Written by Patrick Page

Work of Patrick Page

64 pages (Stapled), published by Wolfe Publishing Limited
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Patrick Page Introduction 3
Patrick Page How to Palm a Coin general comments 5
Patrick Page The Classic Palm 6
Patrick Page The Thumb Palm brief 8
Patrick Page The Finger Palm 10
Patrick Page The Back Palm brief 11
Patrick Page The Front Palm brief 12
Patrick Page Pivoting from back to front palm 13
Patrick Page The Steeple Jack coin roll 14
Patrick Page The Nest of Boxes coin vanishes under handkerchief and appears in nest of boxes 15
Patrick Page The Coin in the Ball of Wool 20
Patrick Page Another Coin Vanish coin drops, after being picked up it vanishes 22
Unknown There She Blows coin spins on glass, stunt 23
Unknown To Spin a Coin without Touching it 24
Unknown Heads or Tails divining if coin falls heads or tails after it is spun on table 27
Patrick Page Transpo Coins coins wrapped into two handkerchiefs 28
Patrick Page Odds and Evens prediction with coins, simple method 30
Unknown The Dissolving Coin coin dropped in glass of water 31
Unknown The Impromptu Dissolving Coin coin dropped into glass under handkerchief cover vanishes, no glass discRelated to 32
Patrick Page The Pill Box Trick box with two lids 34
Patrick Page The Floating Coin coin dropped into a glass of water floats up and out of glass 36
Patrick Page The Bare Hand Vanish wax 38
Patrick Page Sleeving a Coin squeeze sleeving 39
Patrick Page An Impromtu Coin Vanish with handkerchief 41
Patrick Page Knot a Coin Trick coin appears in knot of handkerchief 44
Patrick Page The Magic Matchbox coin placed in matchbox vanishes 46
Unknown Sneak it Out coin under glass is moved without touching glass, bar bet 48
Unknown Snap a Coin bar bet with coin, coin turns over on wrist 49
Patrick Page X-Ray Eyes coin is placed under cup, performer divines value 50
Patrick Page A Sense of Touch coins with same dates in hat, one coin with odd date is added and quickly found by performer 52
Unknown Betcha Can't coin pressed on spectator's forehead gag 54
Patrick Page How to Vanish Four Coins from a Glass four coin in glass vanish, handkerchief with rubber band over rim 55
Unknown Juggling with Coins coin snatched from elbow etc. 58
Unknown The Balanced Coin on finger, with card 61
Unknown The Spinning Coin in hat, flourish 63