Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Various
126 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Ton Onosaka
Language: English
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Richard Kaufman What is Five Times Five?
Peter Duffie Introduction
Gordon Bruce Two Triumphs
  • First Version
  • Second Version
Inspired by 11
Peter Duffie Facing the Bottom Card Handling during overhand shuffle
Inspired by 14
Gordon Bruce The Gordon Bruce False Shuffle two runs with block in the middle
Related toVariations 16
Gordon Bruce The Tell Tale Kings two chosen cards sandwiched between red and black Kings, performer names both cards and they transpose, whispering plot
Inspired by 18
Dave Campbell Fusion selection signed on face, odd-backed card signed on back by performer suddenly has the spectator's signed face
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 20
Dave Campbell Dotty Spots two blank-faced cards with red spots on them transpose with two cards with blue spots, repeated with spectator's signature, three phases (trick with same name in Campbell Legacy is different)
Inspired byAlso published here 23
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Wild Card Switch
Dave Campbell B.I.N.G.O. five bingo cards shown on both sides, one side transforms in letter cards that spell "BINGO"
Inspired byAlso published here 27
Dave Campbell, Larry Jennings Bottom Palm to Right Hand also for multiple cards
Shigeo Takagi Turn-Over Count
Walter "Sonny" Day Coins In The Glass four coins through the table into glass one by one, extra coin stuck to hand
Delayed Action Sleeving from fingertip rest
Walter "Sonny" Day Chink A Chink! clean look
Walter "Sonny" Day Comb Holdout comb under watch band for hold-out
Walter "Sonny" Day Coins Round The Room four coins one by one from hand to glass in other hand, extra coin
Dr. E. M. Roberts, Walter "Sonny" Day Flick Sleeving Handling variation in fingering
Inspired by 41
Peter Duffie The Arrow Deck arrows in four directions drawn on every card, cards sorted according to arrows, suits are separated except for named four-of-a-kind
Peter Duffie Orientation Change with spin cut sequence
Peter Duffie Delirium six blank cards are printed
Inspired by
  • "Blackjack" (Peter Duffie, marketed trick)
Gordon Bruce Stroke Change double stroked à la Hofzinser top change, top card unloaded
Edward Marlo Face-Up Startler two cards face-to-face change
Peter Duffie Intuitive cards with colored spots and numbers, some selected, a prediction is matched
Related to 54
Steven Hamilton A Welcome Return Nine of Hearts selected, Aces trap three Threes, those Threes then a Five and Four of Hearts, and between those appears the selection, diminishing collectors
VariationsAlso published here 57
Steven Hamilton Reverse Plunger Addition outjogged cards removed, cards in between secretly kept
Steven Hamilton S.T.A.F.F. deck shuffled by spectator, Aces immediately spelled out
Inspired by
  • "Immediate Ace Spell" (George McBride, The Crimp No. 15)
Also published here
Steven Hamilton Mixing With Royalty one packet changes into Queens
Inspired byAlso published here 63
Steven Hamilton Dupli-Temps Switch two packets are apparently exchanged
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 64
George McBride Repulsion two selection rise to the top one by one and are placed among Queens where they vanish, they reappear in pocket
Inspired by 67
Frederick Braue Braue Addition Sequence
George McBride Pocket Tweezers two selections are chosen by using the red Aces as tweezers and pocketed, they transpose with the two red Aces
Inspired by 70
Cy Endfield Tweezer Double Lift
George McBride Reversal Of Fortunes
Inspired by 73
Coin Steal as card is snapped on tabled coin
Ross Bertram Betram Snap Over
George McBride Spider Grip Vanish Variation
Derek Dingle, Al Schneider Dingle/Schneider Pick-up Move
Dave Robertson Spectator Makes Good wrong card found, spectator cuts deck in three piles, same value than selection is on top and wrong card changes into selection
Inspired by
  • Ed Marlo version for Cutting the Aces
Dave Robertson Totally Gone two cards signed and lost, one travels to wallet, second does not but is the only card without "GONE" written on its back
Inspired byVariations 83
Dai Vernon Depth Illusion
Dave Robertson The Pin Thing safety pin links to endless chain
Inspired by
  • different method by Franz Biemans
Gavin Ross Straight Through The Heart indicator card chosen and number up to twelve thought-of, suit of indicator and number as value used to arrive at a card, indicator card spelled to and the card is found
Inspired by 89
Gavin Ross Auto-Plunge Aces four Aces produced by mating a selection and push-through plunger
  • Phase One: "Simple Minds"
  • Phase Two: "The Auto-Plunger"
Also published here
  • booklet "Auto Plunger" (Gavin Ross, 1994)
Gavin Ross The Information Pack half deck is pushed through other half (incomplete faro) and turns over, full suit visible with selection missing, with variation by Peter Duffie
Inspired by 94
Dai Vernon Bottom Deal Spread Force like Bottom Deal Exchange
R. Paul Wilson Two Coins And A Card card on table, two coins produced from invisible sky hook, they vanish and are found under card
Inspired by
  • "Three Coins in the Hat" (John Ramsay, The Ramsay Legend, 1969)
R. Paul Wilson Card On Case In Case card balanced on card case changes into another selection and is found inside case
Inspired by 105
Dai Vernon Top Change Handling accidentally bumping over card case
Edward Marlo Card to Case Technique
R. Paul Wilson A Trick With A Little Piece Of Cork with three instead of four coins
Roy Walton Whispering Henry two cards selected, performer names one of them, it turns over, second selection named and found, Henry Christ Force application
Variations 118
Roy Walton Pass Out deck faced, Aces appear when deck is turned over one by one, Aces vanish and are later found reversed in the middle
Related to 121
Roy Walton Single Card Turnover Pass with only one card
Roy Walton Ghostly Spells sixteen-card packet mated via spelling famous magicians
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