Written by Benjamin Earl

Work of Benjamin Earl

34 pages (E-book), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Benjamin Earl Preface vii
Benjamin Earl Roleplayer (With Aces) spectator makes piles with shuffling and cutting in his own hands and ends up locating the Aces 1
Benjamin Earl Spectator Shuffle Holdout spectator shuffles deck in stages yet set-up is retainedAlso published here 2
Unknown Hands-Off Cross-Cut Force 3
Benjamin Earl Roleplayer (With a Named Four-of-a-Kind) named card located with the matching three-of-a-kind by spectator
1) Full Deck Setup
2) No Setup
Benjamin Earl Displacement Shuffle rearranging top cardsInspired by 11
Benjamin Earl Control comment on controlling a four-of-a-kind 15
Benjamin Earl Natural Culling finesses for spread-culling
- Hand Gesture
- Look Down
- Card Gesture
- Look Up
- The Finger Scrape Subtlety
Benjamin Earl Holding-Out - Palming from the Top
- Palming from the Bottom
Unknown Using the Knee as a Holdout 21
Benjamin Earl Palm-to-Palm Transfer detail 21
Benjamin Earl Using the Box as a Holdout 21
Benjamin Earl A Simple Stock Shuffle lift shuffle 25
Benjamin Earl Any Card Game Control - Small Stock Handling display layout that communicates chaos yet retains stockInspired by 25
Benjamin Earl The Proxy Control spectator shuffles overhand, small stock retained 27
Benjamin Earl Attitude & Context 28
Benjamin Earl Endnotes 31