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140 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
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John Scarne Suspense multi-phase cigar routine
  • cigar clings to hand, finger and hidden stick method
  • four cigars cling to hand, ungaffed
  • they are released in requested order
Related to 1 1
Unknown Cigar Levitation cigar clings to hand, reprinted from reference
Also published here
  • Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic, Martin Gardner
1 1
Reinhard Müller Pre-World discussing precursors of OOTW and color guessing, credit information
Related to 1 4
Unknown Stamped separating 1 cent stamps from 2 cent stamps, ca. 1930s
1 5
John Scarne Guess Black OOTW handling with bottom deals, dated ca. 1930s, see also p. 26
Related to 1 5
John Scarne New World Order two face-up Jokers in deck, six cards that "don't belong" chosen from between the Jokers, they are the only odd-colored ones, dated ca. 1930s, see also p. 42
Related toVariations 1 6
Karl Fulves Brass Band rubber band on performer's third finger, spectator holds second and third fingers and closes eyes, rubber band is now on second and third fingers
Related toAlso published here 1 8
Ken Beale The V Force "Three Impromptus"
bottom card of top half is transferred to bottom half with bottom placement angle jog as it is placed offset on it
1 9
Ken Beale Offset Ambition "Three Impromptus"
1 9
Ken Beale Set Off Trap "Three Impromptus"
sandwiched card on table, card chosen, sandwich cut in deck side-jogged, sandwiched card turns out to be later selection
1 10
J. W. Sarles One-Handed Injog card starts side-jogged
1 10
Karl Fulves Loaded cards with letters in scale layout, spectator thinks of a letter and says whether it would tip to left or right, binary, gray code, see also p. 26
Related to 1 11
Mel Bennett Half Now calculation, then psalm in bible found according to number, prediction from only vertical lines is complete to the word
Inspired by
  • "The Count of Monte Carlo" (Stewart James in Print, p. 716)
1 12
Karl Fulves Bottom Fact using Erdnase Bottom Deal as get-ready for strike bottom
Inspired byRelated to 1 12
Karl Fulves But I Digress on periodicals, John Scarne's unpublished material
1 13
Roy Walton Mini Mix 3&3
Inspired by 1 13
Karl Fulves Death Row Ace through Six in red and black removed and shuffled via Milk Build, after counting procedure the Ace of Spades is arrived at and it completes the Royal Flush in the case
1 14
Sam Schwartz Road Scholar horse race plot
Related to 2 15
Karl Fulves Shell Game for magicians, shell dropped onto coin, coin vanishes
2 18
J. W. Sarles After Dark spectator and performer think a card, spectator and performer find each other's card
Related to 2 19
Unknown Double Cross Cut Force one of two cards forced
2 19
John Scarne Brainwave Problem deck spread face up, two cards named, deck spread face down, two cards are red-backed, they're the named one, posed as a problem
2 19
Karl Fulves Bird Brain bird or dove indicates which watch belongs to which spectator
Related to 2 20
Karl Fulves Early Triumphs credit information, 1927 and 1928 references for Triumph routines
2 21
Unknown The Shuffle Reverse
Also published here
  • "Two Dozen Effective Practical Card Tricks" (Walter Gibson, 1927)
2 21
Art Altman Upside Down reprint of original instructions with added illustrations, 1928
2 21
Martin Gardner Cornered bar bet with checkerboard pattern and coins
2 23
Tony Bartolotta Keys Without Clues
2 24
Karl Fulves Big If comedy sequence that ends with brainwave type effect (double lift)
2 25
Karl Fulves 6-Card Conceit card location presentation for six card repeat
Related to 2 25
Jo Sarles, Sam Schwartz, Herb Zarrow Letters Jo Sarles is the widow of J. W. Sarles (Jim?)
2 26
Karl Fulves But I Digress on Robert-Houdin, presentation, Billy McComb anecdote
2 27
John Scarne The Probable Outcome card from different deck put into cards, spectator names card when spread face-up, the card shows up again with different back, ungaffed
Related to 2 28
Martin Gardner Face-Up Gemini Twins
Inspired byVariations 3 29
Karl Fulves Cross Hatched
Inspired by 3 30
Slydini Metal To Metal nail passes through steel nut with a hole that is too small, dealer's item
Related to 3 31
Karl Fulves Little Alice mate coincidence with odd-backed cards in two packets, one handled behind back, red/blue double backer
Inspired byRelated to 3 32
Joseph K. Schmidt Commentary on The Mechanic's Grip
Related to 3 33
Joseph K. Schmidt (reviewer) The Man Who Was Erdnase by Jeff Busby
comments on the book
3 33
Karl Fulves This Little Piggy marked coin vanishes from bill and reappears in plastic piggy bank
Related to 3 35
Karl Fulves Gambler's Dice Switch with Coins using bills
3 35
John Scarne Business Card ESP Business Card Prophecy with two separate predictions, credit information
Related to 3 36
Karl Fulves Not Too Blue deck spread face up, card named, deck re-spread face-down, two odd-backed cards sandwich one card, it is the named card
3 38
Karl Fulves 2¢ Lie Detector "Impromptu Truth Serum"
paper clip bent open and one end wrapped around tooth pick, can be made to act as lie detector or answer questions
Related to 3 39
Sam Schwartz Devil's Date "Two Diary Tricks"
card listed in diary is only odd-backed card in deck
Related to 3 40
Sam Schwartz Fate Accompli "Two Diary Tricks"
card listed in diary is only odd-backed
3 41
Karl Fulves But I Digress on Mike Skinner, Derek Dingle and Frank Garcia, Frank Garcia anecdote
Related to 3 42
John Scarne Heads I Win one of two coins turns over on back of hand with wave of hand
Related to 4 43
William Larsen, T. Page Wright A Novelty Spelling Mystery "A Larsen & Wright Gold Seal Mystery"
Further Than That precursor, 1940
Related toAlso published here
  • Page Wright's Manuscript, 1991, p. 223
  • Genii Bonus Number One, Genii, April 1940
4 45
Karl Fulves Rake's Progress open stacking procedure, Aces show up as climax
4 46
Henry Christ 49 Force two dice used in some calculation that results in 49
Related to 4 47
Karl Fulves How To Beat The Test color cards in paper folders are guessed with above-average score in three ways
Inspired by
  • "How Not To Test A Psychic" (Martin Gardner, 1989)
Related to
4 48
Sam Schwartz Any Card - Any Wallet card in face-up spread named, odd-backed duplicate predicted in wallet
Related to 4 50
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move
4 51
Karl Fulves Smoke/Silver "A routine for the cigarette thru quarter"
cigarette and quarter held between first finger and thumb of both hands, the hands link and unlink
Related to 4 52
Karl Fulves Voice Print freely chosen card, deck in glass, message appears on slate to locate card
Related to 4 53
Karl Fulves One-Way Reversal out-of-hands, using glass
Inspired by
  • "Mephistopheles' Own" (Charles Jordan)
4 53
Unknown Slate Display Sequence two slates
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, 1928
4 54
Karl Fulves But I Digress on influential magicians of an era, standard questions by laymen, Dunninger anecdote (from October 1944 Linking Ring)
4 55
Martin Gardner Color Magnets card cut into deck attracts a few card of same color, based on fact that at least four card of same color are together in most shuffled decks
Related to 4 56
Unknown Simple Cut Force deck cut on table, reversed card placed on top half and cut completed
4 56
Tony Bartolotta A Mind For Money five envelope with some coin change, four chosen, content added, amount predicted
Related to 5 57
Karl Fulves Pre-DV collection of a Strip-Out addition and Multiple Shift precursor, see following items
5 60
Audley Walsh Audley Walsh Coincidence four touched cards are stripped out and put to bottom of deck, they are the four Aces
Related toAlso published here 5 60
Louis Zingone Luis Zingone Card Control multiple Hindu Shuffle control, Vernon Multiple Shift precursor
Related to 5 61
Martin Gardner A Curious Number Force Ace through Nine in 3x3 layout
Related to 5 62
Karl Fulves Contraband rubber band around third finger, held by spectator who closes eyes, band jumps to fourth finger, wrist hide-out, band can also jump to spectator's wrist
Related to 5 63
Karl Fulves Far Sighted five red-backed cards in five envelopes mixed, die rolled, four envelopes turned over according to number, fifth card predicted
Related to 5 64
Karl Fulves Heat Rises tinfoil gets hot on spectator's hand, voodoo type presentation
Related to 5 65
Karl Fulves Hic! balloon in plastic bottle with opening over bottle opening, inflated, it stays inflated, stick jumps out
Related toVariations 5 65
Joseph K. Schmidt Braue Extra braue reverse handling
Related to 5 66
John Scarne Decepta "A flash ace production"
two-Ace production
Variations 5 68
John Scarne Spectator Shuffles Sequence half deck shuffled, then other half, set-up transferred
5 68
Karl Fulves 4-Ace Decepta four-Ace production
Inspired by 5 69
Karl Fulves But I Digress on books vs. video, self-working tricks, what laymen think
5 70
Herb Zarrow Progressive Oil & Water 4&4, then 3&3, then 2&2, then 1&1, dated 1955
Variations 6 71
Unknown Spread Separation Displacement to switch center two cards in oil and water
6 72
Karl Fulves Air Force plastic bottle whistle, spectator hears sound when mouth of bottle is held to his ear, repeated with higher sound
Related to 6 78
Karl Fulves But I Digress on Al Flosso's Miser's Dream, videotapes, close-up magic on television, George Johnstone anecdote
6 79
Jack Miller Coin of the Realm coin vanishes from under matchbox in hand, reappears inside
6 80
Karl Fulves One is for Circle three ESP cards selected, then one of those removed, other two cards given to medium who reveals chosen card, card counting and positional code on table
Related to 6 82
Tony Bartolotta Gang Related deck cut, top two cards removed and placed in center, corner of next card torn off, performer stabs it into the center behind his back, between selections, three-way force deck, for details see Informant reference
Related to 6 84
Ken Beale Fusion Aces two cards change into Aces between two spot cards, then the spot cards change into Aces themselves
Inspired byRelated toVariations 7 85
Gary Ruiz Lorad friend choses any word in a book, later assistant is met or phoned and reveals word, cell phone secretly on
7 87
Karl Fulves Cuts Like A Knife two stick magnets, repelling poles suddenly attract with knife in between
7 88
Roy Walton Magic Trick two cards chosen by spelling MAGIC and TRICK, then found by spell-counting to a card
7 89
Mark Murphy 3-Card Maneuver card on top with card under case
Related to 7 89
Unknown Penny-Trate coin through tissue napkin
Related to
  • Quaker Oats magic booklet
7 90
Karl Fulves Delphic Dice card chosen with three dice from eight-card packet
7 91
J. W. Sarles Three To Go three silks vanish in hand one by one with wand, with tubes that can be unloaded in wand
7 91
Kurt Weiss Alleged Mob Ties "A no-gaff untying silk routine"
chosen silk unknots itself and falls from rope
Related to 7 92
Peter Warlock Mentasma hinged envelope cards, red/blue double backer
Related to 7 94
Martin Gardner Two Stunts
  • "Bronx cheer effect" with tv screen
  • tissue around end of tube, filled with salt, tissue cannot be broken
  • affecting television screen with magnet
7 95
Karl Fulves But I Digress on patter in magic books, The Champions of Magic II on television, testing material in pub
7 96
Karl Fulves Transmitter Problem transmitting the number of dealt cards via sound from another room, posed as problem
7 96
Karl Fulves Time & Dice "Three tricks"
Ace through Six, spectator switches two cards and turns all over according to dice roll, divined
7 97
Karl Fulves PK Dice "Three tricks"
two seven-card packets dealt one by one, only the card matches that was chosen with a die throw earlier
7 98
Karl Fulves Brainchild "Three tricks"
two six-card packets dealt one by one, only the card matches that was chosen with a die throw earlier
Related to 7 98
Dai Vernon Bow & Arrow Knot flourish knot in which one end shoots through a loop, repeated with smaller loops
Related to 8 99
Frank Stefani Jack Attack spectator cuts to four Jacks and finds selection, see "Informant" reference for impromptu version
Inspired byRelated toVariations 8 102
Martin Gardner The K Diaries spectator chooses word, counts forward according to the number of letters a few times, final word predicted, Kruskal principle
Related toVariations 8 103
Karl Fulves Cap Caper
  • coin placed on mouth of bottle wobbles and jumps
  • plastic cap of plastic bottle placed inverted on bottle jumps to answer questions
8 105
John Scarne, Stewart James, J. W. Sarles All Star Aces after some dealing and counting the four Aces are found
Related toVariations 8 106
Karl Fulves Astrology By Electronics getting information for readings
8 107
Karl Fulves Twixtwin after a confusing cutting, selection and shuffling procedure, a card that matches an initialed prediction card shows up
8 108
John Werner Other Worlds
Inspired byRelated to 8 110
Karl Fulves But I Digress on videotape as teaching tool, exposure shows on television
8 111
Karl Fulves V-Real spectator cuts, card made up from suit of top and value of bottom card, spelling "virtual reality", card shown, it changes into made-up card (allusion to lie speller "Lie, Si")
Related to 8 112
Michael Esposito, Karl Fulves Subway Series credit information on the thumb flick move
Related to 9 113
Max Williams Subway Move as coins across phase
9 114
Michael Esposito, Slydini Manhattan Transfer coin pushed in sleeve appears under hand on table
9 115
Karl Fulves Profiling number of red cards in one pile corresponds with number of black in another
Related toVariationsAlso published here 9 116
Tony Bartolotta Test Results three spectators write their name on a cardboard with a color, mixed face-down, performer divines
Inspired byRelated to 9 117
Nob Yoshigahara Magnetic Aces four Aces face-down on table in a row, right first finger presses on first Ace, it clings to finger, places it on next Ace, both cards cling to finger, and so on
Related toAlso published here
  • "Invisible Glue" (Nob Yoshigahara, The Physics Teacher, Feb 1992 & MAGIC magazine ca. 1993)
9 118
John E. Mintz Magnetic Aces - Notes cards cling to finger and are picked up one by one
Related to 9 119
Martin Gardner The 7th Clip six paper clips in paper cup cling to it when turned upside down, when seventh clip is placed inside, they drop out
9 120
Sam Schwartz Alpha Spell card named spelled with alphabet decks, card predicted
Related to 9 121
Karl Fulves Nickels to Dimes magician's only trick with nickels to dimes apparatus in which nickels transpose with cap
Related to 9 122
Mel Bennett K-Plus spelling instead of counting, Kruskal Principle with words
Inspired by 9 123
Karl Fulves Line of Thought demonstration of memorising all twelve court cards
Related to 9 123
James Baker You've Already Won! calculation that always results in the number five, predicted with five dollar bills
9 124
Karl Fulves But I Digress on Robert Rau and his David Copperfield exposure book, newspaper article on exposure television show "Breaking The Magician's Code"
9 125
Karl Fulves Would I Lie To You? three piles, performer selects card from center pile and makes statements, spectator take cards from lie or truth pile, values added, selection arrived at
Related to 9 126
John Scarne A Remote Second Ace of Clubs on left side, small chosen number of card put in center, unknown card on right, Ace put in packet, vanishes, is shown on right
Variations 10 127
Don Nielsen, Karl Fulves The Old Penny & Dime Trick penny vanishes, two dimes appear instead, sucker element
10 129
Conrad C. Bush A Cut Above three cards chosen with riffle procedure and shown to spectators one by one (bold riffle force of bottom card), then found, done one-handed
10 130
Sam Schwartz Clock Work
10 132
Karl Fulves Intelligentsia with ten cards
Inspired byRelated to 10 133
Martin Gardner Suspend A Cup "Two Floating Cup Ideas"
plastic cup clings to hand
Inspired by
  • suspended tumbler in Hatton & Plate's "Magician's Tricks" (1919)
10 134
Martin Gardner Cheap Zombie "Two Floating Cup Ideas"
styrofoam cup floats between hands, hole in back
Variations 10 134
Karl Fulves Mathematical 3-Cup Monte idea with three styrofoam cups
Inspired by 10 135
Karl Fulves 4th Dimensional Chess twelve cards in matrix layout, spectator rotates layout and moves according to instructions, later performer is able to get to same final position
Related to 10 136
Karl Fulves The Tesseract red-backed and blue-backed cards in 4x4 layout, spectator places marker on layout and thinks of an Ace, he moves around and finds the Ace
Related to 10 137
Tony Bartolotta Time Trap half the deck used, spectator cuts off some cards and counts them, a selection made, packets combined, spectator remembers card at his number, selected card stabbed next to it below table by performer
Related to 10 138
Karl Fulves But I Digress on exposure, censorship
10 139
Jack Avis Toss-In Stab
10 140
Lou Gallo Lou Gallo's Addition tabled deck with perpendicular card, it is squeezed to pop top half face-up
10 140