Written by Peter Duffie

Work of Peter Duffie

30 pages (Spiralbound), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland.
Language: English

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Peter Duffie Author's Introduction
Peter Duffie Ghost Hunters Ace through Four of Diamonds appear one by one and their values are spelled to to find random cards, those cards are shown as four blanks and then change into the Ace through Four themselvesInspired by
  • "Chiefly Yourselves" (Roy Walton, Linking Ring Parade)
Peter Duffie Collectors Item one double facer 2
Peter Duffie The Journey spectator counts one packet himselfInspired by
  • Tom Sellers routine with double backers
Related to
Unknown Leaper Count spectator counts himself, cards start reversed 4
Peter Duffie Copper, Silver, Card! copper and silver transposition involving a playing card, extra coin 5
Peter Duffie, Edward Marlo The "Tip In" Coin Vanish coin scooped up with card and apparently slid into other handRelated to
  • "Instant Coin Assembly" (Ed Marlo, New Tops)
Peter Duffie Deja Vu homing card with Jokers and a red Ace, packet changes into Royal Flush as finale 7
Peter Duffie Flushtration Count from the Top and Bottom 7
Peter Duffie Signus X II no duplicate of selection, but two JokersVariations 9
Peter Duffie Mission Successful Inspired byVariations 11
Peter Duffie Coins Across four coins, no extra 12
Peter Duffie Theatre of the Absurd "Overture" variationInspired by
  • "Oversight" (Phil Goldstein, Genii, March 1981)
Peter Duffie Tete a Tete Kings produced, change into AcesRelated to 14
Peter Duffie Strip-Out Addition with Packet 14
Peter Duffie Business for the Top Change spectator apparently saw a switch 16
Peter Duffie Collins Upturned Aces change to Kings in packet instead of vanishing, Drunken Poker Deal finale 17
Peter Duffie Fred 23 bold number force, card named, number written on back of named selectionRelated to 19
Peter Duffie The Jipsum Box spectator puts four coins in box, they penetrate box and hand, repeat, then box penetrates hand leaving coins behind, Bobby Bernard Coin Box 21
Peter Duffie Coin in Pack Routine coin vanishes and reappears in deck next to selection, in repeat it fails and card is in wallet 23
Peter Duffie The Outer Limits 24
Dai Vernon Scallop Short 24
Peter Duffie Folded Card and Coin Trick coin put in hand, suddenly it is found in the deck and in the hand is the folded selection instead 26
Peter Duffie Double Fantasy two cards travel into two different pockets, one palm only, pocket ruseVariationsAlso published here 27
Peter Duffie The Extractors tow Jokers placed in in the two side pockets, two cards travel into two pockets to the Jokers, pocket ruse 28
Peter Duffie Under Cover two Joker put under two cardboard covers, two selections travel to join them one under each cover, pocket ruse without pockets but cards under covers 29