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Peter Duffie Backlog card freely chosen face-up, value and suit spelled to separately and the two cards removed and added, that number is written at the back of the selection
Related to 2
Peter Duffie The Detective card chosen in twelve-card packet with dealing procedure, located by spelling a name
Peter Duffie Millennium Count Down some dealing and cutting with packets, selection located with value of top card of a packet
Peter Duffie In the Nick of Time two signed cards sealed in envelope, one burned, it is found with the other card in the other envelope with burnt back
Peter Duffie Found by Coincidence spectator uses some cards of sixteen-card packet to find his selection with down-under deal, then reverse faros until down to one brings mate of the top card of another packet
Inspired by 6
Peter Duffie Cloning sixteen-card packet, two mates found
Peter Duffie Colorosity two cards selected from packet, packet dealt into two piles and each has one odd-colored card, the selections
Variations 8
Peter Duffie Colorosity Plus! two odd-colored cards are eventually in two piles, the add up to a number prediction (7/8 force stack)
Roy Walton Roy Walton Presentation after two cards are selected from a packet, performer separates the colors and gets two wrong - the selections
Inspired by 9
Peter Duffie Colour Magnet six-card packet, spectator finds five black cards, a red Queen remains
Peter Duffie Springheel Jack Ace through Five on table, a Jack is placed in the pocket, it transposes with one of the five cards on the table
Peter Duffie Hand Picked five poker hands dealt, a card chosen, all gathered, two cards produced and their value used to count to selection
Inspired by
  • Tom Sellers item
Peter Duffie Without a Dare in the World two halves on table, spectator drops envelope on one, card inside matches card on top of other pile
Inspired by
  • "Out of this Wallet" (Arthur Carter, Magic Circle Magic)
Peter Duffie A Stebbish Location two cards chosen with two dice, performer produces one and names the other, variation of Si Stebbins stack
Peter Duffie Elvis has Left the Building named King sandwiched in black Aces and put in case, sandwich reproduced from deck, three Kings found in case
Related to 14
Reinhard Müller Three-Card Catch
Peter Duffie Easy-Going Diary combined with name on back of cards
Variations 15
Peter Duffie Jacks Will Travel four Jacks put in tabled half, they travel one by one into other half except fourth one which is found next to selection
Peter Duffie Looking Upwards King vanishes from top of deck and appears next to selection
Peter Duffie Matching Gilbreath after one riffle shuffle, pairs are turned up and shown with one card of each color, pairs tabled, later shown to be red-red and black-black pairs
Peter Duffie Spell-Finder Aces spelled to after spectator cuts them into deck
Inspired by
  • "Immediate Ace Spell" (George McBride, The Crimp)
Peter Duffie Circular Tour circle layout, card chosen, predicted
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