Written by Patrick Page

Work of Patrick Page

54 pages (Stapled), published by the magic hands editions
Illustrated with drawings by Unknown.
Language: German

(23 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Manfred Thumm Vorwort des Herausgebers 1
Patrick Page Die Eröffnungsnummer production of flowersAlso published here 2
Patrick Page Seidentuch-Produktion aus der leeren Hand production of handkerchief, false fingerAlso published here 4
Al Koran, Patrick Page Die Al Koran - Fingerhut-Routine finally having eight thimblesAlso published here 6
Patrick Page Tips zum "Traum eines Geizkragen (Misers Dream)" on the miser's dream 10
Patrick Page Das Verschwinden der "Page Boy" - Kugel while turning hand, bold vanishAlso published here 13
Patrick Page Aus dem Stegreif Wegzaubern fan production and vanishes, then entire deck vanishes, dumping cards into jacket pocketAlso published here 15
Dai Vernon Die "Buckle - Zählmethode" 17
Patrick Page Karten in die Tasche zaubern twelve cards up the sleeve to pocket, with six card repeat sequence, no palming methodAlso published here 18
Patrick Page Do as I Do spectator and performer each shuffle half the deck and exchange top card, they match, repeated multiple timesAlso published here 21
Patrick Page Der mehrfache Farbwechsel einer Spielkarte card changes multiple timesInspired byAlso published here 23
Patrick Page Der Kartentrick des Unbekannten Soldaten card changes into selection, spectator on stage does not realize itAlso published here 25
Patrick Page Prinzessin Numero Vier with queens, three removed and selected queen ends up in different pocketAlso published here 27
Patrick Page Das Topit Related to 29
Patrick Page Der Trick mit dem Unverwüstlichen Seil magnetic versionAlso published here 31
Brian MacCarthy, Patrick Page Eine Münze verschwindet coin vanish from handkerchiefAlso published here 33
Patrick Page, Senor Charles Mardo Der Verschwindende Stock - Der Erscheinende Stock vanishing and appearing cane in newspaper 34
Patrick Page Das Farbwechselnde Taschentuch Also published here 37
Patrick Page Das Hokuspokus-Ei handkerchief to make objects disappear, brief egg bag routineRelated to 40
Patrick Page Ring auf den Stab Zaubern Related to 42
Patrick Page Ein Daumenspitzen-Tip stealing thumb tip out of closed handAlso published here 44
Patrick Page Das Streichholz-Wunder Also published here 45
Patrick Page Der Grosse Diebstahl misdirection for final production in a manipulation actAlso published here 47