Written by Robert E. Neale
Work of Robert E. Neale
420 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
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Robert E. Neale Introduction About magic and wonder
Robert E. Neale Robin's Nest One small egg placed in hand, later shown to have two eggs in hand
Robert E. Neale The Five Gifts of Life Five different objects in hand, four are removed and placed in pocket, last object vanishes from hand.

Has packet trick variation where the last card becomes blank
Robert E. Neale Breaking Bread Small pieces of bread placed in groups that form a square, even though some are eaten, the amount of bread stays the same, mathematical principle (edge counting)
Inspired by 16
Robert E. Neale Russian Prayer Stones Four stones placed in spectator's hand, becomes five
Robert E. Neale The Little-Finger String Game Cat's cradle (string game) used to trap spectator's finger, but when magician's finger is trapped, can escape easily
Robert E. Neale My Lady Truth Picture of old lady becomes picture of young lady, optical illusion. Has second version using a printed playing card
Douglas Dexter, Francis Carlyle Paddle Move Turnover with Cards Usually credited to Carlyle but published earlier by Douglas Dexter
Robert E. Neale The Treasure Hunt Five envelopes with names of countries printed on them. Placed in a circle, spectator spells the names of the countries by counting around the circle. Every envelope is empty except the last one with a message
Related to 54
Robert E. Neale Gypsy Growth Four cards with flowers printed on them, one of the flowers wilt, become healthy, and then become a large flower. Three different routines
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count
Gene Castillon Spirit Count
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count
Robert E. Neale Countermanded three cards blank on both sides, messages appear on two of them
Also published here 77
Edward Victor E-Y-E Count
Shigeo Takagi Takagi Turnover Display
Robert E. Neale In Memoriam Packet of blank cards with picture on one of them. Picture changes before turning blank
Robert E. Neale I Bless Bile Cards with numbers on them used to spell various words when turned upside down, then flipped over to reveal a skull picture
Inspired by 87
Robert E. Neale The First Mystery or The Wisdom of the Worm Story trick about Adam and Eve using six playing cards and a worm sock puppet which locates the selected card
Robert E. Neale The Naming Different names on cards are placed in a circle, spell the names around the circle until one is left, that card is the one with a bullet on the back
Related to 111
Robert E. Neale We Are Dead Two cards shown blank on both sides, placed together, a message appears on it
Ed Mellon, Robert E. Neale The Two-Card Double Turnover Paddle Move done with cards, but one hand turns for real while the other does the false turnover, originally published as "Ed Mellon's DT" by Ed Mellon, handling change by Robert Neale
Variations 123
Robert E. Neale The Four-Card Double Turnover Variation on the Ed Mellon Double Turnover, but with four cards
Inspired by 128
Robert E. Neale Taking the Fifth Show two double blank cards with numbers on each side, numbered one to four. Sudden appearance of a whisky bottle picture on one of the cards
Related to
  • "Out of the Fifth Dimension" (Ed Mellon, marketed, 1960)
Robert E. Neale Crossing the Threshold Presentation and handling for The Trapdoor Card
Robert E. Neale To the Other Side of No Similar effect to Trapdoor Card, but the paper is cut in a circle with a bar through it (standard STOP sign), paper is turned inside out despite holding on to it
Robert E. Neale Boros the Boastful Boa Story about snakes twisting themselves using a strip of rubber, twists vanish and appear on the strip of rubber
Robert E. Neale Fold, Cut and Fail Pre-folded paper square with sixteen digits in two colors, folded and cut, all digits of one color except chosen one is in one pile
Also published here 188
Robert E. Neale Wheel of Life Presentation for a flexagon
Robert E. Neale A Very Personal Computer Presentation for a trihexaflexagon
Robert E. Neale The Card Presenting the Hyper Card
Inspired byRelated to 229
Robert E. Neale Moves New moves that can be done with the Hyper Card to make the presentations more fooling and interesting
Related to 237
Robert E. Neale Hyperflexagon From a Hyper Card to a a flexagon, uses business cards
Related to 250
Robert E. Neale Hoaxcard Variation on Hyper Card
Related to 263
Robert E. Neale The Soul in the Machine Do some calculation on calculator, when final result is turned over it reveals a message in English
Robert E. Neale High Noon Do some calculation on calculator, final result reveals numbers related to God's creation
Robert E. Neale Box Stars Presentation for the Yoshimoto Cube, not sure what the effect really is besides just displaying the cube
Variations 285
Robert E. Neale Counterfeit Bar bet with American penny (heads or tails), a bit of a gag with a strange ending
Robert E. Neale Spins and Waves Routine with plastic "rattleback" toy, when spun one way, it will spin backwards after a while. Uses plastic's refractive properties to cause written words to transpose
Robert E. Neale The Lock Bashful Lock routine, lock can be opened by performer without key, but spectator cannot.

Describes the workings of the Bashful Lock in detail.
Related to 313
Robert E. Neale Moves Different moves possible with the Bashful Lock
Related to 322
Robert E. Neale Bashful Routines Describes four full routines with the Bashful Lock

  • How It's Done
  • The Spirited Lock
  • Positive Thinking
  • Confidence Game
Related to 337
Robert E. Neale Blood Knife Color changing knives with gory story about suicide
Robert E. Neale Family Jewels Jewelry placed in a bag, later when poured out, there's a bunch of teeth, using change bag
Robert E. Neale Relative Boxes Presentation with two Gozinta Boxes, with the addition of a third box
Robert E. Neale Phoenix Fold flash paper into a bird, vanish it with fire (with weird "animation" sequence in the middle that is just the magician openly tapping on the bird)
Robert E. Neale Modern Rope Trick Hindu Rope, rope is made to rigidly stand vertically when held in hand
Robert E. Neale Thirty Two pennies and a dime, dime vanishes completely while telling ghost story
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