Written by Karl Fulves

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700 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Auto Kinetic blank cards with street names, spectator writes his street on one, arranged in face-down row on table, ungaffed toy car moves towards spectator's card with rubber band held motionless aboveInspired by
  • "Pendulum" (Bob Ostin, marketed effect)
Related to
1 1
Karl Fulves The Pecking Bird credit information, Howard Albright's "Herman, The Gilagloo Bird" (1930s) 1 2
Karl Fulves Card Kinetic cards in row on table, Ace of Spades next to row, rubber band stretched over it and used to move Ace along row, suddenly it moves towards selection and back and they transposeInspired by
  • "Pendulum" (Bob Ostin, marketed effect)
1 4
Karl Fulves Loco-Motion follow-up for "Auto Kinetic", toy car replaced in card case, then full deck removed from it, case balances on edge of one-handed fan, signed card to caseInspired by 1 5
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Uplifting red Ace "rises" plunger like from deck, then other red Ace, they sandwich selection in center 1 8
Karl Fulves Dai Vernon - Two Unpublished Tricks introductory comments 1 10
Dai Vernon Cutting The Aces spectator cuts to the Aces, with sucker moves as magician fooler 1 10
Dai Vernon A Revelation spectator reverses four cards behind his back, all turn out to be Aces, apparently a key card location trick is explained, SBS deckRelated to 1 11
Neal Thomas A Creature Was Stirring computer mouse on palm, suddenly the cursor jumps around, confederate with cell phone disturbs connection 1 13
Karl Fulves Urban Legends four urban legends and their opposite on cards along with eight numbers, some cards are turned over and numbers added, force for 47
- Second Method
- Background
Inspired byRelated to 1 14
Robert Byrne Impossible Coins Thru Table one coin in each hand above table, chosen coin penetrates table 1 17
Slydini Revolve Vanish 1 17
Karl Fulves Simple Binary simple way to get comfortable with binary numbersRelated to 1 20
Karl Fulves Mystery Card "An Unsolved Problem"
two sandwiches, one with mystery card, named card put in other sandwich, named card vanishes and mystery card is named card, posed as a problem
1 21
Karl Fulves Card Tricks Gone Wrong four anecdotes, two of them have been published in Magicol
1. card on forehead
2. Frank Lane's "I.Q. Test"
3. "wolf pack" gag with suggestive images on cards
4. Derek Dingle drops the super ball
Related to 1 22
Joseph K. Schmidt JKStab with knife/letter opener in deck by spectator, New Glide action 1 24
Joseph K. Schmidt Scarne's Card Stab deck wrapped in paper, long needle with ribbon pushed through paper, wrapping torn away, all cards fall except selection, method guess by SchmidtInspired by
  • "Scarne Card & Ribbon" (John Scarne, marketed effect)
1 26
Joseph K. Schmidt Walsh's Card Stab without flash paper, also for card to spectator's pocketInspired byRelated to 1 27
John Scarne Skullo-Card chosen card appears in jaws of plastic skullInspired by
  • Bill Nord's "Skullo-cation" (marketed 1948)
1 29
Jerry K. Hartman 15/14 Delight subtlety for 14/15 stack 1 30
Karl Fulves Adams + Erdnase intro to Howard Adams related tricks 1 30
Karl Fulves Seven-Card Secret cards taken from two piles randomly, a seven-card straight is the result 1 31
Karl Fulves Doubling Box two royal flushes "mixed", dealt in unison, only Aces match, Ace predictedVariations 1 32
Karl Fulves Casino I.Q. two five-card piles, cards turned up simultaneously, when both add up to sixteen the cards are predicted 1 32
Karl Fulves Reverse Jonah person with Jonah card wins 1 34
Karl Fulves Comedy Central presentation of Doubling Box with cards that have punchlines and jokes on them, only a specific joke matches its punchline when cards are turned up simultaneouslyInspired by 1 34
Karl Fulves Joke Department two pages of short jokes 1 36
Martin Gardner A Tabletop Miser's Dream with one coin an styrofoam cup with slit 1 38
Ken De Courcy Making Millions aka "How To be A Millionaire"
continuous coin production
Related to 1 40
Tony Kardyro Copper-Silver coin on spectators hand is covered with matchbox and transposes with coin inside matchboxRelated toVariations 1 41
Mel Bennett RSC Discovery - Riffle Shuffle Control (KF)
- The First Revelation
- The Second Revelation
one card found in pocket, the other with counting
Inspired by 1 42
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control two selections made in incomplete riffle shuffle condition 1 42
Karl Fulves Chip Shot poker chips and counting used to get to a Royal FlushInspired by 1 45
Karl Fulves Mock Memory a selection is named, then two cards are moved, performer apparently memorizes cards, spectators name the two cards and performer their positions, using Riffle Shuffle Control 1 46
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control as Cull upjogging all cards of one group instead of doing a riffle shuffle, also from the back with one-way backs 1 46
Karl Fulves In The Money switch of a single card with bills 1 47
Karl Fulves From X's to Bullets switch of a single card with bills 1 50
Karl Fulves Monte Cardo switch with bills as climax 1 50
Karl Fulves Drawing Blanks penny, nickel, dime and quarter in matchbox, three coins removed and combined to form a number, fourth coin's value added, spectator lets performer know the number of digits, coins taken out are divined 1 50
Vernon Winiecke Open Finger Color Change with a thumb clip type steal from back 1 52
Karl Fulves The Road To Ruin spectator and performer switch one card of their poker hands, three cards each are shown, spectator can switch or not, he loses, cards removed from the deck
- The Basic Set-Up
- The Road To Ruin
- 10-Card Note
1 56
Karl Fulves Switchback any card switched out via spread strip-outAlso published here 1 56
Karl Fulves Beat The Bookies point spread, betting against the spread 1 59
Karl Fulves Quicken Rope Trick "Unexplained"
cut rope, ends join themselves in knot, posed as a problem
1 60
Karl Fulves A Few Good Cards "Unexplained"
five red cards in black half, spectator finds them from the back, posed as a problem, with effect variations
Variations 1 60
Karl Fulves Unjust Chance "Unexplained"
presentational idea for banknight plot, posed as a problem
1 61
Karl Fulves The Glass Half Full "Unexplained"
glass half-filled with liquid, turned over, liquid suspended, posed as a problem
1 61
Karl Fulves Real Secret Stuff Aces removed from deck with an indifferent card, this packet riffle shuffled into deck and left outjogged, two poker hands dealt from outjogged cards alternating with top of deck, Aces end up in other packet 1 62
Karl Fulves Switchback Variation Inspired by 1 62
Karl Fulves Ultra Marked Cards comment on microscopic differences in any deck, picked up by high-resolution cameras 1 64
Karl Fulves Crook's Book three cards taken from shuffled deck and added, word on this page thought-of, performer does the same, spectator divines performer's word and performer the spectator's page number 1 65
Karl Fulves Little Black Book page number chosen with playing cards, index of possible page numbers 1 66
Karl Fulves Cooked Book page number chosen via calculation method, can only be one of two numbers 1 66
Karl Fulves Back Page on this magazine, passage of time 1 68
Martin Gardner Gardner's Gambit row of cards, taking cards from either end alternately with spectator, whose cards add up higher wins, forced outcome, parity
- Final Game (Royal Flush ending)
Inspired by
  • coin item in "Mathematical Puzzles" (Peter Winkler)
Related toVariations
2 69
Karl Fulves Notes on MG's Game explanation of the parity principle at work and further applications, see following itemsInspired by 2 71
Karl Fulves Accouterments using other items an non-playing cards for the parity row force 2 71
Karl Fulves You Go First the spectator can make the first choice 2 72
Karl Fulves Last Card Standing cards taken from either end of tabled row alternately, remaining card predicted 2 73
Karl Fulves Predict-A-Bill cards taken from either end of tabled row, values added, prediction in dollar bills 2 74
Karl Fulves A Perfect System millionaire making coin toss idea by Warren Buffet from a 1984 speech 2 74
Karl Fulves Pre-Poker parity poker with number prediction, then Jonah card principle in second phase 2 75
Karl Fulves Sure Thing Roy Baker's PATEO force to get Jonah card to spectator 2 76
Karl Fulves Blind Chance cards taken from either end of tabled row, values added, outcome predicted by spectator 2 76
Karl Fulves Robo-Con cards taken from either end of tabled row, values added, outcome predicted, two-way out
- Wallet idea (Himber wallet with slit in middle)
- Double cut (two-way out prediction from Fulves's "The Magic Book")
2 78
James Baker Vanishing Buffalo engraving on coin changes, exploiting two different five-cent piecesInspired by 2 80
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Chump Change Ten to Ace straight in mixed red suits, one freely chosen and put in deck, found again face-up and value of bottom card after dealing top four card face-down on table, those cards are Royal Flush in Spades except for the chosen value which changes to Spades
- For The Expert (different finish)
2 81
Karl Fulves Off The Wall puzzle how to attach a candle to the wall from "Reader's Digest" 2 82
Chas. D. Willis M'Wave sliced grape put in microwave, it sparks 2 83
Karl Fulves Knotornot Inspired by
  • "To Tie a Knot on the Left Wrist Without Letting the Right Hand Approach it" (The Magician's Own Book, 1857)
2 84
Robert E. Neale Draw For The Devil nine cards, performer and spectator alternately put them in a 3x3 square à la Tic Tac Toe, a magic square for six resultsInspired by 2 85
Karl Fulves Darndest Things several spectators receive letters to God by children and put them in an envelope, performer assigns them to spectators correctly 2 88
Karl Fulves Automatic 10 intro for unusual ten-hand deal ideas, see following items 2 90
Karl Fulves The Expert Returns spectator stacks two cards himself by repeated dealing (overhand shuffle single run substitute)Inspired by 2 90
Karl Fulves The Ten-Hand Deal five piles, spectator assigns numbers from five to nine to them and deals that many cards to the bottom in each case, put together, ten-hand double duke 2 91
Karl Fulves Casino Connection five piles, spectator assigns numbers from five to nine to them via a lucky straight from a casino deck and deals that many cards to the bottom in each case, put together, ten-hand double duke 2 93
Karl Fulves The X-Hand Deal five piles, dealing for "randomisation", spectator decides on number of players 2 93
Karl Fulves Match Maker layout puzzle about making words out of matches 2 94
Jerry K. Hartman Strip Switch card stripped from deck, deck turned over on top of them and briefly spread and set downRelated to 2 95
Jerry K. Hartman Hunt For Red five red cards in black half, spectator finds them from the back, solutionInspired by 2 98
Walter B. Gibson New Spelling Trick count-spell principleAlso published here
  • The Magician Monthly, July 1918
2 99
Karl Fulves On the Count-Spell Principle credit information 2 99
Karl Fulves Speller Notes A. on locating previous trick
B. Instanto Deck and any card spelling
C. short routine to spell any named card impromptu, face-up counting and turnover pass
D. cutting as deck is dumped from case
Related to 2 100
Robin Robertson, Peter Duffie R & D's Count Spell Extra composite card, count-spelling to any card composed by suit and value separately chosen 2 101
Karl Fulves Flip Switch strip-out switch handling, with repeat 2 102
Joseph K. Schmidt Band Box Encore rubber band around box, can be instantly releasedInspired by 2 104
Ken De Courcy Well And Truly Shuffled cards added via bottom-and-lid-style card case, applied to an Ace production in which three spectators follow along with a packet and end up with an Ace reversed each
- KF Notes
2 106
J. W. Sarles Great Escape plastic glass clings to hand, silk is pulled out 2 108
Don Nielsen Anti-Grav Dice two dice, one on top of the other, bottom one is lifted when picking up upper one, magnetic instead of moisture 2 108
Mel Bennett Easy As Abc calculator option for simplifying task to spectators in division tricksInspired by
  • Zangbar Zackleback Problem (Genii, June 1952, Oct. 1958, Ibidem #12-14)
Related to
2 109
Karl Fulves Circle Lift "Unexplained"
one bracelet or ring or rubber band picket up with another one, posed as a problem
2 110
Karl Fulves Pencil With Memory "Unexplained"
old pencil with memory idea, now really available as transmission pen, posed as a problem
Related to 2 111
Karl Fulves Shred A Bill "Unexplained"
electric shredder that does not shred a bill, application search, posed as a problem
2 111
Karl Fulves The Gypsy Switch discussion of the switch of a small item with a handkerchief, see following itemsRelated to 2 112
Karl Fulves "I Found A Ring..." street cons with ring or rolex 2 112
Karl Fulves While You Sleep gypsy con in which money is sealed in envelope and apparently will multiply 2 113
Karl Fulves The Gypsy's Secret Gypsy Switch of item as it is wrapped in handkerchief
- Basics In Brief
- Robert-Houdin
- Professor Hoffmann
Related to
  • "Reverse Thinking" (Discoverie #8)
2 113
Karl Fulves You Have Three Seconds bet in which spectator has to reach under handkerchief and get out a valuable coin, he only gets a worthless chip 2 118
Karl Fulves New Principles, New Tricks new tricks by Howard A. Adams, intro, see following items 2 119
Howard A. Adams Crazy Ramazy involving spelling and piles 2 119
Howard A. Adams Fivelefta The Effect eight-card pile, three removed after cut from either top or bottom, involving spelling 2 123
Howard A. Adams 234 5Lefta eight-card pile, three removed after cut from either top or bottom, two numbers arrived at, they match
- Add To Nine Variation
2 124
Howard A. Adams Fivelefta Eleven eight-card pile, three removed after cut from either top or bottom, weird number prediction involving writing letters on cards and spelling
- ESP Version
- Howard Adams Note
- KF Note
2 125
Howard A. Adams Fivelefta Remova eight-card pile, three removed after cut from either top or bottom, small packet procedure 2 127
Howard A. Adams Sixlefta Subtracta eight-card pile, two removed after cut from either top or bottom 2 128
Howard A. Adams Ramasee-Tulefta Returns six-card packet of ESP cards, spelling 2 130
Howard A. Adams Man And Lady ESP matching with eight-card packet, spelling MAN and LADY 2 131
Howard A. Adams Doublefta double version of Fivelefta, two versions (ESP and number cards) 2 132
Howard A. Adams Quintuplefta ten-cards packet, all five ESP cards match, spelling 2 133
Howard A. Adams Vifteena Variation six-card packet, spelling to arrive at a number 2 135
Howard A. Adams Booklefta number force with eight-card packet and spelling 2 136
Howard A. Adams Gamblefta ten-card packet distributed to three players, pairs received 2 137
Howard A. Adams Gambleleftwo eight-card packet, betting game, winning with pair 2 138
Howard A. Adams Gamblelefthree eight-card packet, betting game, winning with pair 2 139
Howard A. Adams A Partial Bibliography 2 140
Joseph K. Schmidt Stacking Systems double duke
- Two Aces, Two Kings
- Three Aces, Three Kings
- Four Aces To The Dealer
- Four Kings - Four Aces
- KF Note
Inspired by 3 141
Dan Lewis Merlin's Matchbox half-dollar on table covered with matchbox, match lighted, half-dollar changes to quarter and another quarter is in boxInspired by 3 145
Ken De Courcy Lazy Man's Card To Wallet Z-Fold/Himber Wallet, duplicate, wallet shown empty at beginning
- An Alternate Finish (stamp appears on card as well)
- KF Note (spectator's name is under stamp)
3 146
Unknown Re-Count Force apparently accidental over-count and repeat 3 147
Karl Fulves Trick File on doing tricks only once and never repeating them, see following items 3 149
Don Nielsen Gumball gumball comes out of parking meter coin slot, no method 3 149
Don Nielsen, Tony Bartolotta Universal Lock one of spectator's keys opens a lock, no method, perhaps gaffed lock 3 149
Don Nielsen Page Force forcing a number from two to nine with a newspaper, book test application 3 149
Karl Fulves Slow-Motion Roll spectator turns die according to rules, performer duplicates final orientation 3 150
Dr. Jacob Daley Jacob's Ladder Also published here
  • The Sphinx, September 1951
3 151
Karl Fulves Headstrong ungaffed coin always comes up heads, then is shown as two-headed 3 152
Karl Fulves Squarersville layout puzzle 3 153
Karl Fulves Maximo Inspired by 3 154
Karl Fulves Near Future four random digits written by spectator, then in different order, subtraction, one digit of result chosen, other digits dealt out in packet, then chosen digit shows up as card value 3 155
Karl Fulves Stevenz Stevens Control combined with Zarrow Shuffle 3 155
Karl Fulves Hop Skip avoiding upward movement of right packet in Zarrow Shuffle 3 157
Martin Gardner Four by Martin Gardner 1. number puzzle
2. word/letter puzzle
3. pencil puzzle
4. letter puzzle
3 158
J. W. Sarles A Rope Tale several knots tied in rope vanish, then cut & restored 3 159
Karl Fulves Down/Underhanded false down-under deal, order remains, value divination application 3 162
Unknown Family Plan twist on the river-crossing puzzle 3 162
Tony Bartolotta Signature Collection spectator choses a half-card from clear plastic bag, some others tossed up and performer catches matching half-card with a deck while riffling it, prediction card in wallet, then a different card is chosen and signed on back, card in wallet then has the signature on back, Himber wallet, clear forcing bag 3 163
Tony Bartolotta Double Tossed Joker torn in half, both halves tossed in deck as it is riffled, next to two selections 3 164
Tony Bartolotta Narrow Minded spectator shuffles deck and deals it in two piles, one in spectator's pocket and one in performer's pocket, both remove a card, piles exchanged and repeated, off-color matching cards, colors separated 3 165
Karl Fulves First To Tenth spelling any value to get to sixth card, two-card prediction application 3 166
Karl Fulves The Gypsy Switch - Part Two article intro
- A Secret From Scott
- Edwin Sachs
Related to 3 167
Karl Fulves A Versatile Move Gypsy Switch to set up penetration of object through handkerchief 3 170
Karl Fulves Cross Colors deck separated in colors, unknown black card pocketed by spectator, guessed by spectator, then red card pocketed by performer and guessed by him, both matchInspired by
  • Number Four in Joe Berg's Private Card Problems
Related to
3 172
Karl Fulves Eureka deck separated in colors, unknown black card pocketed by spectator, guessed by spectator, then red card pocketed by performer and guessed by him, both matchRelated to 3 173
Roy Walton The Magic of Numbers five pairs of mates mixed (reverse faros), mated again with number cards and counting procedure 3 174
Roy Walton Orderly Suits four packets, each with one card of each suit, one of each suit removed, spectator pushed the cards back without looking in any order, again one of each suit in every packetRelated to 3 175
Karl Fulves Not Unsolved Royal Flush version of Walton's trickRelated to 3 176
Karl Fulves Unexplained introRelated to 3 177
Karl Fulves Sticker Shock "Unexplained"
tabled odd-backed card turns out to be later signed selection, certain conditions and a solution, posed as a problem
3 177
Karl Fulves Science Class "Unexplained"
looking through glass of water on upright court card, head turns, with second glass, then card travels in glass, posed as a problem
3 178
Karl Fulves Year With Meaning "Unexplained"
overhand stacking the values that combine to a year, posed as a problem
3 179
Karl Fulves 3-Blank Monte "Unexplained"
three blank cards and an Ace, all change to Kings as climax, posed as a problem
3 180
Karl Fulves The Money Card "Unexplained"
obvious one-way backs, money card "accidentally" gets turned around, posed as a problem
3 180
Unknown Edwards' Contrario "Unexplained"
three indifferent card under handkerchief, Aces under another, one of the Aces moved over, Aces transpose and follow, posed as a problem
Related to
  • ad in The Sphinx, Feb. 1909
3 181
Karl Fulves Rise In Value "Unexplained"
elevator variation with four quarters, posed as a problem
3 181