Written by Tony Cachadiña

Work of Tony Cachadiña

21 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Tony Cachadiña The Nudist Deck special design for gaffed deck 1
Tony Cachadiña Cigarrette without Gravity cigarette levitates in bottle 2
Tony Cachadiña The Torn Card one piece handed to spectator 3
Tony Cachadiña Card in the Purse (Prediction) folded card in purse shown in the beginning turns out to be signed selection 6
Unknown Folding a Card Mercury Card Fold 7
Tony Cachadiña The Sweet Coin signed coin vanishes from paper and appears in one of three sugar packets 8
Tony Cachadiña Miracle Coin Fold 9
Tony Cachadiña Alternative of the Folded Paper coin stapled in folded card 10
Tony Cachadiña Sugar Special Packet to load a coin 11
Tony Cachadiña Matrix T.C. with four coins and a jumbo chinese coin 12
Tony Cachadiña Four Coins Appear on the Table very similar to Navajas' coin productionRelated to 12
Al Schneider, Derek Dingle Pickup Move without credit 14
Tony Cachadiña Inverse Matrix 14
Unknown The Robbery coin is clipped from table, under cover of a card 17
Tony Cachadiña The Flotting Bank-Note floating bill 18
Tony Cachadiña Silver and Copper in Purse 18
Tony Cachadiña Magic with Threads Suggestions and ideas for:
- the thread
- the wax
- the thread holder
- the security break