Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Various
72 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Jacob's Ladder "how made"
construction details
Related to 1 2008 1
Karl Fulves An Unsolved Problem Jacob's Ladder toy made from card cases, some cards in each except top one, Royal Flush named, top case tumbles down and contains named Royal Flush
1 2008 2
Karl Fulves Dealflip "following Dealflipdropcut"
further ideas with the mixing process, see following items
Related to 1 2008 3
Karl Fulves Order Restored mixing process with ten cards that restores after four times, dealflipdropcut
1 2008 3
Karl Fulves Dice & Deal mixing process (with die) with eleven cards in 14/15 force stack that restores after two times, dealflipdropcut
1 2008 3
Karl Fulves Virtuality two packets dealt, card chosen and lost with mixing procedure, card located or it travels to case, dealflipdropcut
1 2008 4
Karl Fulves CyberDice dealflipdropcut with deck and the throwing of coins, posed as a problem
1 2008 4
Karl Fulves Retrograde Dice "capturing the past"
three different-colored dice thrown by spectator, numbers added, dice turned according to instructions and numbers added, end sum predicted, number on hidden die divined
2 2008 5
Karl Fulves Numismatica "they've got your number"
after some calculation, one of five force numbers is the outcome
Variations 2 2008 6
Karl Fulves Finger Pointing on the phantom finger stunt in which a flesh ball appears between two forefingers held in front of the eyes, also making it real with rubber finger or cocktail frank
2 2008 8
Bob Ostin Stack 'Em Up stack of dice, top covered, method of easily working out top value on each
Inspired by 3 2009 9
Karl Fulves, Robert E. Neale McKinney's Switch Device "Flexible Switching"
paper model of flexagon switching wallet
Related to 3 2009 10
Karl Fulves Blankety Blank "Color Erase"
card with open cut-outs, put on deck, it becomes blank, then it changes into named Two value
3 2009 12
Karl Fulves Flexagons - Part One longer article, credit information
  • Flexagon History (Early Himber)
  • Terms & Conditions (the parameters)
  • Flexagon Described (the double hinge)
4 2009 13
Karl Fulves Yumpin' Yimminy "insto transpo"
visible transposition of two strips of paper in a type of flexagon wallet
4 2009 19
Karl Fulves X-Ray Card Case accordion/flexagon fold with card case, two cards underneath paper straps/grid, they transpose
4 2009 22
Robin Robertson Numismatrick calculation trick using the Ace through Nine of a suit
Inspired by 5 2010 23
Karl Fulves Pre-Existing Conditions "Order From Disorder"
memorizing a string of suits
  • The System
  • The Classic Code
  • After Eight Kings
  • The Suit System
  • The System in Brief
  • No Memory Required (removing cards in required order)
  • Real Memory
  • The Cipher for Value
Related to 5 2010 24
Karl Fulves Scot's Key ca. twenty cards from shuffled deck removed, spectator exchanges one with Joker and puts unknown card aside, performer deals packet face-down into four piles into suits and names removed cards
5 2010 27
Karl Fulves Flexagons - Part Two intro, credit information on Cherchez La Femme
6 2010 29
Cherchez Again sailor in flexagon, lady picture is hard to find by folding
Inspired by
  • "Cherchez La Femme" (Martin Gardner)
6 2010 30
The Magic Book "Cherchez la Femme", flexagon construction, one part of the paper hard to locate by folding
  • Flexing The Device
Also published here
  • Willane's Wizardry (1947)
6 2010 32
Karl Fulves Marked Cards "Eureka Moments"
on marked decks and using them
7 2010 35
Karl Fulves Mark Up "Uses For Paper"
see also following items
  • Rule One
  • A Little Secret
7 2010 36
Karl Fulves Hands Off Gemini from shuffled deck
Inspired by 7 2010 37
Karl Fulves Mind Scam three digits chosen, deck shuffled and cut into three piles, a chosen value is shown on top or bottom of piles most of the time, proposition bet
7 2010 38
Karl Fulves Fourbidden
Inspired by 7 2010 39
Karl Fulves Ahead Of The Game values and later suits of six randomly chosen cards divined
7 2010 40
Karl Fulves Flexagons - Part Three more credit information
Related to
  • Jacob's Ladder in "Magic" (Albert Hopkins, 1897)
8 2010 41
Martin Gardner 2-Way Flexagon folded square with 2x2 grid, map folding presentation with coincidence
8 2010 42
Karl Fulves The Z-Fold "simple flexing"
handling a z-fold or Himber wallet turnover
8 2010 44
Karl Fulves Zwindle card changes into right card in z-fold wallet, red/blue double backer
8 2010 44
Karl Fulves Z-Switch "one of many"
switching a card with z-fold/himber wallet
8 2010 46
Karl Fulves Z Character handling a z-fold wallet, selection torn in half and one half in wallet, another card torn, two halves vanished, half in wallet matches other half
8 2010 46
Karl Fulves Evolution "fictional history"
on z-fold vs. Himber (flexagon) wallet
8 2010 48
Karl Fulves Casey At The Bat "the real story"
card travels from flexagon type paper folder to case
8 2010 48
Karl Fulves Out Back "simple double hinge"
flexagon type paper folder, card changes in it
8 2010 50
Karl Fulves Z-Flex "z-fold to flexagon"
on z-fold vs. Himber (flexagon) wallet
Related to 8 2010 52
Karl Fulves Flex Escape "Unsolved - magic & flexagons" [1]
strip of paper in flexagon behaves in certain way, "I consider this the fundamental unsolved problem connected to flexagons", posed as a problem
8 2010 54
Karl Fulves Deconstruction "Unsolved - magic & flexagons" [2]
flexagon with loose parts, posed as a problem
8 2010 54
Karl Fulves Pass Thru "Unsolved - magic & flexagons" [3]
passing objects to different sections of a flexagon, posed as a problem
8 2010 54
Joe Berg A Mindreader's Dream four boxes with a coin in each, exchanged according to instructions, performer then reveals contents of each box
Variations 9 2011 55
Mel Bennett Mel Bennett Notes using four coins with different dates on four cards instead
Inspired by 9 2011 56
Karl Fulves Perpetual Notions "Notes on 'Perpetual'"
four cardboard pieces with numbers on both sides are in envelopes, with his back turned the performer orders them in numerical order
  • Tight Circle
  • In Color
  • Picking Numbers
  • Perceptual
  • Using Windows
  • Perpetual Numbers
Inspired by 9 2011 57
Karl Fulves Epic Outcomes "No Force 'Mental Epic'"
methods without force to clean up
  • Reading The Results
  • Mental Epoch
  • Copy Paper
  • Me Thinks
Related to 9 2011 61
Karl Fulves Running The Aces "Notes On A Classic Principle"
running cards singly in the center
  • 27th Position
9 2011 64
Karl Fulves Free Mix position of Joker predicted even though spectator influenced the overhand shuffle, then Aces found, red/black separation retained
9 2011 64
Karl Fulves KF Notes on Berg's "Dream"
  • 1. Check Kiting
  • 2. Horse Sense
  • 3. The Traveler
Inspired by 9 2011 66
Karl Fulves Mel Bennett Issue intro
10 2011 67
Mel Bennett Royacle "A Royal Reunion"
Inspired by 10 2011 67
Mel Bennett Alliance "A Forceful Routine"
number prediction on clock, tie gag
10 2011 69
Mel Bennett The Force Methods number forces
  • 1. using number cards (Magigram, Amazing Trelba)
  • 2. "Newspaper Prediction" (Martin Gardner, Magic, August 2005, also Ibidem?)
  • 3. 4x4 matrix
  • 4. magic square
Related to 10 2011 69
Karl Fulves Devil's Deal performer and spectator each name a card and a number, Gemini Placement by counting to those numbers, corrected handling
Related to 10 2011 71
Mel Bennett The Devil His Due same trick with more free choice
Inspired by 10 2011 72
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