Written by Steve Beam

Work of Steve Beam

239 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam.
Language: English

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Steve Beam Introduction 11
Steve Beam Gambling Tricks chapter intro 15
Steve Beam Done Deal deck is shuffled twice, second time face up into face down, spectator deals face up cards to himself and face down to performer, performer has a straight flushVariations 16
Steve Beam House Rules two decks are shuffled together face up and face down, performer gets a Royal FlushInspired by 19
Allan Slaight Strout Fellow Inspired by 20
Lewis Jones Give Me Five spectator can always chose from two cards, decisions made for him and for performerVariations 22
Lewis Jones Invisible Cull while placing some cards on the table 22
Steve Beam Beat It ending up with better hand than in the version by Lewis JonesInspired by 24
Lewis Jones You Bet prediction of the card which is next to named card, as a bet how many cards are between the two cardsVariations 25
Steve Beam Culinary Bet different handling for You Bet, prediction of the card which is next to named card, as a bet how many cards are between the two cardsInspired by 26
Doug Canning, Steve Beam Five Card Stud chosen card is located by the use of a down-under deal and by spelling the locator cardInspired by
  • Gene Castillon's " Computer Telephone Mystery" in "The Linking Ring" June, 1999.
Steve Beam Marketing Your Magic humorous article 29
Steve Beam Seven Card Stud spectator deals two poker hands, thinks of a secret number, remembers a card and with by the use of the down under deal a locator card is found 31
Unknown Optical False Cut 31
Steve Beam The Creativity Safe-Haven mail to Doug Canning 32
Steve Beam Up & Over the Down & Under two ways
- Up & Over
- Lucky Card
Tom Gagnon Automatic Ace Cutting by dribbling, good poker hand is foundInspired byVariations 35
Steve Beam Competition Cutting by dribbling, good poker hand is foundInspired by 37
John Moran Discard Poker cards are shuffled face up into face down, face down cards are dealt for four players, four Royal Flushes 38
Joel Givens Monte 101 four phases, in the hands 40
Unknown Optical Monte Move 40
Edward Marlo Quick 3-Way 41
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Move 42
Gary Plants The Deck Will Tell Inspired by 44
Steve Beam The Macho Magician Versus Wussy Gambler matching value and suit are spelled of selection, then four Aces are found as a kicker by spelling 46
Steve Beam Tabled Cut one handed cut, bottom card apparently from the center 46
Joshua Jay Locating a Deal multiple selection, cards end up in a poker hand when dealing, then all spectators have their cards in their hands and performer has a Royal FlushInspired by 49
Rajneesh Madhok Reactionary Patter 50
Doreen Knott The Show poem 51
Steve Beam Impossible Locations chapter intro 55
Steve Beam The Of-Age Card Trick 21 card trick without dealing the cards multiple timesAlso published here 56
Steve Beam Bi-Cycle "fishing expedition", fishing among eight cards 56
Steve Beam Pile Driver card is found by spellingAlso published here 58
Steve Beam Turning 21 imitating the 21 card trick
- 2-Selection Version
- Infusion
Also published here 60
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 61
Steve Beam Count Forward Force packet is cut and value of card indicates how many more cards are added 62
Steve Beam The New Math reversed card appears at certain position 64
Steve Beam A Book by Any Other Name humorous article 65
Steve Beam The Peewee Card Trick three endingsInspired byAlso published here
  • Wesley James' routine in "The Second Deal"
Steve Beam Charlier Cut as a Card Location 68
Steve Beam Double Down spectator spells suit and deals value of thought of card, card is divined 70
Steve Beam The Memory ADE for fishing suitRelated toVariations 70
Steve Beam Doubling Up on the Double Down spectator spells suit and deals value of thought of card, card is divined 72
Marty Kane V.D. valentines day patter, card is found by dealing and spelling, she loves me / loves me not for down-under dealInspired by 73
Unknown Cut Deeper Force 73
Jerry Mentzer Revisiting the Dream Inspired by 75
Steve Beam Prime Location cards reveal selection and amount of cut cardsInspired by 77
Steve Beam Bulletproof card is cut to and divinedRelated toVariations 80
Steve Beam Parallelogram different presentation for Bulletproof, with two cardsInspired by 82
Steve Beam Impossible Revelations chapter intro 85
Steve Beam The Birthday Card spectator deals cards for month and day of his birthday then remembers a card, performer reveals selection and birthdayRelated toVariations 86
Lewis Jones Birthday Shuffle birthday and selection are divinedInspired by 88
Steve Beam The Mind-Testing Deck method to calculate position in any number of cards, so card ends up in hand after Down Under Deal, different trick ideas (The Mind Testing Deck, Double-Up, Blanket Test, Boob Job)Inspired by 90
Doug Canning, Steve Beam Clearing the Deck thought card is divined, spectator deals and cuts a blank deck, instructions by performer, with two variations (The Eraser, Synaptic Selection) 94
Marty Kane Symmetrick two suits in order, two cards are spelled, two spectators end up on same value 97
Steve Beam "Do you like card tricks?" he asked. I said no. He did 5" W. Somerset Maugham humorous article, other lines starting as line in title 98
Doug Canning Name It spectator cuts off some card and goes through procedure of spellingInspired by 99
Steve Beam Signature Card to Wallet card in wallet is the same as selection but has no signature, then signature appears on card 102
Steve Beam The Checkout check book, svengali book, as a gag for card to walletAlso published here 104
Steve Beam Singularities chapter intro 107
Steve Beam The Unselected card found at sum, using three diceInspired byRelated to 108
Tony Griffith The Bilton Diary 110
Marc Paul, Andy Stone, Anthony Owen Killer Kombustion one card in envelope, approach to Kenton Knepper's "Kolossal Killer" 113
Steve Beam Mortality card found at number, number indicates how long person will liveRelated to
  • Gaeton Bloom's "Immortal"
Gary Plants Palindrome divination of one of the four Aces 118
Steve Beam Killing Time without Card Tricks humorous article, anagrams of magicians 120
Marty Kane The Christmas Tree Trick based on a pun, spectator selects two threes, rest of the cards are blank 121
Marty Kane Why 2K? with story presentation, Twos and Kings appear as a kickerInspired by 123
Steve Beam Face Up / Face Down Shuffles chapter intro 127
Steve Beam Simply Shuffled in the handsAlso published here 128
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings Goodwin/Jennings Display 128
Paul Swinford Flip Over Underuct Also published here 129
Joel Givens Handy Triumph Display in the hands triumph, false faroInspired by
  • Dr. Sawa's "Tilted Triumph" in "Sawa's Library of Magic"
Jack Avis Reverso seven cards triumph without selection 133
Steve Beam The Fantasy presentation for Slop-Shuffle triumph 135
Steve Beam The Match Game chapter intro 139
Allan Slaight, Steve Beam Stebbin Out spelling color, number, mate always corresponding to the selectionInspired byAlso published here 140
Lewis Jones Matchmaker card is constructed, prediction in form of a playing card is on the tableInspired by
  • Stephen Tucker's "Doubly Impossible"
Marty Kane Card Craps two sets of Ace through Six are shuffled and dealt into pairs, all equal 7 146
Steve Beam Deal Stopper two cards selected from shuffled deck, deck split into two, when dealt down, both cards turn up at the same timeInspired by 148
Stewart James, Steve Beam Applause Card two numbers from one to ten, chosen values lie at reversed chosen numbers, at total is a card with a messageInspired by
  • Stewart James' "Were You Fooled?" in "Stewart James in Print - The First Fifty Years"
Related to
Steve Beam Magic in Hell humorous article 154
Steve Beam Cards of Color chapter intro 157
Lewis Jones The Pattern Principle for remembering red-black-color sequences
- The Pattern Principle
- The Gapped Pattern Principle
Lewis Jones Red Alert One deck is dealt in four hands, colors of one hand can be divined 160
Lewis Jones Red Alert Two deck is cut in halves, performer turns over card of his pile and guesses if color in other pile matches 161
Lewis Jones Red Alert Three performer guesses if colors are red or black 162
Lewis Jones Red Alert Four selection is placed in other half, spectator names colors of cards and lies at selection, performer knows knows exactly when 163
Joe Mogar Missed! two sandwiched selection between to Kings change into other Kings 164
Marty Kane Cardman's Best Friend story presentation, red Jacks selected among Spades cards 165
Steve Beam Topological Effects chapter intro 169
Lee Asher Joking Around card is torn, index is made out of torn piecesVariationsAlso published here 170
Mark Horowitz Joking in Three Dimensions card is torn, index is made out of torn pieces, in the hands versionInspired by 172
Steve Beam Reconstruction with torn cardsInspired byRelated to
  • Nick Trost's "Red or Black - Which?" in "The New Tops" 8/9 1972.
Unknown Optical Monte Move 174
Steve Beam Multiple Locations chapter intro 179
Steve Beam Face Off four cards are selected and found, cut deeper to select all cardsAlso published here 181
Marty Kane The Hallmark multiple spectators locate their own card in a packet, spelling to determine amount of cards for each spectatorInspired byRelated toVariations 183
Steve Beam Semi-Automatic Versus Sleight of Hand humorous article 184
Marty Kane Hallmark Inventory Related to 185
Steve Beam Marilyn, Carolyn, Timothy, & Sue routine and presentation for The HallmarkInspired by 186
Marty Kane Think-King Out Loud Inspired by 188
Gary Plants Going Down multiple people doing down under deals 190
Steve Beam Future Foretold 192
Unknown Turnover Glimpse 193
Steve Beam What to Say When You're Busted humorous article 194
Steve Beam Cheap Suits four cards selected from a spread 195
Steve Beam Hmmm... three cards, three people deal cards from a packet and stop at their wish, with variations (Testosterone Reduction, Key Cult) 197
Steve Beam Demolition partial Si Stebbins 199
Al Smith Three Names in the Counting presentation for Multiplocation, with variation (Food for Thought)Inspired by 201
Steve Beam Bite Me four spectators cut cards and selections are foundRelated to 204
Steve Beam Strike Three mates are foundInspired by 206
Steve Beam Underhand Location using the Underhand Shuffle 208
Steve Beam, Mike Beam Pricing Your Show humorous article 209
Tom Craven, Steve Beam Plugging the Keyhole presentation for Bounce ControlInspired by 210
Steve Beam Six Shooter six selections 211
Steve Beam Five Spot five selectionsVariations 213
Steve Beam Moves chapter intro 217
Steve Beam The Underhand Shuffle - Double Undercut Alternative
- Top-Stock Only
- Cutting the Pack
- Face-Up Option
- Face-Up / Face-Down Option
Steve Beam One Way Budget Cut cards appear to be pushed from hand to handRelated to 221
Steve Beam Forked Fan Force ending between two cards and one is eliminatedRelated to 223
Joel Givens The Dribbler angle jog handlingRelated to 224
Steve Beam King of the Hill Control controlling a card above a partial stack, Alternative Bottom Control 225
Steve Beam Glossary 226
Unknown Double Undercut 227
Steve Beam Setup humorous article 229
Steve Beam Thanksgiven 230