Written by Roy Walton

Work of Roy Walton

54 pages (Stapled), published by L. Davenport & Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Roy Walton.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Roy Walton Introduction 7
Roy Walton Helpmates two selections turn over with the help of two random cards which also turn over 9
Roy Walton Smokescreen selection made, twisting routine with kings, then kings are placed in case and selection appears in between 11
Roy Walton Jordan Count brief 13
Roy Walton, Fred Robinson Cover Pass - Technique for Cover Pass 14
Roy Walton Going Bye Bye reversed card on top transposes with reversed card in centerVariations 15
Roy Walton Still Collecting card sandwiched between Aces 16
Roy Walton Revelation card is center of the deck is reversed and transforms into selection 18
Roy Walton 1929 Aces Aces turn face up in the center of the deck, one by one 19
Roy Walton Wrong Again Follow the Leader with the four suits, four piles 20
Roy Walton Travellers in Time red and black cards are separated, each half mixed face-up into face-down and top card placed into center, time machine plot, cards again on top, all cards face-down and mixedVariations 22
Roy Walton Demi Demon mates are foundVariations 24
Roy Walton Jefferson's Jest card vanishes from plastic envelopeInspired byVariations 27
Roy Walton The Finishing Touch Aces face-up with face-down deck, then they turn to Queens as climax 31
Roy Walton Twice Two prediction vanishes from between two Queen, then appears between the Queens of opposite color, two handlingsRelated to 33
Roy Walton Another Fine Mess court cards rearrange themselves, royal assembly meets follow the leader 37
Roy Walton Parrott Fashion triumph, red Queens face-up with selection in the middle 38
Roy Walton Unaccustomed As We Are 39
Roy Walton Tit For Tat Inspired by
  • Martin Gardner's "All the Nonconformists" in "Ibidem"
  • 123 (Dai Vernon, 1947)
Roy Walton Below Zero visual small packet elevatorInspired by
  • Bob Ostin's "Submarine Card"
Roy Walton Norvelle thought of card travels from small packet to small packet, with a joker 47
Roy Walton Whistle and I'll Come sliding production, one by oneInspired byVariations 51