Written by Paul Harris, Eric Mead

Work of Paul Harris

310 pages (Hardcover), published by A-1 MultiMedia
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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Paul Harris Intro iii
Mike Maxwell Publisher's Note iv
Paul Harris PHoot-In-Mouth-Note ix
Paul Harris Dedications 1
Paul Harris What does "Additional Writing by Eric Mead" mean? 3
Paul Harris P.H. on Astonishment 5
Paul Harris Buck Naked 1$ bill changes to 5$ bill in presence of two other 5$ bills New Stuff 11
Paul Harris Buck Naked Grant Inspired by New Stuff 15
Paul Harris Buck Naked Fantasy two 1$ bills into 5$ bills New Stuff 15
Paul Harris Big Buck Naked two $2 bills in $100 bills New Stuff 19
Paul Harris Unshuffling Rebecca cards in incomplete faro condition reverse themself without being squaredVariations New Stuff 23
Paul Harris The Light and Heavy Dime a coin cannot be lifted from surface (actually glued there at the end)Variations New Stuff 27
Paul Harris Backlash card signed on both sides, spelled to, put in pocket, travels back, one signature changes into performer's nameVariations New Stuff 29
Paul Harris Improv Nightshades glasses drawn on bill moveRelated to New Stuff 31
Paul Harris Apple torn and restored apple New Stuff 35
Tom Kechter, Eric Mead, Homer Liwag Lip Balm lip balm container as boston coin box, three quarters vanish from it and lip balm is there instead New Stuff 37
Paul Harris P.H. Vanishing Deck flap gimmick, also as penetration through card caseVariations First Piece 41
Looy Simonoff My Dinner with P.H. The Magic of Paul Harris 47
Paul Harris Illusion card from sandwich reversed in deckAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 51
Unknown Card Cop at Table Edge brief The Magic of Paul Harris 52
Paul Harris P.H. Snap Count audible, two as three The Magic of Paul Harris 53
Paul Harris Color Stunner color changing deck triumphAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 55
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force The Magic of Paul Harris 56
Tenkai Ishida, Martin Gardner Twistover (Optical Revolve) The Magic of Paul Harris 56
Paul Harris Tilt Convincer The Magic of Paul Harris 57
Paul Harris Flip Flop Plop Also published here The Magic of Paul Harris 59
Paul Harris The Bayberry Bag Swindle chop cup routine with paper bag and paper ball loadsAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 63
Paul Harris Think of a Card one of about twentyAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 67
Paul Harris Switch of Upjogged Card as it is thumbed off the deck The Magic of Paul Harris 69
Paul Harris Top-Switch switch of upjogged card The Magic of Paul Harris 70
Ray Kosby, Paul Harris Deep Thought one of about twentyAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 71
Ray Kosby, Paul Harris Simplified Raise-Rise as a switch of an upjogged card The Magic of Paul Harris 72
Paul Harris, Tim Carlson Silver and Aces (revised) spectator cuts to the aces and a coin are found under each ace, featuring "Tim's Industrial Strength Gaff"Related to The Magic of Paul Harris 75
Neal Elias Ace Cutting Sequence The Magic of Paul Harris 77
Paul Harris Giant Killer Coin matrix with jumbo coin production kickerAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 79
Paul Harris Coin Steal The Magic of Paul Harris 79
Unknown French Drop The Magic of Paul Harris 80
Paul Harris Rip-Off Reverse torn pieces of signed card transpose with full cardAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 83
Unknown Turnover Switch double on table The Magic of Paul Harris 84
Paul Harris Torn Corner Display torn corner put on full card to represent another value The Magic of Paul Harris 85
Paul Harris Flash-Fold initialed business card to match box, foldedAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 87
Paul Harris La La's Lu Lu (aka Phantom Cards aka Cue Cards revised) selection from one half travels reversed in other half, then transforms into second selectionInspired by Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int... 95
Paul Harris The Dehydrated Deck small folded card box is unfolded and deck taken outAlso published here Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int... 99
Paul Harris The Bizarre Twist card perpendicular between two other cards turns visually overAlso published here Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int... 101
Paul Harris The Bizarre Routine "The Bizarre Twist" with color changing back kicker of card Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int... 103
Randy Holt The Curly-Cue Move one-handed fanInspired by Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int... 105
Paul Harris Solid Deception short ambitious card sequence, deck is glued to single solid block climaxAlso published here Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int... 107
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon Tilt Paul Harris Reveals some of his most Int... 108
Paul Harris The Ultimate Rip-Off no extra pieces, restoration except cornerRelated toAlso published here Super Magic 113
Looy Simonoff Looy's Convincer Inspired by Super Magic 116
Paul Harris Ultimate Rip-Off - Dancing with the Last Piece restoring the final piece Super Magic 119
Paul Harris Double Monte climax for monte routine: money card transposes with two indifferent cards Super Magic 121
Looy Simonoff Earth Shoes large rock produced from own shoeVariationsAlso published here Super Magic 123
Paul Harris Grasshopper (revised) Inspired byVariations Super Magic 125
Paul Harris Open Revelation (revised) aces appear one by one between two one-handed fansInspired by Super Magic 127
Paul Harris Three Way Display method to display full deck in three fanned piles on table Super Magic 131
Steve Blencoe, Harry Eng Machine-Gun Aces two halves are interlaced at right angles to simulate a gun, aces shoot out of deck one by one Super Magic 133
Harry Eng Pain business card on table, pin/needle is stuck through card into table, hand is slammed straight down on pin and penetrates hand Super Magic 135
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Re-Set Super Magic 137
Jerry K. Hartman Hartman Addition partial switch between two packets Super Magic 137
Arturo de Ascanio, Paul Harris Ascanio Spread Display Related to Super Magic 138
Unknown Double Card Brush brushing two cards together, one of them a double Super Magic 140
Unknown Kiss Transfer from packet to packet Super Magic 142
Chad Long Re-Set Options - Chad Long's Short Cop Related to Super Magic 143
Earl Nelson Set-Up for Re-Set getting into effect Super Magic 144
Paul Harris Torn & Restored Coin (revised) three pieces of coin melt together into coin, using folding coinInspired by Super Magic 145
Paul Harris Las Vegas Split Super Magic 147
Paul Harris The Two-For-One Top Change single card is exchanged for a double Super Magic 148
Paul Harris Flash Control flashy, using self-cutting deck, one-handed fan, Charlier cut Super Magic 153
Paul Harris Ace Trap three indifferent card on table transpose with three aces distributed in deck Super Magic 155
Paul Harris Ace Switch-Out Super Magic 155
Paul Harris Hi Ho Silver coin is picked up from deck, vanishes, reappears next to selectionRelated to Super Magic 157
Paul Harris Vacuum Cleaner Cards Aces travel from one half to another Super Magic 159
Carmen D'Amico Multiple Shift sliding top block Super Magic 160
Unknown Biddle Steal Super Magic 161
Chuck Martinez Care and Feeding of P.H. Las Vegas Close-Up 165
Joseph Prieto, Looy Simonoff, Paul Harris Stapled two jokers stapled back to back, one of them transposes with selectionInspired by Las Vegas Close-Up 167
Paul Harris OverExposure Las Vegas Close-Up 171
Paul Harris Absorption card placed on case is "absorbed" by case (i.e. vanishes) Las Vegas Close-Up 175
Thomas A. O'Lenick Aero-Dynamic Dollar bill with two quarters in it is folded into propellor and tossed to ceiling where it sticks Las Vegas Close-Up 181
Paul Harris Las Vegas Leaper spectator counts himselfVariations Las Vegas Close-Up 185
Paul Harris Las Vegas Leaper Count spectator does counting Las Vegas Close-Up 185
Bill Malone Leap of Faith variation of Paul Harris' "Las Vegas Leaper"Variations Las Vegas Close-Up 187
Bill Malone Las Vegas Leaper Count II spectator counts himself Las Vegas Close-Up 188
Unknown Half Pass brief Las Vegas Close-Up 188
John C. Wagner, Allan Ackerman New Twisted Collectors at end of twisting the routine three selections appear between aces Las Vegas Close-Up 189
Paul Harris Gambler vs Mentalist vs Magician dressed up Triumph Las Vegas Close-Up 191
Looy Simonoff Looy's False Count gag Las Vegas Close-Up 195
Paul Harris Silver Slide four coins appear under four cards Las Vegas Close-Up 197
Daniel Cros Cros Twist "An Enhancement for the Bizarre Twist", one-handed versionInspired byRelated to Las Vegas Close-Up 201
Paul Harris Cardician's Blendo Four and Six melt together to a Ten spotAlso published here Las Vegas Close-Up 205
Unknown Snap-Over Change Las Vegas Close-Up 206
Paul Harris Invisible Rising Card ungaffed method for Invisible Deck Las Vegas Close-Up 207
Paul Harris, Daniel Cros Paper Chase napkin is torn into four pieces, matrix type assembly, restoration Las Vegas Close-Up 211
Danny Korem Korem's Card On Tie selection appears pinned on performer's tie Las Vegas Close-Up 213
Unknown Perpetual-Motion Coin Myth impossible rotating coin flourish, mentioned by Bad Water Bill Las Vegas Close-Up 217
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Interlaced Vanish Las Vegas Close-Up 219
Paul Harris Interlaced Space Las Vegas Close-Up 223
Jim Steinmeyer, Paul Harris, Looy Simonoff Uncanny chop cup routine with can which is resealed at the end Las Vegas Close-Up 225
Paul Harris Air "An Untested Idea for the Stage Worker", air in lungs transposes with helium in balloonVariationsAlso published here
  • Genii, Sept. 1985
Misc. Pieces of Paul 231
Paul Harris Classic Eleven Card Trick elaborated routine for Victor's plot Misc. Pieces of Paul 233
Paul Harris Cheap Juggler pennies are balanced on edge, then shown stapled together Misc. Pieces of Paul 241
Patrick Martin Creation paper moth transforms into living object Astonishing Friends 247
Gerry Griffin Griffin under Glass card through glass topped table Astonishing Friends 251
Steve Blencoe Silver Mirage vanish and reappearance of large coinRelated to Astonishing Friends 253
Jack McCandless Within Your Reach Astonishing Friends 255
Gregory Wilson Within Your Reach - Variation 2 Astonishing Friends 256
Jimmy Grippo Grippo's Wish kind of Slydini's Silks with one silk Astonishing Friends 257
Robert E. Neale Orange impossible/fascinating object with an orange Astonishing Friends 261
Paul Harris Who the Heck is Gregory Wilson? Gregory Wilson 267
Gregory Wilson Wilson on P.H. Gregory Wilson 269
Gregory Wilson License to Thrill spectator's driver's license to wallet Gregory Wilson 271
Paul Harris License to Astonish spectator's driver's license to wallet Gregory Wilson 275
Gregory Wilson 411 any object is chosen, any person is phoned and names the random object Gregory Wilson 277
Gregory Wilson Shell-Shock boiled egg is blown through little hole in shell which stays intact Gregory Wilson 281
Gregory Wilson Inner Shell-Shock borrowed quarter reappears in egg that is blown out as in "Shell-Shock" Gregory Wilson 282
Brad Stine, Gregory Wilson Vanish 5000 sugar from sugar packet vanishes in hand without thumb tip Gregory Wilson 285
Gregory Wilson Molotov Cocktail vanishing ice cube Gregory Wilson 287
Gregory Wilson ReCap five-phase routine with pen and its cap Gregory Wilson 289
Stephen Minch Minch on P.H. essay on Paul Harris from Genii 1985 297
Paul Harris Tunnel Vision performer vanishes, for one spectator only, just an idea Conversations from the Edge 303
Paul Harris House Guest in card case there appears a doll-house scenery, just an idea Conversations from the Edge 305