Written by Steve Beam

Work of Steve Beam

227 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam.
Language: English

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Steve Beam Introduction 11
Doug Canning Telephone Lying spelling lie detector over the phoneInspired by
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, The New Invocation #43)
Related to
Joel Givens Personalized Pasteboards name of spectator is spelled to find selection, two methodsRelated toVariations 16
Steve Beam Name that Trick made-up name is spelled to find selection, presentation for Personalized PasteboardsInspired by 19
Steve Beam Countdown card is found by adding values of two cards, 14/15 total of two cards 23
Steve Beam The Three Stooges two spectators find selection of the other 25
Steve Beam Middle Guage Spread card spread on the table two cards turned over and value is used to count in the spread, both end on same card which turns out to be selectionInspired byAlso published here 27
Steve Beam The Big Finish card changes into jumbo version of selection, two methodsInspired byRelated to 29
Richard Vollmer Einstein's Favorite Trick spectator locates his own card 32
Joel Givens Weight Limit spectator cuts packet and selects a card, card is placed in reminder where it vanishes, then performer divines amount of cut cards and selection is found reversed at that position in the rest of the deck 33
Unknown Spread-through Vanish 34
Steve Beam The Australian Crawl selection is found by down under dealing a random number of cards (value of two selections)Related toVariations 36
Steve Beam Circling the Sandwich Also published here 40
Audley Walsh Optical Fan Insertion two cards apparently placed in two different places in a fan 41
Joe Rindfleisch, Gene Maze Half Moon Rising rising card in case, case rises 43
Joe Rindfleisch, Gene Maze Case Load loading a card into the card case 43
Allan Slaight Sly Stebbins spelling color, number, mate always corresponding to the selectionInspired byVariations 46
Scott Robinson Sigh Stebbins spectator spells guesses about selection, with value of last card selection is found 49
Steve Beam Color Blind performer separates cards into reds and black, then blindfolded and with cards face up performer seems to miss, but separated cards of different back colors 53
Steve Beam Choosing Sides spectator removes half the cards from the spread and separates reds and blacks 55
Wayne Kyzer Memorable Magic one red/blue double backer and blank cardInspired by 57
Steve Beam Well Shaken deck removed from the deck is in order, then shaken and cards are mixedRelated toAlso published here 59
Steve Beam The Honor System selection is only odd-backed card in the deckVariations 61
Steve Beam The Terminator spectator finds own card by dealing through and stops at only odd-backed card, two versionsInspired by 63
Ron Ferris Double Brainwave deck split in red / black two cards selected, ploy to place the card in other colored sectionAlso published here 65
Steve Beam Fooled two cards are pushed out from spread, location of one card can be namedAlso published here
  • Steve Beam's "Magic the Vanishing Art - Or how to turn a Trick for Fun and Profit" 1979.
John Riggs Follow the Oil & Water halves behind a red and a black card, change color when riffled through, impromptu svengaliRelated to 68
Aldo Colombini Friends similar to "Neither Blind Nor Silly", with twenty cards, spectator has more decisions to randomize orderRelated to 72
Steve Beam Color Changing Card Case Inspired byAlso published here 75
Jack Birnman Timeless three cards are used to form a prediction verbally 81
Steven Youell Gaffus Maximus card with different back is placed in deck, spectator choses that exact card when cards are riffled through 83
Steve Pressley Wheel and Deal card is predicted in form of mates and by adding values cards position is foundInspired by 85
Steve Pressley Double Hit two cards predicted, matesAlso published here 87
Scott Robinson Chance by Choice four cards are cut to, sum is predicted in envelope 89
Steve Beam Have it Your Way card selected and replaced, deck is in new pack order and card put in proper position of the sequenceAlso published here 93
Steve Beam Opening Stab A prediction envelope inserted into a ribbon-spread pack turns out to be the only card missing from the deck and the deck turns out to be in order. The spectator inserted it in the place where the missing card should be. Ultimately, the missing card is found inside the envelope.Also published here 94
Steve Pressley Stuck on You A prediction envelope inserted into a ribbon-spread pack turns out to be the only card missing from the deck and the deck turns out to be in order. The spectator inserted it in the place where the missing card should be. Ultimately, the missing card is found inside the envelope, wax methodAlso published here 95
Steve Beam A Match Made in Zebulon two selection found at same position when deck is cut in halfInspired byAlso published here 96
Steve Beam A Match Made in Knightdale two selection found at same position when deck is cut in halfAlso published here 99
Steve Beam Siamese Stab double facer handed out for examinationRelated toAlso published here 102
Marvin Leventhal Return to Sender presentation for Opening Stab 105
Bill Simon Prophecy Move 107
John Riggs In-Decks tactile aid to locate any card 111
Simon Aronson The Eyes Have It humorous prediction with eye chart and eventually wrong card transforms into selection 112
Tom Craven The Pairable some cards are cut from a shuffled deck, two cards are removed to form a card, then card is produced 114
Simon Lovell Three Ways presentation for single card locationRelated to 116
Jack Birnman The Bermuda Triangle Aces transpose with quartet, Aces found reversed in the dek 118
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 118
Steve Beam Rollout deck is dropped, turns 360 degrees and lands on the table, one card jumps outAlso published here 120
Steve Beam Card Cleavage four split in two deuces, deuces split into acesInspired by 122
Steve Beam Puzzler two indicator cardsInspired byAlso published here 125
Steve Beam Puzzler II two indicator cards 127
Doug Canning Two Timing Aussie two cards are located, two piles of ten card two numbers are thought and corresponding cards remembered 128
Stewart James One-Deck Wonder two cards to predict card in value and suit, 9 force 130
Steve Beam Goosed a lot of ideas and refinements on Mutus, Nomen / Pairs Repaired, with twenty, 36 and 40 cards, updated version of Trapdoor articleInspired by 132
Joe Rindfleisch The Illusion Card zig-zag finger with playing card, first finger and thumb, four phases, eventually card is restored 143
Joe Rindfleisch The One-Handed Zigzag zig-zag finger with playing card, first finger 148
Wayne Kyzer Birth Card Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 151
Doug Canning Card Counters Inspired byRelated to 153
Richard Vollmer, Norman Houghton LIII-Kelihood small packet is counted and card remembered at number in remainder, then 10, 9, 8 count to find cardRelated to 155
Steve Beam, Scott Robinson Polar Stab location of two cards with two keysInspired by 157
Tom Ladshaw Bestimation 158
Richard Vollmer No Questions Asked 160
Steve Beam Triplets I red / black deck 165
Steve Beam Triplets II red / black deck, with two selections 167
Steve Beam Selective Service four selections, with four keys 168
Steve Beam Shuffle Placement jog shuffle, four cards 168
Joel Givens Identification Cards multiple keys, four card location, different methods 170
Steve Beam Location, Location, Location three spectators cut some cards and chose a card, amount and selections are predicted and located, 9-forceInspired by
  • Van Osdol's "Number Trick" in Rufus Steele's "50 Tricks You Can Do"
Steve Beam Multiplocation with four cardsRelated toVariations 175
Unknown Bubble Peek 176
Steve Beam Bye-Pass Operation single card controlInspired by 181
Steven Youell Dribble Peek after fingertip peek, deck is turned over and dribbledAlso published here 184
Steve Beam The Underhand Shuffle 186
Bill Simon, Steve Beam Backwards Prophecy Also published here 188
Tom Craven Bounce Control I after spectator's peekVariations 190
Tom Craven Bounce Controll II after incomplete faro peek 192
Steve Beam Budget Cut cards appear to be pushed from hand to handRelated to 194
Steve Beam Gotcha Covered card on cover of the book changes to selection 199
Steve Beam Quick Change with two fansAlso published here
  • Steve Beam's "They Don't Make Trap Doors Like They Used To" 1979.
Steve Beam Glossary 203
Unknown Double Undercut 203
Steve Beam Preventing Pasteboard Harassment - A Public Service humorous article 209
Steve Beam Educational Supplement The Beam Course in Publishing Magic Magazines Lesson #1 - How to Reject Unwanted ContributionsAlso published here 211
Steve Beam A Personalized Invitation Also published here 216
Steve Beam The Trapdoor or Death the Choice is Yours 218
Steve Beam "Thanksgiven" 219
Steve Beam Errata Related to 229