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Garrett Thomas Formula
  • 1. Present your magic as a gift to share
  • 2. Plan ahead - be prepared for next time
  • 3. Keep a positive attitude and go with the situation while remaining in control of the magic
Garrett Thomas Presenting the Art of Magic
Garrett Thomas The Usual Suspects About being prepared for the most common audience types
Garrett Thomas Rare and Unusual Suspects Unusual audience types
Garrett Thomas The Texter / Thumbs How to deal with distracted audience members
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Garrett Thomas GT's Workers Card at Any Number Card freely named, person on the other side of the phone names a number, card is found at that number, used to grab attention of people on the phone
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Garrett Thomas The Hands / The Shuffler How to deal with people who want to shuffle the cards in performance
Garrett Thomas The French Dropper / Take That! How to deal with audiences who want to be the center of attention by heckling
Garrett Thomas The Forgetter / Absent Minded Spectator How to deal with audiences that forget their selected card
Garrett Thomas Pinocchio / Mr. Pants on Fire How to deal with audiences that lie about their selected card when asked
Garrett Thomas The Bogart / Play it Again Sam How to deal with audiences that keep asking you to repeat the trick
Garrett Thomas The Einstein / The Know-it-All How to deal with audiences that keep saying "I know how you did it"
Garrett Thomas The Copycat / Anything you can do I can do better... How to deal with audiences who want to do a trick
Garrett Thomas The Wrap Up
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