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Wilbur T. Kattner Foreword
Wilbur T. Kattner All Together "two in the hand one in the pocket" with three unshelled peanuts, then washer, nut and bolt
Wilbur T. Kattner Notes on Goobers peanuts as topical items, ideas
Roger Smith Day Dream (The Dream #5) card changes while isolated in tabled spread, spread turned over twice
Related to 27
Roger Smith Escalator #1 Ace to Four, they turn over one by one and back down when the next card turns over
Roger Smith, Keith Best Escalator #2 Ace to Four, they turn over one by one and back down when the next card turns over
Roger Smith Infi-Twist Aces turn face-down one by one, then they change to Ace to Four, then to Kings
Inspired by 31
Roger Smith Tarsat "Tabled Aces Reverse Sympathetic Ace Trick"
Aces revers in deck, when re-spread only three Aces are reversed and one face-down in between, four cards removed, another Ace reverses and reversed Ace turns out to be previous selection of same suit
Variations 32
Roger Smith Son of Tarsat same effect with case involved
Inspired by 33
Roger Smith Plunger from Case
Wilbur T. Kattner, Roger Smith Collected!!! Aces first distribute, then come together to trap three selections
Related to 34
Roger Smith Revolvo Aces tabled Aces production
Bruce Cervon Pivot Revelation
Keith Best Sherlock Coin coin vanishes, it appears near bottom in deck next to selection, then travels up to two other selections one by one
Jim Cozzens, Roger Smith, Wilbur T. Kattner, Van McGee, Gerald Edmunson Scatter Coins four coins in one corner under card, three cards in other corners, they distribute to other cards one by one until one coin is in each corner
Related to 38
Roger Smith Scatter Coins Bonus page actually numbered "B4"
gaffed method with sticky card
Related to 40
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