see also p. 92)
1 1993 12
Martin Gardner Table Tricks intro
2 1993 13
Martin Gardner Vanishing Salt Shaker sitting down
2 1993 13
Martin Gardner Force Field animating things on table, apparently no finger moves
2 1993 14
Karl Fulves Cheap Trick "Two Tricks with Dice" No. 1
red and black packet, two cards chosen with dice throws and packets combined, the chosen cards transpose
Related to 2 1993 15
Karl Fulves Data Dice "Two Tricks with Dice" No. 2
seven-card packet, card chosen with dice and found
Related to 2 1993 15
Dr. Gordon C. Peck Over There "Ron Peck"? card put in one half, other half placed on table, it jumps to tabled half
2 1993 16
Karl Fulves Draw Test sixteen-card poker, four players get four cards each
Related toVariations 2 1993 16
Karl Fulves Mental Lock envelope and billet system for reading, center tear by openly cutting off corners of envelopes
2 1993 17
John Scarne, Karl Fulves Spell Purple spelling red, black, suits with packet, ending with "purple" written on a card, see also p. 47
VariationsAlso published here 2 1993 18
John Scarne Aces on Impact spectator shuffles top half and names small number counted down and spectator takes the card at that number, repeated three more times, they are the Aces
Variations 2 1993 19
Zig Zag Bill using a card box for bills
Related to 2 1993 20
Sam Schwartz Thought Process one of thirteen cards thought of, dealing procedure according to thought-of card (color, value, suit), selection narrowed down by having one key card, see also p. 47
Inspired by
  • "Contemplation" (Interim Report)
Related toVariations
2 1993 21
Sam Schwartz Innermost Thought same trick, using thirteen specific cards to optimize multiple outs, also as phone effect
Inspired by 2 1993 22
Karl Fulves Interim Report on Slydini, John Scarne, Dai Vernon, Joseph Dunninger, Stewart James
2 1993 23
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Stewart James in Print: The First Fifty Years by Stewart James 2 1993 23
Joseph Dunninger Dunninger Predicts three items predicted in three envelopes, two forced and one bluff (stock market value), for radio
2 1993 24
Joseph K. Schmidt Cops sandwiched card in deck turns out to be later selection, see also p. 47
Inspired by
  • "The Prechosen Chosen Card" (Braue, Gen, Vol. 17 No. 10)
Related toVariations
3 1993 25
Joseph K. Schmidt Long Arm Stuff presentation for long arm gag
3 1993 26
Karl Fulves Birthday Value - Birthday Suit spectator spells birth month from one packet and birth day from another, suit and value are used to arrive at a card which is predicted
Related toVariations 3 1993 27
John Scarne Factory Seconds apparently several Sevens of Hearts are in the deck, they are all put aside and change into Aces
Variations 3 1993 29
Martin Gardner Hydrick's Bill Trick "four psychic tricks" No. 1
bill spins on needle under inverted glass tank, also spinning pencil on table
3 1993 30
Karl Fulves Remote Control "four psychic tricks" No. 2
remote control for television locked in transparent box, channel still changes
3 1993 30
Joseph K. Schmidt Star Burst "four psychic tricks" No. 3
broken toothpicks rearrange themselves into star configuration under paper cover, water makes them unbend, quirting lighter
3 1993 30
Karl Fulves Water Fall "four psychic tricks" No. 4
water glass on slate, water spills over when no one is looking, secret squirting lighter
3 1993 31
Karl Fulves Squirting Lighter using it empty to blow air to animate things
3 1993 31
Mel Bennett Interspace Insert nine-card packet, spectator turns a pair over anywhere, performer places card between them behind back and names this card, with additional solution by Karl Fulves
Inspired by 3 1993 32
Jerry Fulton Red Herring sucker problem of having spectator separate a small packet into reds and blacks
3 1993 32
Karl Fulves World Power different handling of the final switch in four-packet deal
3 1993 33
Ron Rennick Shades sun glasses put on table as prediction, card chosen by counting black cards in one pile and counting down in another pile, it is the King of Spades with stuck-on sun glasses
3 1993 34
Charles T. Jordan, Ron Rennick Count Down Force counting black cards in one pile and counting down in another pile
3 1993 34
Karl Fulves Interim Report on Ben Braude and the authorship of "John Scarne on Card Tricks", Dai Vernon's beginnings
3 1993 35
Karl Fulves Cross Roads cross made from two rows of different coins, marker moved on coins, final position predicted
Inspired by 3 1993 36
Karl Fulves Paradox introduction to following tricks
4 1993 37
Karl Fulves Trans-No-Transpo of two cards only one transposes, paradox, half-transposition
4 1993 37
John Scarne Pocket to Pocket Ace of Spades placed in right jacket pocket and then instantly removed from left back trouser pocket
4 1993 37
Palming Card Out Again palmed out again
4 1993 38
John Scarne Palm Transfer with Deck card in right hand classic palm replaced injogged and then retained Lowe-style in left hand cop as deck is transferred
4 1993 38
John Scarne Paradox Pairs presentation for transposition, one card in left and one in right pocket
4 1993 38
Roy Walton The Fixer eighteen-card packet mixed face-up/face-down, bottom card noted, spelling procedure, card found
Inspired by
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, The New Invocation #43, Feb. 1988)
4 1993 39
Wings gag with a dollar bill that is used like a phone
Related to 4 1993 40
John Brown John Brown writes on Dai Vernon Stuart Judah sessions with Dai Vernon, from a 1977 letter
Related to 4 1993 41
Ken Allen Mugged pencil with string loop and mug
Related toAlso published here 4 1993 43
Mitsunobu Matsuyama Fortune cards with "He Loves Me", "He Loves Me Not", petal principle
Related toVariations 4 1993 43
J. W. Sarles Facsimile four Queens change into duplicates of selection, gaff not explained
4 1993 43
Martin Gardner Coiled ring & spring
4 1993 44
J. W. Sarles Cutback Ace of Spades shuffled in deck, spectator cuts anywhere and names small number, Ace found there, beating the cut presentation
4 1993 44
Karl Fulves Parity Prophet cards dealt in pairs, one turned over, again dealt in pairs, cards on both side of reversed card are mates or predicted, Gemini Twins relation
Related toVariations 4 1993 45
Karl Fulves By Any Stretch small and large rubber band around fingers, spectator holds fingers, the bands transpose, spectator has to close eyes, duplicate on wrist
Inspired by
  • Ken Kuroki trick
Related to
4 1993 46
Karl Fulves Interim Report corrections, Tony Bartolotta, L. Vosburgh Lyons
4 1993 47
Tony Bartolotta Named Gemini two cards freely chosen, mates found with Gemini Twins procedure
Inspired byRelated to 4 1993 48
Mel Bennett Blackjack four named years are added, total used to deal four piles, when turned over the bottom cards are two blackjacks
Related to 5 1993 49
Frank Thompson Box Bounce "an Oktio Box Secret"
coins penetrate box, featuring move in which coins bounce back into hand when stack of coins is dropped into box
Related to 5 1993 50
Joseph K. Schmidt Simulated Vision die behind paper screen as prediction, secretly pivoted as required
Inspired by
  • "Divination with a Die" (George Blake, Magigram, March 1977)
Related to
5 1993 51
U. F. Grant A Twist on Colorvision spinning the box and hiding the opening
Also published here
  • "Colorvision Methods" (Grant)
5 1993 52
Karl Fulves Shocked hidden joy buzzer under metal cup, as burglar alarm when spectator takes out a coin
Related to 5 1993 52
Karl Fulves Interim Report on John Scarne, Slydini, Frank Thompson (credit claim for Cigar Bottom Deal)
5 1993 53
John Scarne Traveling Flame flame taken off lighter and tossed back, credit information, lighter covered with silk and use of Storm King lighters
5 1993 53
Tony Slydini Water Leak paper on pencil used to catch drops of water from apparent leak in ceiling
5 1993 53
Karl Fulves Play Dough "Impromptu Money Magic"
variation on the upside-down bill fold with two bills
5 1993 54
Karl Fulves Guess Again eight cards are placed outjogged into tabled spread, cards dealt in pairs, color matches with out-jogged cards
Related toVariationsAlso published here 5 1993 55
John Braun John Braun - Dai Vernon part 2 of letter
Related to 5 1993 56
Glide Change
Related to 5 1993 58
John Scarne Trapped Under Glass card inside inverted glass transposes with card outside, visible
5 1993 60
Sam Schwartz Sam's Monte
Inspired byRelated to 6 1994 61
Don Nielsen Impromptu Topit shirt in inside jacket pocket configuration, gag to produce the Zombie gimmick
Related to 6 1994 63
Karl Fulves Flying Clipper dime in hands, hands shown empty, a quarter appears along with the dime, then a half dollar, clip palming
6 1994 64
Karl Fulves Shadow Play spectator remembers card at small number, two decks used to count down after some procedure, selection in both decks at same position
6 1994 65
Karl Fulves Little Nothings loading the spectator's wallet during apparent money exchange before performance, force of mate with counting and down-under deal procedure
Variations 6 1994 65
John Scarne, J. W. Sarles One Hand Ace Cutting using bridge (spring and riffle shuffle)
Variations 6 1994 66
John Scarne Knockout Aces spectator says stop four times during (slip) overhand shuffle, four Kings found, repeat with Aces kicker
6 1994 67
Art Altman Altman's Upside Down reproduction of ad copy
Also published here
  • The Sphinx, Nov. 1928
6 1994 68
Art Altman Teaser from 1928
6 1994 68
Tony Bartolotta Thought In Color movie star and color chosen, prediction in envelope in which chosen actor is striked through
Inspired by 6 1994 69
Karl Fulves Interim Report on Joseph Dunninger's act, mindreading acts
Related to 6 1994 70
Karl Fulves Chance Encounter dealing procedure used arrive at numbers, when added two numbers are calculated, they are the key numbers of two hotel keys, using 14-15 stack
Related to 6 1994 71
Jay Weiler Reading Cold on Weiler's cold reading method
6 1994 72
Howard Wurst, Charles Eberhardt Flyaway four coins vanish and reappear, using coin clip that can be clipped between fingers, optional complete vanish with handkerchief
Inspired by
  • Slydini Coin Clip (The Magic of Slydini, Ganson, Chapter 9)
Related to
7 1994 73
James G. Thompson Jr., Clip Joint coin clip in flesh fold at base of hand, hand looks empty
7 1994 76
John Scarne Fast Shuffle #1 "Scarne Shuffle Systems"
three Aces for five-handed game for first player
7 1994 77
John Scarne The Apparent Miss "Scarne Shuffle Systems"
three Aces for five-handed game for first player, apparent miss in third Ace
7 1994 77
John Scarne 3 Aces and a Kicker "Scarne Shuffle Systems"
three Aces for five-handed game for first player, fourth Ace as kicker
7 1994 78
John Scarne Fast Shuffle #2 "Scarne Shuffle Systems"
three Aces for five-handed game for dealer, crimp
Variations 7 1994 78
John Scarne The General System "Scarne Shuffle Systems"
with crimp
7 1994 78
John Scarne Fast Shuffle #3 "Scarne Shuffle Systems"
three Aces for five-handed game for dealer, fourth Ace after spectator shuffle
7 1994 78
Karl Fulves, Howard Wurst System Notes
7 1994 79
Victor Farelli Farelli on Leipzig ad reproduction, no method
Also published here
  • The Wizard, Vol. 1 No. 8
7 1994 79
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Paper Tearing torn and restored tissue, one starts on top of the other
Also published here
  • Thayer's Magical Bulletin
7 1994 79
Karl Fulves Strip Tac Toe using number cards to indicate which square has to be used next
Related to 7 1994 80
Tony Bartolotta Thotology random person phoned and asked to name any card, medium phoned asked for a number up to 52
Inspired by
  • "20th Century Telepathy" (John Northern Hilliard)
Related to
7 1994 81
Karl Fulves Ends Meet "a sliding knot trick"
Inspired by 7 1994 82
Karl Fulves Little Nothings - part one two packets dealt until the Ace of Spades is seen in one pile, remaining cards are twelve cards, number is forced
Inspired by 7 1994 83
Mel Bennett What Happened To Eve? palindrome comes out on calculator, numbers letters correlation
Inspired by
  • "Flip Flop Number Prediction" (D. Altman, MUM, Oct. 1983)
7 1994 84
Howard Wurst Stopwatch coin vanishes and reappears with clean displays, then splits into two
8 1994 85
Karl Fulves Intruder Threes on table, one put with three indifferent cards, they change to Threes, tabled cards change to Fours, computer virus presentation
Inspired by
  • Roy Walton trick from Linking Ring ca. 1986/87
Related to
8 1994 88
Mel Bennett Card 37 number force for 37 with calculator
Inspired by
  • "Letter for a Stranger" (Stewart James)
8 1994 88
Karl Fulves Crazy Quilt with cut-up paper with different colors
Related to 8 1994 89
Joseph Dunninger Psycho Thought
8 1994 90
John Scarne Watch The Ace short bottom deal demonstration, with bluff phase where it is apparently seen, then spectator tries it but the bottom card is now in his pocket
8 1994 91
John Scarne George Jumps coin from under the table up through a glass of soda
8 1994 91
Coin Jumping out of Glass coin dropped into glass jumps out on command
8 1994 91
John Scarne Imp Pass Handling directly into right hand classic palm
8 1994 92
John Scarne Quick Two Deck spectator and performer shuffle a deck, same card at bottom because they both "cut and shuffled the same way"
8 1994 92
Karl Fulves Memphis Mix 4&4
Related toVariations 8 1994 93
Karl Fulves Mixed Marriages 4&4, reverse mixing phase
8 1994 93
Karl Fulves First Future card sandwiched in center with sandwich cards outjogged, top card shown and moved to bottom, when sandwiched card is pulled out it is this selection
Related to 8 1994 94
Karl Fulves Interim Report on scripting and improvising, John Scarne producing a woman's library card, Howard Wurst, Slydini pickpocket anecdote
Related to 8 1994 95
Joseph K. Schmidt Quick Shuffle with in and out jog and packet in middle
Related to 8 1994 96
Herb Zarrow Think Ace four Aces removed and one thought of, shuffled back, one half jogged, face-card of lower half changes into thought-of Ace once named
Related to 9 1994 97
Herb Zarrow Interlock Change one half jogged, face card of lower half changes
9 1994 98
T. Page Wright Tip on Throwing Cards cutting out the center
Related toAlso published here
  • "The 'Holy' Pack"
9 1994 100
Mel Bennett Junk Bonds forcing one pile out of a few, for Ace assembly, using spelling
Inspired by 9 1994 100
Karl Fulves Crime Pays Naught four Kings and four Sevens, one card exchanged but nothing changed, then two and three
Related to 9 1994 101
Martin Gardner Crazy Coin marked coin travels from envelope to envelope, no palming
9 1994 102
Karl Fulves Freeze Frame two decks, performer signs one in his deck and spectator in his, decks exchanged but each still has his signed card in the deck
Related to 9 1994 103
Tony Bartolotta Number Con two numbers named, their total match previous prediction
9 1994 104
Mike Schwartz Stab Stab Stab deck rests on edge on table, performer stabs joker quickly into side a few times, last time next to selection
9 1994 105
Karl Fulves Black Prediction third cut off, one card selected from the pile and "black" written on back, card selected by cutting and turning top half over behind back, only black card
Related toVariations 9 1994 105
John Scarne Remote Control card travels to a spectator at back of room, bogus signature
  • Footnote to History (giving real method for "Western Union Trick")
Related to 9 1994 106
Karl Fulves Interim Report on All Backs, secrecy
9 1994 107
Sam Schwartz Sam's Spell name spelled and card at that position remembered, later found, also number would work
9 1994 108
John Scarne Card to Wallet signed card to rubber banded wallet, credit information on the wallet plot
Related to 10 1994 109
Karl Fulves Twisted Logic effect with twisted nail puzzle, tossed from hand to hand, then one of the two nails travels to other hand
10 1994 111
Paul Swinford Even Further
Inspired by 10 1994 112
Tony Bartolotta Impact Slates card and number written on slates
10 1994 113
Karl Fulves, John Scarne He Finds It card selected by cutting and turning top half over behind back, it is a previously named Ace
Inspired by 10 1994 114
John Scarne Brazil Bet betting that the large brazil nuts are on top in can
Related to 10 1994 115
Martin Gardner Rising Marble marble rises to the top in rice-filled glass
Also published here
  • "Physics Teacher" (Sept. 1994)
10 1994 115
Tony Bartolotta About Face ESP card, alphabet card and one of many license plates found
10 1994 115
Karl Fulves Even Money Extra
Inspired byRelated to 10 1994 116
J. W. Sarles, Karl Fulves Blank Look performer finds selection in reverse fan
  • Second Method (Karl Fulves)
10 1994 117
J. W. Sarles End Product
Inspired by 10 1994 118
Karl Fulves Interim Report on the magic-is-dead theme, Doug Henning, David Copperfield, close-up vs. stage magic
10 1994 119
Jack Avis Jack Avis on Scarne's Run-up Systems
Inspired byAlso published here 10 1994 120
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