Written by Peter Duffie

Work of Peter Duffie

16 pages (Spiralbound), published by A "Magic Wand" Publication
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Peter Duffie Centrifugal Diary spectator cuts off pile and counts court cards for month and either red or black number cards for day, forcing a day with a stack, word in calendar predicted 2
Peter Duffie The Chosen Few a card created with a cut off pile by chosen a card for suit and counting for value, another spectator cuts to it 3
Ed Balducci Cut-Deeper Force 3
Peter Duffie Alien Encounter card chosen, Ace of Spades from an odd-colored deck put in, it becomes selectionInspired by
  • "Stranger of Another Color" (Norman Houghton, Ibidem #5)
Peter Duffie Joint Effort card found at two added chosen numbers 5
Peter Duffie Free Will eight cards, spectator chooses four, performer is left with AcesInspired byAlso published here 6
Peter Duffie Predict deck cut, nine cards counted off, some added, total predicted 7
Peter Duffie A Novel Card Trick card selected, three cards chosen to form a page number, in the book/novel the selection is found at that page 8
Peter Duffie Phone Zone No. 1 card location over phoneVariations 9
Peter Duffie Phone Zone No. 2 card location over phoneInspired by
  • "Nine Card Problem" (Jim Steinmeyer, MAGIC, May 1993)
Peter Duffie Multiplex Perplexed four cards selected, two black Jacks end up in deck with two selections around each 11
Peter Duffie The Faranormal spectator places some cards between two Kings, sandwich faro-shuffled, two cards produced that total the number of cards between the Kings now 12
Peter Duffie Bilocation two cards found by using the value and spelling the name of the performer's lucky card (Seven of Diamonds)Also published here 13
Peter Duffie A Sharp Mind Ace of Spades ends up between two selections, using Cut Deeper Force 14
Peter Duffie The Speckled Humbug spectator selects red card, but performer goes on to find it among ten black cards, suckerInspired byAlso published here
  • Abacus magazine
Peter Duffie Whysolation packet of about twenty cards, spectator and performer each remove a card, they turn out to be the only black cardsInspired by 16