Written by Paul Harris, Eric Mead

Work of Paul Harris

324 pages (Hardcover), published by A-1 MultiMedia
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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Paul Harris PHoot-In-Mouth-Note
Paul Harris Dedications
Paul Harris The Astonishing Editor: André Hagen actually page 3 1/2
David Abrams The Other Side of Astonishment
Paul Harris The Shape of Astonishment impression of coin in foil changes from heads to tails
New Stuff 13
Paul Harris Window of Opportunity signed business card, three card monte type with three envelopes, card ends up in envelope
New Stuff 17
Paul Harris Hot Chocolate folded up chocolate paper is unfolded and chocolate reappears inside
New Stuff 21
Paul Harris The Anything Deck any word (!) appears written on cards
Related toVariations New Stuff 23
Paul Harris Packet Switch while turning card case over
New Stuff 25
Paul Harris Peanut Butter and Jellyfish top slice of sandwich floats up and moves around
New Stuff 27
Paul Harris Rumpled Splitskin two business cards are laid on top of each other and the layers penetrate to form an impossible object
New Stuff 29
Paul Harris Free Ride to use the case to add card(s) to the pack
New Stuff 31
Paul Harris Arrow-Split-Arrow card is thrown and caught in deck and splits selection which has a tear then
Related toVariations New Stuff 33
Charlier Charlier Cut
New Stuff 34
Unknown Boomerang Card Flourish
New Stuff 35
Paul Harris Bat Fishing borrowed dollar bill, eight cards selected, their values are serial number of bill
New Stuff 37
Paul Harris Switching 8 Cards and a Bill using a pillow
New Stuff 39
Paul Harris Membrane spectator selects card with mark on back, mark on back is transfered onto card case
New Stuff 41
Paul Harris, Eric Mead Membrane with a Pack of Smokes initials from paper are transfered to cellophane around cigarette pack
New Stuff 45
Paul Harris, Eric Mead The Swing Thing sugar packet is torn and sugar poured into folded bill, grains travel back and packet restors itself
New Stuff 49
Paul Harris, Eric Mead Tic Tac coin into tic tac box
New Stuff 51
Paul Harris, Eric Mead Leaf leaf from plant is torn off and restored
New Stuff 53
Paul Harris The Bizarre Vanish card visually vanishes while spectator holds it
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 57
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Close-up Fantasies Finale 58
Daryl Martinez Close Quarters two quarters transform into half dollar
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 63
Unknown Click Pass
Close-up Fantasies Finale 64
Paul Harris Heartburn corner of card stroken on match-book, ignites and burns
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 65
Paul Harris Mickey Mouse Math cards change and split to display basic calculations with its spot values
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 67
Paul Harris Torn and Restored Deck using Hamman's "Micro Macro" method
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 71
Paul Harris Shuffle Time cards are cut in piles, numbers on top change into current time
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 75
Paul Harris Strange Exchange card and coin transpose
Related to Close-up Fantasies Finale 79
Paul Harris Card Appearance
Close-up Fantasies Finale 80
Paul Harris Just Call Me Mr. Wonderful one-handed method to take deck out of case and fan it
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 83
Paul Harris The Bill Collector card is found with dollar bill and (more or less) rises out of pack when bill is pulled
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 87
Unknown Longitudinal Glide Switch
Close-up Fantasies Finale 87
Paul Harris Guts signed card to wallet with interesting method and challenge conditions
Also published here Close-up Fantasies Finale 91
Paul Harris Tunnel Transformation using half card
Close-up Fantasies Finale 93
Paul Harris Improvised Screwed Deck (revised) deck (cut in 2 parts) is screwed together
Inspired by Close-up Kinda Guy 99
Paul Harris Hi There Baby Cakes performer's name and phone number are written on two cards, one writing travels onto other card (on same side)
Also published here Close-up Kinda Guy 105
Paul Harris The Perfectionist
  • The Perfectionist (red and blacks are apparently mixed but remain separated)
  • Transposed Perfectionist (reds and blacks transpose)
  • Mixed-Up Perfectionist (reds and blacks mix themselves)
Also published here Close-up Kinda Guy 109
Paul Harris Red and Black Switch
Close-up Kinda Guy 111
Paul Harris Perpendicular Ribbonspread Hide-Out
Close-up Kinda Guy 113
Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez, Eddie Fechter Instant Replay card jumps off deck into other hand, then back
Also published here Close-up Kinda Guy 115
Paul Harris Simple Switch card from top visibly switches place with card in other hand
Also published here Close-up Kinda Guy 119
Paul Harris Headache sword in picture of king of hearts apparently moves
Also published here Close-up Kinda Guy 121
Paul Harris Bad Estimate performer "accidently" does bad estimation about where the selection lies
Also published here Close-up Kinda Guy 125
Paul Harris, Ricky Sanchez, Doug Bennett Return of the Bizarre Shrink card visibly shrinks while held in spectator's hand
Inspired by Close-up Kinda Guy 129
Paul Harris, Dick Ryan Chocolate Coin real coin is torn open as if it were a chocolate coin with tin foil
Also published here Close-up Kinda Guy 133
Paul Harris Card Cuffs card with holes torn in is put on thumbs and changes into signed selection
Brainstorm in the Bahamas 139
Paul Harris Giggle Switch bold, Flushtration type
Brainstorm in the Bahamas 139
Michael Ammar, Daryl Martinez, Paul Harris The Bent Copper-Silver Transposition one coin is bent, in spectator's hand
Brainstorm in the Bahamas 141
Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez, Michael Ammar A Hefty Penetration card penetrates clear plastic bag
Brainstorm in the Bahamas 143
Paul Cummins, Bill Herz The Hedonists Make Up All The Rules forcing a card with verbal magician's choice
Variations Brainstorm in the Bahamas 147
Richard Kaufman, Michael Ammar, Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez A Card Well Hung card penetrates wire of coathanger
Related to Brainstorm in the Bahamas 153
Paul Harris Free Lunch flesh colored ball appears between fingertips in front of eyes
Brainstorm in the Bahamas 157
Chuck Martinez, Paul Harris Diary of a P.H. Video
Close-up Seductions 161
Paul Harris Limo Service aces and jacks, jacks travel to card case (possible follow-up to Re-Set)
Related to Close-up Seductions 163
Paul Harris Seductive Switch "switching" a folded card with unfolded card, using an impromptu fake index
Also published here Close-up Seductions 167
Paul Harris Blue Tattoo (revised) changing back color of deck one by one
Inspired by Close-up Seductions 173
Paul Harris Unhinged full deck in case is folded in half
Also published here Close-up Seductions 177
Jay Sankey "10" Ace, Two, Three and Four are squeezed together into jumbo Ten spot, blendo
Also published here Close-up Seductions 181
Paul Harris Bushwacker bushwhacker, card penetrates other cards, apparently three cards used, no slit
Also published here Close-up Seductions 185
Paul Harris Sweet Stuff coin and sugar in sugar packet change places
Also published here Close-up Seductions 191
Michael Ammar, Paul Harris Michael's Proposition final phase for a matrix type routine, last card ends up under spectator's hand
Also published here Close-up Seductions 195
Paul Harris Bleached Blackjack (revised from Bleached Blond) to create blackjack a six is "bleached" blank and an ace printed instead, no gaffs
Inspired byRelated to Close-up Seductions 197
Bill Kalush Bill Kalush's Open Setup for Paul Harris' "Bleached Blackjack"
Related to Close-up Seductions 200
Eric Mead Eric Mead on P.H.
Magical Arts Journal 205
Paul Harris Whack Your Pack (aka Reflex)
Variations Magical Arts Journal 207
David Harkey Juke
Magical Arts Journal 211
Paul Harris Free Flight coins travel from hand to under card on table
Related toAlso published here Magical Arts Journal 215
Paul Harris The Tap Dancing Aces Aces vanish and reappear, using the pack
VariationsAlso published here Magical Arts Journal 219
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Magical Arts Journal 221
Paul Harris P.H. Invisible Palm no palming
Variations Magical Arts Journal 227
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread with Double Card Laydown
Magical Arts Journal 228
Allan Ackerman Two Packet Display Switch
Magical Arts Journal 230
Unknown Rub-a-Dub Vanish
Magical Arts Journal 230
Paul Harris Paul's Venezuela Vanish Tent Vanish Variation
Magical Arts Journal 232
Unknown One-Handed Double Card Snap
Magical Arts Journal 233
Paul Harris Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm using random cards
Variations Magical Arts Journal 235
Paul Harris Mini-Mondo one-phase routine with just two cards
Magical Arts Journal 239
Paul Harris Big-Time Leaper multiple phases
Magical Arts Journal 241
Paul Harris Las Vegas Leaper Count spectator counts
Magical Arts Journal 243
Paul Harris Overcount from Deck
Related to Magical Arts Journal 243
Francis Carlyle, Paul Harris The Carlyle False Count
Magical Arts Journal 246
Paul Harris The Biological Shuffle (revised)
Related to Magical Arts Journal 249
Wyman Jones, Paul Harris Galaxy two piles
Related toAlso published here Magical Arts Journal 253
Unknown Spectator Riffle Shuffles Once
Magical Arts Journal 254
Paul Curry, Paul Harris The Break-Room Boredom Buster business cards torn in half, coincidence effect
Secrets of the Astonishing Executive 259
Francis Carlyle, ? Truzi, Burling Hull, Paul Harris The Client Confidence Sugar Shocker nine sugar packets are numbered on one side, double facer sugar packet is used to force a certain number
Related to Secrets of the Astonishing Executive 263
Paul Harris The Instant Incomplete I.Q. Test (a revised classic) self working effect with business card (one secret double facer) and an instruction sheet
Secrets of the Astonishing Executive 265
Paul Harris The Burbling of a Pea floating a pea above the mouth
Secrets of the Astonishing Executive 269
Paul Harris Perfect-Ten Paper Clip Paradox puzzle with a complex layout of several object, e.g. paper clips
Secrets of the Astonishing Executive 271
Paul Harris The Late-For-Lunch Miracle Maneuver coincidence with 2 watches that are randomly set, instant stooge
Secrets of the Astonishing Executive 275
Paul Harris, Milton Kort Moms Come and Go but a Rolex is Forever "A Revised Milt Kort Classic", 3 1/2 gag with a book page instead of cards, dial force
Secrets of the Astonishing Executive 277
Harry Eng, Paul Harris The Cube cube is constructed out of six (folded) cards, one separate card vanishes and reappears as part of the cube
Misc. Pieces of Paul 281
Paul Harris The Bizarre Stretch
Misc. Pieces of Paul 285
Paul Harris Torn Mentalist flap of card case is torn off to write prediction on it, flap restored
Misc. Pieces of Paul 291
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Misc. Pieces of Paul 292
Paul Harris The P.H. Breakthrough (revised) deck visually penetrates card case from outside to inside
Related to Misc. Pieces of Paul 295
Chad Long The Shuffling Lesson spectator shuffles and cuts and turns over
Related toVariations Astonishing Friends 299
Paul Harris, Jay Ose Spectator's Ose False Cut spectator does the false cut
Inspired byRelated toVariations Astonishing Friends 300
Guy Hollingworth, James Steranko The Voodoo Card selection in deck behaves like isolated card that is torn and torched
Inspired byAlso published here Astonishing Friends 303
Fred Rohm Dollar Box origami figure
Astonishing Friends 307
Paul Harris, Daryl Martinez Daryl's Hot-Shot Cut (Simplified)
Astonishing Friends 311
Jay Sankey A Lighthouse in the Fog Sankey on Paul Harris (ca. 1982)
Paul Harris Kitchen Magician idea of having drawer box in kitchen
Conversations from the Edge 317
Paul Harris The Nowhere Man giving the spectator the feeling that he is invisible, x-1 stooges
Conversations from the Edge 319