Written by Walt Lees

Work of Walt Lees

37 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Walt Lees Foreword 1
Walt Lees Matchochism Aces lost, then cut to again, last one is King, rest changes to King and Aces are on bottom of four tabled pilesRelated to 2
Unknown Down-Jog Cull with strip-out 3
Walt Lees Note on Culling 4
Walt Lees Bluff Spacing Multiple Shift into fanInspired by 5
Walt Lees Tabled Slip Cut detailed discussion 7
Walt Lees Management of the Double Lift get-ready (removing top card first and looking at it), psychology of gaze 8
Unknown Swivel Cut 9
Henry Christ Henry Christ Spread Switch 10
Unknown Glide 11
Walt Lees Another Departure 14
Walt Lees ATFUS Variation switching one of two cards 15
Unknown Drop Switch 17
Unknown Two-as-Three Count showing sandwich, only two cards 19
Alex Elmsley Prayer Vanish card vanishes from sandwich 19
Walt Lees Hofzinser/Jennings with two selections, one of which ends up in the pocketInspired by 21
Walt Lees Automatic Jog Control Handling Inspired by 22
Walt Lees Overhand Shuffle Glimpse with comments on glimpsing 23
Dai Vernon Packet Switch packet counted through outjogged on pack, break under top card 24
Unknown Center Half Pass packet from center to bottom, creeping reverse 28
Walt Lees Crazy, Mixed-Up Poker with two dealsInspired by 30
Walt Lees A Shank Shuffle Technique 33