Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Peter Duffie
60 pages (Hardcover), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by Martin Perry
Language: English
26 entries
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Peter Duffie Introduction
Peter Duffie Centre Forward out-jogged double, top card of this double is dealt at chosen number
Related toVariations 9
Peter Duffie Jointly Does It odd-backed card signed on back by performer, another card signed on face by spectator, odd-backed then has this face
Inspired by 11
Peter Duffie The Auld Curse outjogged card changes into face-up selection
Inspired by 14
Peter Duffie I Give Up! two hands, performer always has four Jacks, Aces as climax, second deals instead of bottom deals
Inspired by 15
Peter Duffie Boxed-In sandwiched and cased card transposes with reversed card in deck
Variations 17
Peter Duffie Mind Games Aces change to Kings between two Jokers one by one, then back to Aces, Kings at different places
Inspired by 20
Peter Duffie Pocket Ruse producing two cards from different pockets with one palm
Also published here 23
Peter Duffie An Odin Sequel
Inspired by 24
Peter Duffie Women Queens produced, black Queens lost in deck, red Queens change to black and red ones are in deck sandwiching a previous selection
Inspired by 27
Edward Marlo One-Handed Slip Cut from dealing position onto table
Peter Duffie Palmed Addition Utility Sleight "PAUS", apparently deck is turned over, but in reality a palmed card is added on top
Related toVariationsAlso published here 30
Peter Duffie A Turn-Up For The Book using PAUS
Peter Duffie, Stewart James Nullifactor Variation deck moved to table and spread, deck turned over under top card
Peter Duffie A Curious Incident three selections made, four Aces, suit that matches the selections turn over and back one by one, three Aces change to selections, using PAUS
Peter Duffie Collusion three cards selected, Aces used, Ace with selected suit turns over, all have selected King of Hearts, other Aces change into three Kings of Hearts, then Aces are the four Kings, using PAUS
Variations 38
Peter Duffie Rising Crime elevator sequence Ace through Four of Diamonds with robber patter, Kings appear as finale
Inspired by 40
Peter Duffie Audience Participation using tabled Pick-Up double lift
Peter Duffie Fireside Aces Ace production with the Jokers
Inspired by 45
Henry Christ Christ Force
Peter Duffie The Scottish Assembly spectator chooses leader
Inspired byVariations 47
Peter Duffie Once Again
Inspired byRelated to 50
Peter Duffie Duffie On Keyboards piano trick
Inspired byRelated to 53
Peter Duffie A Change In Mood Aces transpose with two other cards, pair of pseudo duplicates
Inspired by 54
Peter Duffie Glasnost wrong card changes into selection, then cards of same value produced
Inspired by 56
Peter Duffie Guardian Angels selection travels from red Kings to black Kings
Inspired by 58
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