Written by Patrick Page
Work of Patrick Page
54 pages (Paperback), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland
Language: English
26 entries
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Patrick Page Introduction
Also published here iii
Patrick Page Lamp Chimney Vanish handkerchief vanishes from plastic tube, with variations of the pull
Related toAlso published here 1
Patrick Page The Impossible Lamp Chimney Vanish handkerchief vanishes from plastic tube, spectator holds on to tube
Also published here 5
Patrick Page The Handkerchief Pull different designs
Related toAlso published here 7
Oswald Williams, Patrick Page Oswald Williams' Repeat Vanishing Handkerchief special design for pull
Also published here 9
Patrick Page Vanishing Cigarette history and different handlings and designs of pulls, John Booth's Master Gimmick
Also published here 12
Patrick Page Vanishing Cigar same with pen, pull on cap
Amedeo Vacca Amadeo's Vanishing Coin vanish from handkerchief
Related toAlso published here 19
Loyal Burke, Patrick Page The Go-Kum Pull special design, also to change color of handkerchief and other possibilities
Also published here 21
Bruce Elliott, Patrick Page A Universal Pull special design, for coins and other objects
Also published here 23
Patrick Page The Invisible Pull thumb tip pull
Also published here 25
Patrick Page Mechanical Pulls
Also published here 28
Buatier de Kolta, Patrick Page The Bird Cage Pull
Also published here 29
Patrick Page The Ring Pull reel for finger rings
Also published here 32
Patrick Page The Reel different designs for reels
Also published here 32
Patrick Page Thread as a Pull
Also published here 38
Patrick Page The Jumping Glove glove on floor jumps up in hand
Also published here 38
Patrick Page The Rising Object object rises up to hand
Also published here 40
Patrick Page The Moving Object object moves on table
Also published here 41
Patrick Page The Untying Handkerchief slowly untying
Also published here 42
Patrick Page The Untying Knot with a Reel knot slowly untying in a handkerchief
Also published here 44
Patrick Page, Douglas Francis The Pendulum Principle pendulum holdout
Also published here 47
Wilfrid Jonson The Levitator Pull bill vanish
Related to
  • Wilfrid Jonson's "Conjuring"
Also published here
Patrick Page Penetrating Lighter through table
Also published here 50
Al Baker Al Baker's Idea coin dropped in purse, both vanish
Also published here 51
Patrick Page Random Notes about Nothing Much different anecdotes and stories of uses of pulls, Alan Alan, The Great Nicola
Also published here 52
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