Written by Eric Stevens
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Eric Stevens Introduction
Eric Stevens Little Peter Pays Triple Three Card Monte routine, all three cards end up being black cards, the red money card is found wrapped in a dollar bill with a business card
Eric Stevens Lazybones Three coins travel from hand to hand, then penetrate through fist
Eric Stevens Happenstance Magician divines chosen card, spectator names exact position of the card, then manages to locate the card amongst a few packets
Eric Stevens Gradual Reuben Slow motion sandwich, sandwich cards gradually move through the deck to sandwich freely thought-of card (Searchers)
Inspired by 29
Eric Stevens Expedition four spectators think of a card each in a spread, the cards vanish and appear in four different pockets
Eric Stevens Rook Assembly Ace Assembly one by one, but the Ace of Clubs is repeated for the audience
Inspired by 39
Eric Stevens Lucid Glimpse Glimpse selection, uses Omni deck
Eric Stevens The Wall Prediction is taped to card box, can predict spectator's freely named choice of color, shape, anything,
Eric Stevens Aqua Pura Oil and Water routine, end with all the cards becoming red, and producing shot glass of liquid from a fan of cards
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