Written by Ed Brown
Work of Harry Riser
272 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
64 entries
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John Braun Foreword
Charlie Miller Foreword
Johnny Thompson Foreword
Ed Brown Introduction
Harry Riser Gambler's Top Cop into right-hand gambler's palm from top of deck
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MUM, Nov. 1986
Harry Riser Comments on Erdnase
Also published here
  • MUM, April 1987
Harry Riser The Walnuts Trick walnuts travel one by one from hand to under can-covered glass
Inspired by 19
Bartolomeo Bosco Bosco Palm low finger palm
Harry Riser French Drop Handling
Inspired by
  • Secrets of Conjuring and Magic, Robert-Houdin, p. 51
Harry Riser The Instant Speller spelling to a selection from shuffled deck
Harry Riser Fan Replacement Glimpse selection pushed in fan and fan closed
Harry Riser The Distraction Factor blank-faced card with Ace of Clubs printed on the back design pushed in deck, card next to it signed by spectator, eventually the blank face is now the signed face
Harry Riser Greek Break & Overhand Shuffle for clean display and table-tapping, then going into overhand shuffle, see also p. 86
Related to 38
Harry Riser Two Coin Interlude Plus copper and silver coin appear, vanish and travel around
Inspired by 43
Harry Riser On the Low Finger Palm
Harry Riser One-Handed Rear Thumb Palm Vanish
Harry Riser Erdnase Aces tabled one-at-a-time Ace production, using riffle shuffle work from Erdnase
Inspired byVariations 52
Harry Riser Quick Erdnase Aces quicker version
Inspired by 59
Harry Riser Semiautomatic Gambler four-phase routine with small set-up that is dealt repeatedly
Inspired byVariations 62
Harry Riser The Jumping Bean Coins four coins, plus shell
Inspired by 67
Shell Unload
Related to 70
Harry Riser The Practice Deck Royal Flush production climax
Francis Carlyle Paddle Move with Cards
Small Packet Rightening bottom card moved around and reversed to top in turnover-pass type action
Harry Riser The Poker Lesson twelve-card set-up
  • The First Lesson: overhand stack
  • The Second Lesson: talking about holding out, several good hands dealt
  • The Third Lesson: Royal flush controlled to top
Related to 86
Harry Riser Harry's Cups and Balls three cups
Harry Riser Ball under Cup Move ball apparently placed under cup
Harry Riser Flushed Aces one of the Aces turns over, then a Ten in the deck turns over and other Aces transform to complete a Royal Flush
Harry Riser, Karl Fulves Five-Cent Switch Variation
Inspired by 106
Harry Riser The Legendary Five-Ace Poker Hand poker demonstration presentation for Assembly, three double facers
Harry Riser, Dai Vernon Deep Glide with small packet
Inspired by 115
Harry Riser Royal Flush Assembly Royal Flush instead of the Aces used for Assembly, four double facers
Harry Riser The Cap and Quarters
Harry Riser Marked Cards and Dealer's School chapter intro
Harry Riser Harry's Marking System for Bicycle rider backs, blockout work
Harry Riser Reading the Cards ploy to study the back
Harry Riser Nail Writer Prediction routine for a direct prediction
Harry Riser Dealer's School
  • Phase One (red black separation by feel)
  • Phase Two (shuffle control demo)
  • Phase Three (dealing some hands, performer ends up with Aces)
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's Table Pass
Harry Riser Devilish Miracle Revisited
Harry Riser Ball, Cone, and Box Routine with credit information
Related to 154
Harry Riser Basic Ball & Cone Sleight
Harry Riser Double Coincidence two prediction cards put face-up in the deck by spectators, next to their mates
Inspired by
  • "Triple Coincidence - Stewart Judah Version" (Linking Ring, July 1974)
Harry Riser Five Card Monte card vanishes from packet and reappears in deck, two phases, double facer
Inspired by 168
Harry Riser Copper, Silver, Gold Coin Box Routine three coins, transpo, they travel from pocket to box, then more coins are produced from box
Inspired by 172
Harry Riser Bobo Switch Variation as coin is dumped in coin box
Harry Riser Crossed Hands Vanish Coin Box Routine silver coin in one hand, copper in the other, both vanish and are found in coin box
Also published here
  • MUM, May 1989
Harry Riser Crossed-Hands Vanish using rear thumb clip
Harry Riser Three Card Metamorphosis three cards shown all alike, then three different backs, then normal again
Harry Riser Quick Three-Way Display
Harry Riser Wild Homing Card four Jokers change into duplicates of selection, then back, selection travels back repeatedly after being discarded
Small Packet Half Pass
Harry Riser Double Put-Down Variation
Related to 200
Harry Riser The Purse Swindle coin in purse changes, transposes and more
Harry Riser Partial Retention Pass one of three coins, dated to 1950s
Related to 206
Harry Riser Purse Jam two copper coins in purse transpose with two silver coin outside, then all change to copper
Inspired by 211
Harry Riser Cheating the Cheater backs of packet change multiple times
Inspired by 217
Larry Jennings Five-as-Five False Count credit information
Related toAlso published here
  • "Lecture Notes On Card And Coin Handling" (Larry Jennings, 1967)
Harry Riser Hofzinser Hole Card Transposition transposition with cheating patter
Also published here 226
Harry Riser The Close-Up Miser a coin vanish is announced, instead the coin multiplies several times
Harry Riser Hornswoggled Revisited with gaffed bill
Inspired byVariations 233
Harry Riser A Two Billet Test cards thought-of and written on billets
Inspired by 238
Harry Riser The Golf Lesson one golf ball multiplies to five, no shell
Harry Riser The Close-Up Billiard Ball Routine with shell
Also published here
  • MUM, Jan. 1988
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