Written by Philip T. Goldstein, Stephen Minch

Work of Various

140 pages (Hardcover), published by The New York Magic Symposium
Illustrated with drawings by Chris Kenner.
Language: English, Japanese

(47 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Eugene Burger Introduction 10
Daryl Martinez The Multi-Colored Pen starting with "pen writes any color"-gag, out to lunch principle 15
Daryl Martinez Risen from the Ashes three peeked-at cards vanish and reappear face up 18
Dai Vernon Triple Peek Control 19
Daryl Martinez Glimpse of Bottom card of Face Up Deck 20
Unknown Left Handed Glimpse of Bottom card of Face Up Deck 22
Hiroshi Sawa Crash Dice die is placed between two plastic cards and crashed flat 24
Richard Kaufman Transparent Lies in effect a large hole in card case disappears with divination presentation 27
Unknown Self-Cutting Deck 29
Slydini Slydini Switch II using card cases 30
Michael Ammar Haley's Comet ball appears in flash and disappears (in topit), lighter disappears 33
Bob Fitch, Michael Ammar Bouncing Ball Vanish Variation topit 35
Michael Ammar Lighter Vanish topit 36
Tommy Wonder, Bob Stencel Deja ReVurse first selection reverses itself again and again, is torn and changes to second selectionInspired byRelated toAlso published here 37
Tommy Wonder The Wondereverse reversed card in deck is apparently turned over but stays reversedRelated to 38
Tommy Wonder Turnover of whole Deck as deck is put from hand to hand 41
Gaëtan Bloom The Bloom vs. Kulagina Match all matches jump out of box, invisible thread 46
Scott Cervine Strife in Eden scarf appears and cane splits in two, opening sequence 50
Jay Sankey Canned Applause applause is collected in can and can be heard, little hands come out of can 53
Jay Sankey Once is Never Enough two jokers paper clipped face to face transpose with 2 signed selections 56
Francis Carlyle, Will Goldston Paddle Move 58
Philip T. Goldstein PSI-Con Ruse double ended cards are placed in book (instead of apparatus)Also published here 63
David Roth Gone but Not Forgotten one of two coins "vanishes" and small dime appears instead 68
Ben Harris Spending Spree multi phase sequence with borrowed credit card in deck that finds two chosen selections 70
Jeff McBride Subsequent Smoker producing cigarette out of empty crumpled cigarette caseVariations 76
Jonathan Pendragon Beauty Enfolded assistent appears on platform under cape of magician 78
Tooru Suzuki Diagonal Slide hole is slid across white paper card 82
Shigeo Futagawa Four-Tell On Dice number forced with special colored dice 84
Shigeo Futagawa Upon Reflection off-beat word prediction using cards with words on them and mirror 85
Shigeo Futagawa 3-D Reflection surprising revelation of three-dimensional dice stuck to prediction cards 86
Isao Komine Kirigami Rings paper is folded and cut in special way, out come two linked paper rings 89
Masao Atsukawa Fair Exchange two jigsaw puzzles fit face down but not face up 90
Yoshihiko Mutobe Triple Knockout Spellbound using original sleights and concealements 92
Yoshihiko Mutobe Open Display hiding one coin while displaying another coin 92
Yoshihiko Mutobe The Mutobe Palm alternative to classic palm 96
Yoshihiko Mutobe The Mutobe Vanish featuring Mutobe Palm 97
Shigeo Takagi Takagi Thumb-Tie 99
Ray Kosby The Sidewinder Pretzel straight bar-pretzel is pushed into fist and comes out at impossible angles, finally transforms into knotted standard pretzel 108
Larry Jennings Orient Express Chinatown Transposition handling, shell, possible with spectator's hand 113
Deane Stern Pendu ring is tossed onto cord 118
Gary Lee Williams Friends & Lovers un-morbid living and dead test with lovers-presentation 121
David Gripenwaldt Spellbound Ring Change ring on string visibly tranforms in different ring 127
Paul Cummins Short Sheeted short changing routine, palming bills in gambler's cop 131
Pat Hazell Down the Falls, Up the Back popular sight gag in which cards are sprung behind back from hand to hand 134
Roger Klause Delayed Reaction coin is tossed to other hand but is seen a little later, sight gag using muscle passVariations 136
Arthur H. Buckley Muscle Pass brief 137
Rick Anderson Ambitions in Bondage ungaffedInspired by 138