Written by Jeff Siegfried, David Solomon
Work of David Solomon
28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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David Solomon Blank Thought blank card appears in sandwich which then becomes selection
Also published here 1
David Solomon "Hello Sailors" marriage effect, chosen pair though are two Jacks
Inspired by
  • "Family Reunion" (Aldo Colombini, Impromptu Card Magic DVD)
David Solomon Just One Mo' Sandwich sandwich cards near ends, they come together to trap selection
David Solomon Just Friends four Kings cut in four packets, the Kings suddenly are in the hand of the performer, Queens found at bottom of packets
Also published here 9
Steve Draun Draun's Cut single card cut from top to bottom as regular cut
David Solomon Marlo/Gardner/Britland Poker Deal
  • Phase One: Dealing Four of a Kind from Different Parts of the Deck
  • Phase Two: The Double Duke
  • Phase Three: The Britland Switch of Hands
Inspired byAlso published here 12
David Solomon Revised Mexican Poker
Also published here 15
Tomas Blomberg The Blomberg Variation
Also published here 16
David Solomon Royal Mayo three royal flush card appear between jokers, the transform into the missing two cards to complete the royal flush
Also published here 18
David Solomon SolMar Ace Assembly Updated
Also published here 20
David Solomon Remembering Schulien's
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