Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Various
700 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
692 entries
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Mel Bennett The Inverse Function Deck presentation for "James's Miracle", two numbers from one to ten, chosen values lie at reversed chosen numbers
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Coincidence of Two Numbers and a Prediction" (Nick Trost, The New Tops, July 1975)
8 2010 514
Karl Fulves In The Box placing any card at any number with riffle shuffle, posed as a problem, with gaffed box to mark position in deck as it is dumped out of the case, no actual cut, ACAAN application
Also published here 8 2010 515
Karl Fulves Chicago Control - Wrong Ace red-backed card placed in blue deck, card chosen from face, it is the red-backed one, deck changes color in second phase
Inspired byRelated to 8 2010 516
Karl Fulves Vampire Hunter
Related to 8 2010 517
Karl Fulves Machine That Thinks word "Confidential" written on a piece of paper, mixed with other papers, all put in copying machine, the "Confidential" paper will not be copied
8 2010 518
Karl Fulves Aldo Colombini: Thoughts Foretold intro to following three tricks
8 2010 519
Aldo Colombini Double Cross two ESP sets, one card chosen, prediction does not match but other ESP cards suddenly spell the symbol
8 2010 519
Aldo Colombini Wild ESP-Ressions two ESP sets, one card chosen, other cards change into blank cards, letters on backs spell selection
8 2010 520
Remo Inzani An Unusual Card Force top and bottom card milked off one by one and put to bottom until told to stop
8 2010 520
Aldo Colombini, Kevin Kelly Punch His Match card chosen and holes punched in it, prediction card is the same card with the same hole configuration
8 2010 522
Michael Alec Sparkle performer deals borrowed deck into two piles, colors (almost) separated, nail polish shiner at innser surface of fingernail
8 2010 523
Karl Fulves Holdout Secrets - Part Five intro
Related to 8 2010 524
Sam Schwartz Conversion Coins four silver coins change to copper as they penetrate the bottom of the coin box
8 2010 524
Tony Bartolotta Tony's Transpo
8 2010 526
Tony Bartolotta T-Dex bold
8 2010 526
Tony Bartolotta An Earlier Transpo with paper pieces as tokens to indicate which card is where
Inspired by 8 2010 527
Karl Fulves Matrix Games variations of the Ace to Five theme with twenty-five cards
  • The Correction
  • In Sync
  • Brother's Keeper
Inspired by 8 2010 528
Karl Fulves Howard Adams - Three Mysteries intro about hype
8 2010 532
Howard A. Adams Loveffect six cards torn in half, two cards chosen, they match
Inspired by
  • "Dunder" (Mindspa #3)
8 2010 532
Howard A. Adams Matchthis matching with ten ESP cards, misspelled "Machthis"
8 2010 533
Howard A. Adams Billeeve It Again eight-card packet and some bills, number coincidences with card values and bill values
Inspired by
  • "Billeeve It Or Not" (Howard A. Adams)
8 2010 533
Karl Fulves On Howard A. Adams
8 2010 534
Robert Byrne Pool Room Hustles
8 2010 535
Tony Bartolotta Mexican Mental two cards
8 2010 536
Karl Fulves One-Ahead Systems
  • As a Revelation
  • As a Prediction
  • Mental Epic
  • No-Gaff Epic
Related to 8 2010 537
Karl Fulves Las Vegas Nite number of poker chips, thrown dice number and card predicted
8 2010 541
Allan Lambie Ring Escape
8 2010 542
Karl Fulves Illusive Card spectator names one of nine random cards and puts them in a row, PATEO variation in which three cards are pushed forward every time
8 2010 544
Karl Fulves Double Double credit information on the double cut
8 2010 544
Karl Fulves In The Money card signed on the back, prediction in wallet, then signed card amongst removed bills
Inspired by 8 2010 546
Karl Fulves Z-Proper details of the Zarrow Shuffle
8 2010 547
Karl Fulves Marble Mouth on making practice more difficult than performance
8 2010 547
Karl Fulves The Zero Shuffle "opposite" of Zarrow Shuffle
8 2010 548
Karl Fulves The No-Jump Method practice drill for Zarrow shuffle with ruler
8 2010 548
Karl Fulves In The Tunnel practice drill for Zarrow shuffle
8 2010 549
Karl Fulves A Belief System
8 2010 550
Karl Fulves Zombie For Kids rolled up paper napkin clings to hand
8 2010 550
Robin Robertson Robin Robertson's Memorized Deck intro with simplified version
  • Junior Memory
8 2010 551
Robin Robertson Monterey Memory memorized deck system
  • The Pairs
  • The Suits
  • The Full Deck Stack
  • To know a card at a given number
  • To know the number of a given card
  • To know a card chosen
  • Notes on development of this stack
Inspired by
  • "Quickstack" (Doug Dyment, Mindsights)
8 2010 553
Robin Robertson As a memory demonstration
8 2010 555
Karl Fulves Open Marking credit information on marking with actual letters on the back
Related to
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly, Nov. 1947
8 2010 556
Karl Fulves Lost
Inspired by
  • Bill Butski assembly (Linking Ring, Sept. 2000)
8 2010 557
Karl Fulves Inkubator written letters on blank card are covered with Post-It note, they travel onto selection
Inspired by
  • "A Minor Miracle" (?), Hen Fetsch
8 2010 558
Karl Fulves Cards And Numbers comments and references on the plot
Related to 8 2010 559
Karl Fulves Back Story further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 8 2010 560
Rick Johnsson Pure Method loop
Related to
  • Linking Ring, Feb. 1987
9 2011 561
Karl Fulves On Rope Magic
9 2011 562
Roy Walton The Plot Thins two groups counted, cards at that position remembered, then each card is at the other's position
Also published here 9 2011 564
Karl Fulves Linking Finger Rings Okito, credit information
Related to
  • Okito On Magic
9 2011 564
Robert Parrish About Face two odd-backed cards, only the faces transpose
9 2011 565
Karl Fulves Kreskin's Diary odd-backed card in deck, any date named, they match in diary, method guessing from Kreskin's radio performance
9 2011 566
Karl Fulves Three Deceptions about following items, creators lost, shown by J. W. Sarles
9 2011 567
Of Like Minds row of objects, one chosen, they are touched one by one and medium in other room calls out stop at selected one
9 2011 567
Net Effect two billiard balls in fishing net, one penetrates net
9 2011 567
Spirit Writing making writing look like shaky spirit writing
9 2011 569
Karl Fulves No-Win Situation packets sorted into reds and blacks, number bet, two spectators get the same number when taking difference of red and black cards
9 2011 570
Karl Fulves Perpetual "In Order"
four cardboard pieces with numbers on both sides are in envelopes, with his back turned the performer orders them in numerical order
Variations 9 2011 571
Karl Fulves Milton "In Order"
combination of palindrome and sympathetic plots with five cards
Related to 9 2011 572
Robin Robertson Imperfect Strangers "Strange Interlude"
three prediction cards in envelope don't match selection, but the backs do which are suddenly rainbow backs
Inspired by 9 2011 573
Robin Robertson Spread Double-Deal Turnover
9 2011 574
Jerry K. Hartman Strange But Perfect "Strange Interlude"
three prediction cards in envelope match selections, the backs also match which are suddenly rainbow backs
  • Strange But Perfect II
Inspired by 9 2011 574
Jerry K. Hartman Cut Deeper Procedure see also next trick
9 2011 575
Karl Fulves A Stranger In You Future "Strange Interlude"
backs of three prediction cards match instead of fronts, variations
  • In The Envelope
  • The Eight-Back Way (four double backers)
  • When Strangers Meet (ungaffed)
  • Strangers On A Train
9 2011 577
Karl Fulves Multiple Cut Deeper Force double backers alternate with cards
9 2011 577
Karl Fulves Potter's Index book test with borrowed Harry Potter book, calculations on paper required
9 2011 580
Joseph K. Schmidt Dayton Plus Chop
Inspired by
  • "Simple Offering" (Rope Worker - A Tribute to R. C. Buff)
9 2011 582
Reinhard Müller The Mene Tekel Deck credit information
9 2011 585
Mundus vult decipi card appears at named number, Menetekel deck without short cards, English translation by Reinhard Müller
Also published here 9 2011 585
Karl Fulves Tweedle plot is that two players always get the same type of poker hand, demonstrated with ten-card packet
Related to 9 2011 586
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Math + Magic by Persi Diaconis (written by Ron Graham) 9 2011 587
Karl Fulves Immovable Monte discussion of Monte tricks in which the cards are glued/fastened together, see following items, credit information
9 2011 588
G. W. Hunter Wrong Again! five cards stuck together, spectator cannot find it from back
Related to
  • ad in Magazine of Magie (Goldston, Oct. 1916)
9 2011 588
Klip Trick five cards stuck together, spectator cannot find right one from back
Related to
  • Joe Stuthard note in Hugard's Magic Monthly, April 1950
9 2011 589
Karl Fulves The Basic Principle of monte with stuck-together cards
9 2011 589
Joe Stuthard The Stuthard Addition five cards stuck together, spectator cannot find Queen from back, it has vanished
9 2011 590
Karl Fulves Klipped Notes ideas for monte trick with stuck together cards
  • Klipped Koncluded
  • Klipped Korner
  • Spread Force
  • Bank Nite
  • Bank Nite With Cards
9 2011 592
Tony Bartolotta Long Shot two-deck trick in which spectator and performer do the same thing, performer only has a single card though and handles it like a deck for humorous procedure
9 2011 595
Tony Bartolotta, Karl Fulves Remote & Controlled spectator finds odd-backed card from face, posed as a problem
9 2011 595
Karl Fulves Rider Attached unknown card from blue deck removed, performer puts red-backed duplicate in blue deck, it is found from face by spectator
9 2011 595
Karl Fulves Isolationist black Aces on top and bottom, unknown card put in spectator's pocket, false cut done together with spectator, now red Aces are on top and bottom and the two black Aces in spectator's pocket
9 2011 596
Gambler's False Cut
9 2011 596
Karl Fulves Center Double Lift
9 2011 596
Karl Fulves Holdout Secrets - Part Six intro
Related to 9 2011 598
Sam Schwartz Copper Escape copper coin between two silver coins put in box, copper coin penetrates box
9 2011 598
Karl Fulves Paper Holdout coin in paper unfolded, two coins loaded into hand at the same time
9 2011 600
Martin Gardner, Hubert Lambert, Bert Allerton, Karl Fulves Two Deck Criss Cross
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Criss Cross Do-As-I-Do" (Hugard's Magic Monthly, May 1950, p. 665)
9 2011 601
Roy Walton, David Ben Quotable Quotes
Also published here
  • Wall Street Journal, June 25-26, 2011
  • Magic Circular, March 2011
9 2011 602
Karl Fulves Triptych two cards chosen, two piles dealt and performer reads out loud all the cards, spectators name the piles with their selections, performer divines cards, they transpose into other pile and are only odd-backed ones
Inspired byRelated to 9 2011 603
Karl Fulves Higher Magic intro to the following rising object items
9 2011 605
Karl Fulves Cereal Secret corn flakes and bran flakes in bowl, bran flakes rise to the top by shaking
9 2011 605
Karl Fulves Rising Sphere marble rises to top of rice-filled glass by shaking
9 2011 605
Karl Fulves Moving Coin coin under cellophane of cigarette pack, it rises by shaking
Related to
  • old MUM issue
9 2011 605
George E. Arrowsmith The Shaker Card Rise card rises from case by shaking
Related to
  • "An Anti-Gravitational Marvel" (G. E. Arrowsmith, Magical Originalia, 1943)
9 2011 605
Karl Fulves Other Information on shaking to make things rise through other objects
Related to 9 2011 605
, Karl Fulves Hole Card Rise deck with hole though center, a card rises
  • KF Note (plug falls out of deck as intro)
9 2011 606
Pushed top two cards remembered, replaced, then spectators take them themselves, they transpose
9 2011 607
Karl Fulves Table Talk spectator divines card chosen under table, apparently a corner is torn off and restored for the rest of the audience
9 2011 607
Karl Fulves On Vernon Winiecke
9 2011 608
Karl Fulves Jump Count
Inspired by 9 2011 609
Bill Wisch Notes on Slydini
Also published here
  • "Slydini, The Lecture" (Bill Wisch)
9 2011 609
Karl Fulves Ledger-demain expanded number puzzle about how much is spent and saved
9 2011 610
Karl Fulves Progressive Assembly credit information, also with cups & balls, coins
9 2011 611
Karl Fulves The Gypsy Switch - Part Seven intro
Related to 9 2011 612
Karl Fulves The Option Pass
Inspired by 9 2011 612
Victor Farelli The Victor Farelli Coin Fold
Related toAlso published here
  • Farelli's Coin Magic (1946)
9 2011 614
Karl Fulves Empty Hands complete vanish, coin at thread
9 2011 616
Karl Fulves Buddha Bit
9 2011 616
Karl Fulves Paper Prison two coins in paper, expansion of texture meets paper fold
9 2011 618
Karl Fulves Escape Hatch
Inspired by 9 2011 620
Karl Fulves Poker Chip Gypsy Expansion of Texture type routine with chips
9 2011 620
Karl Fulves Back To Bach "Unexplained"
comment on doing a trick justice in performance
9 2011 622
Karl Fulves Swiping The Aces "Unexplained"
deck cut in four piles, bottom cards shown as Aces, then they are on top, posed as a problem
9 2011 622
Karl Fulves CAA(S)N "Unexplained"
Card At Any (Small) Number, card and number up to five named, envelope with five cards, card at position, posed as a problem
9 2011 622
Karl Fulves Whisked "Unexplained"
glass on cloth, cloth whipped away, glass vanishes, posed as a problem
9 2011 622
Martin Gardner Jumping Skeleton Key on Martin Gardner's Skeleton Key, and knife that jumps out of handle when the performer handles it (Magic Christian), also with nail file, credit information
9 2011 623
Karl Fulves The L/S Deck long-short deck applications
Related to 9 2011 625
Karl Fulves The Perfect Shuffle long-short deck with alternated color shuffled, sold as perfect faro or false shuffle
9 2011 626
Karl Fulves Playing Winners
9 2011 626
Karl Fulves Improving The Hand
9 2011 626
Karl Fulves Long/Short Story
Inspired by 9 2011 628
Karl Fulves Refining The Action using stripper deck as long-short deck
9 2011 628
Karl Fulves Notable Quotes some quotes from various sources
9 2011 629
Karl Fulves Back Story further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 9 2011 630
Karl Fulves Banker - Broker intro, about the game and the transfer sleight, credit information
Related to 10 2012 631
Karl Fulves The Banker-Broker Move given the slip
  • Notes On Process
10 2012 632
Karl Fulves Contrarian signed card in case, deck cut in half, one half behind back and back of top card signed, card vanished from case and card in deck is signed by both spectators on the face and odd-backed
10 2012 634
Karl Fulves Fake Case or Envelope Insertion card underneath and later stolen away with Banker-Broker move
10 2012 634
John Scarne Cheating by The Book (belly) strippers
Related to
  • Scarne On Cards
10 2012 635
John Scarne The Banker's Secret sucker set-up for banker broker
10 2012 635
J. W. Sarles The Bank Plays Poker top card change into Aces after shown indifferent, with Sarles's handling of Banker-Broker move
Related to 10 2012 636
Karl Fulves Notes applications of Banker-Broker Move
  • wallet loading
  • Out Of This World Clean Up
  • coin steal
10 2012 639
Marked Down pen does not write
10 2012 639
Karl Fulves Three Cheat Monte spectator shuffles deck and deals out two cards, looks at one and exchanges the other two, selection indicated and named
Inspired by 10 2012 639
Ken De Courcy Main Interest piles made by counting down some numbers and card moved around, one pile's number predicted, four-of-a-kind finale
Inspired by 10 2012 640
Karl Fulves Higher Ground card travels from bottom to top, remains injogged
Related to 10 2012 642
Mel Bennett Taking The Fifth "Two by Mel Bennett"
two selections from nine-card packet, both selections found
Inspired by 10 2012 645
Mel Bennett World's Worst Card Trick "Two by Mel Bennett"
two selections found with Fulves's Riffle Shuffle Control, spelling a phrase with fixed number of letters
10 2012 645
Karl Fulves Star Lite cards in two halves exchanged, found apparently by memory, Fulves's Riffle Shuffle Control
Related to 10 2012 648
Karl Fulves Star Brite spectator finds Aces (Fulves's Riffle Shuffle Control) and separates cards in reds and blacks
Related to 10 2012 649
Karl Fulves E Squared bet about producing error on calculator
Related to 10 2012 649
Karl Fulves Metal Motion silver coin in envelope between two glasses, copper coin on envelope under top glass, envelope pulled out, they transpose
Related to 10 2012 651
Walter Rollins Ringy Dingy three rings penetrate a rope one by one
Variations 10 2012 652
Karl Fulves KF Notes Jardine-Ellis ring with Rollins's routine
Inspired by 10 2012 654
Karl Fulves Moving Hole Card apparently a hole card switch is demonstrated, but palmed card changes
10 2012 654
Karl Fulves Dr. Hook coin openly dropped into sleeve transposes with coin rubbed at outside of sleeve, method guess
10 2012 654
Karl Fulves Aces To Go four Aces on table in row, one by one they are cut into deck and the indifferent top card placed on table instead, tabled cards are once again the Aces
10 2012 655
Karl Fulves Aces Two Go four Aces on table in row, one by one they are cut into deck and the indifferent top card placed on table instead, tabled cards are Kings and top four cards the Aces
10 2012 656
J. W. Sarles Glass Trap coin in glass, another glass nested inside, coin penetrates into upper glass
10 2012 657
Neal Elias The Flip Over Reverse "Cutting Discovery"
10 2012 658
Five-Finger Exercise with rope, in-the-hands
  • The Apparatus
  • The Can't Win option
  • The Can't Lose Option
  • A Twist To The Tale
10 2012 660
Karl Fulves Cut Faster three spectators cut to cards in their own hands and pocket them, named with cards behind performer's back, one travels into performer's pocket
Inspired by 10 2012 663
Karl Fulves The Gypsy Switch - Part Seven intro, actually part eight
Related to 10 2012 664
George Mackenzie George Mackenzie "fake gypsy", with handkerchief
Related to 10 2012 664
Karl Fulves Intervention unknown card in case, signed card appears in sandwich, then sandwich cards put in case, unknown card there then is selection
Related to 10 2012 666
Karl Fulves Fields Effect player gets five Aces repeatedly
Inspired by
  • W. C. Fields film poker sequence
Related toVariations
10 2012 667
Karl Fulves Poker With Jokers four Kings and Joker cut in deck, two hands dealt, five Kinds and five Aces (four with Joker) in the hands
Inspired by 10 2012 668
Karl Fulves The Berg Variations intro
Inspired by 10 2012 669
Roy Walton The Berg Variations four two-card packets in a row, cards exchanged according to instructions, four cards match four mates that were set aside as prediction
Inspired by
  • "Mindreader's Dream" (Joe Berg)
10 2012 669
Robert E. Neale The Berg Variations notes on the prop and procedure
Inspired by
  • "Mindreader's Dream" (Joe Berg)
10 2012 670
Karl Fulves Last Card Standing twelve cards from Ace to Queen, one named, every other card outjogged, named card is the last card sticking out after diminishing plunger procedure
10 2012 671
Karl Fulves Rise To The Occasion secretly outjogging more than one card in anti-faro
10 2012 672
Karl Fulves Background & History credit information on the diminishing plunger (pushing cards back and forth through the deck until one card remains)
10 2012 672
Karl Fulves Black Diamonds lie speller variation in which answers to questions are chosen by random notes on paper
Related to 10 2012 673
Karl Fulves Bandido blue-backed card signed on back and pushed in rubber banded deck, card jumps out of banded red deck, blue deck spread, it is in new deck order with red-backed selection at position
10 2012 675
Willie Johnson Banded Diagonal Palm Shift
Related toAlso published here
  • The Sphinx, July 1925
10 2012 675
Karl Fulves Pivot Point two decks in new deck order, card peeked in blue deck, card taken from red deck, it is odd-backed selection which is missing in blue deck
Related to 10 2012 676
Karl Fulves Pivot Steal from center into right palm or onto tabled packet
Related to 10 2012 676
Karl Fulves Nite Lite "Unexplained"
light bulb smashed, pieces on fan, egg on fan until bulb is restored and lights up, posed as a problem
10 2012 679
Karl Fulves Left or Right "Unexplained"
game with three letter card (L, C, R) and poker chip, winner must be predicted, posed as a problem
Inspired by
  • "LCR Game", marketed item
10 2012 679
Karl Fulves 3 x 3 x 3 "Unexplained"
stacking three Aces for three-handed game in three seconds, demonstrated with reversed indifferent card that change into Aces, posed as a problem
10 2012 679
Karl Fulves 3 Easy Pieces "Unexplained"
tearing a paper into three pieces with one tear, posed as a problem
Related to 10 2012 679
Karl Fulves Faux Aces "Unexplained"
four Aces face-up in overlapped configuration, turned over, one changes into a Five, explained with partial blocking of the other pips, then other Aces also change to Fives, posed as a problem
10 2012 680
Karl Fulves Paper Caper "Unexplained"
bet in which spectator cannot guess how many separated pieces there are after a folded paper piece has been torn, posed as a problem
Related to 10 2012 680
Karl Fulves The Three-Corner Card "Unexplained"
corner of selection torn off and put under case, remaining card signed on back, card put in deck so a part is protruding, prediction card with corner missing shown, it is signed on back and protruding part is now only corner which has vanished from under case, posed as a problem
Inspired by 10 2012 681
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Doubling Silk silk pulled through hand and split into two, "The Wonderful Handkerchief Doubling"
10 2012 682
Karl Fulves On Impulse spectator should cut anywhere, look at bottom card and name any card of same color but different suit, both values counted down from rest lead to selection
10 2012 684
Karl Fulves Bill Optics mathematical counting trick with bills, swindle patter, values determined apparently by feel
10 2012 685
Karl Fulves Skill Set groups of cards with different back design taken from envelope, some decisions made for all suits, value total of remaining cards predicted
Related to 10 2012 687
Karl Fulves Fold & Cheat 3x3 grid with numbers on paper, folded in different ways and numbers added, medium called and some of the digits named, medium knows rest
10 2012 688
J. W. Sarles Ace Prelude three Aces cut face-up into different parts of the deck, last Ace face-up on top, immediately all four Aces are dealt face-up from top
10 2012 690
J. W. Sarles A Cup Of Copper four copper and four silver coins alternated, some tossed in one cup and some in another, they separate, slightly smaller diameter and strip-out
Related to 10 2012 690
Karl Fulves Conjuring Arts on history and Bill Kalush's Conjuring Arts Research Center
10 2012 691
Reel & Ring borrowed ring placed in box, it travels into another box
10 2012 692
Door Penetration finger ring penetrates through door with one hand on each side
10 2012 692
The Beer-Drinking Puzzle "Who paid for the beer?"
Related toAlso published here
  • "Mathematics And The Imagination" (1940)
10 2012 693
Karl Fulves Money Puzzle counting trick with cards on which money is printed on both side, posed as a problem
10 2012 693
Karl Fulves Trap Shoot deck cut, value of top and suit of bottom card used to make up composite card, that is caught with other two cards
Inspired byRelated to 10 2012 694
Harvey Rosenthal 3-Card Catch Handling
Also published here 10 2012 695
Karl Fulves Optical Shift "Two Ideas"
Simple Shift type action to controlled position, cut made before the apparent push-in for passive look
10 2012 696
Karl Fulves Karate Steal "Two Ideas"
stealing card off tabled deck into palm or under cover
10 2012 696
Jack Avis, Karl Fulves Fate Mates card named by each performer and spectator, written on paper pieces, two halves, one card outjogged, both dealt in unison, both named cards show up
Related to 10 2012 698
Karl Fulves Back Story further comments and credit information on the referenced items
Related to 10 2012 700
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