Written by Roger Crosthwaite
Work of Roger Crosthwaite
198 pages (Hardcover), published by The Cairn Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Roger Crosthwaite Acknowledgements
Justin Higham Orientation
Roger Crosthwaite Hoy Book Test Handling page miscalling
David Berglas Foreword
Roger Crosthwaite Introduction
Justin Higham True Magic Via Objectivity (revised)
Also published here 15
Elizabeth Warlock From Witchcraft to Warlock: A Remembrance of Peter Warlock
Roger Crosthwaite The Evolution of Think-a-Card "A lecture given by Fr Roger Crosthwaite at The Magic Circle Collectors' Day, 25 May 1996"
credit and historical information
  • 1. Scot's "Discoverie"
  • 2. Goldston's Quarterly
  • 3. The Berglas Effect
Roger Crosthwaite Perception
Roger Crosthwaite On Victor Farelli
Roger Crosthwaite To Pause or Not To Pause
Roger Crosthwaite Un, Deux, Trois from invisible grains of salt, cased, from lap
Inspired by 43
Roger Crosthwaite Mindshaker One OOSOOM handling, card thought-of as cards are riffled in peek position
Inspired byRelated to 49
Roger Crosthwaite Mindshaker Two peeked card is named
Roger Crosthwaite Mindshaker Three peeked at card found
Roger Crosthwaite Peek Steal Control in LTP and then to top
Roger Crosthwaite Think-as-I-Think chapter intro
Roger Crosthwaite Look-as-I-Look spectator and performer each think of a card in two decks, deck exchanged and cards removed, they match
Inspired by 65
Justin Higham Force-as-I-Force spectator and performer each think of a card in two decks, deck exchanged and cards removed, they match
Roger Crosthwaite The Upjog Switch upjogged card squared and thumbed off onto table, also for multiple-out tricks
Inspired byVariations 69
Roger Crosthwaite Focused Television card thought of, spectator removes five cards one of which must be selection, it is found
Inspired byRelated to 75
Bubble Glimpse
Roger Crosthwaite Multiple Procedures getting spectator to think of one cards of a few
  • 1. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (full stack, spectator shuffled briefly)
  • 2. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (small stack)
  • 3. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (no stack)
Related to 78
Roger Crosthwaite Alternative Versions getting spectator to think of one cards of a few
  • 1. Spectator Shuffles
  • 2. Spectator Speaks
  • 3. Spectator Imagines
  • 4. Spectator Plays (1, incorporating wallet)
  • 5. Spectator Plays (2)
Related to 80
Justin Higham Corrected Prediction card peeked at, it matches a prediction in wallet
  • Method One (prediction same color)
  • Method Two (prediction odd-backed)
  • Method Three (deck changes back color as climax)
Inspired byRelated to 87
Roger Crosthwaite, Justin Higham Independent Prediction odd-backed prediction card in breast pocket, matches peeked-at card
  • Method One (Crosthwaite)
  • Method Two (Higham)
Inspired by 90
Roger Crosthwaite Breast Pocket Switch as it is removed
Related to 90
Roger Crosthwaite DOT Revised card put in breast pocket, card thought of, it is shown to be the one
Inspired by
  • Domination of Thought (Hofzinser)
Justin Higham Square-Rigged Ace through Queen mixed and dealt in 3x3 square formation by spectator, center cards added and used to count to selection, credit information
Inspired by
  • "Exit" (Stephen Tucker, Abra #2164, July 18th 1987)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Precursor #23, May 1989
Justin Higham Tri-Rigged altered layout
Inspired by 100
Oswald Rae Mr. Rae Meets Mr. Leipzig
Also published here
  • The Demon Telegraph, Sept. 1947, p. 12
Mickey MacDougall Mississippi Heart Hand puzzle with trump hand, see p. 113 for solution
Roger Crosthwaite The Cheat named four-of-a-kind produced and stacked, then face-up center deal, Aces for performer
Wrist Turn False Cut straight cut from hand to table
Roger Crosthwaite One Shuffle Riffle Stack
Roger Crosthwaite Thirds and More intro
Roger Crosthwaite The Unit Control Deal
Inspired by 116
Roger Crosthwaite The Center Control Deal together or different positions
Inspired by 119
Roger Crosthwaite The Bottom Control Deal
Inspired by 120
Roger Crosthwaite Poker Deal Assembly four poker hands with an Ace in each hand, hands lost in deck, Aces found on top, bottom or center as chosen by spectator
Inspired by
  • Michael Vincent's handling of "The Cream Always Rises"
Related to
Justin Higham More on the Dribble Shift corrected description
Related to 131
Justin Higham Dribble Shift and Palm with one-handed palm after shift with part of deck
Roger Crosthwaite Further Finesse
Roger Crosthwaite The Two-Handed Pivot-Jog Glimpse step glimpse handling, credit information
Roger Crosthwaite The One-Handed Pivot-Jog Glimpse step glimpse handling
Roger Crosthwaite The Second Fingertip Crimp top card slightly pushed off and crimped
Inspired by
  • "Fingertip Crimp Control" (Matthew Bogle, Abra #472, 1955)
Roger Crosthwaite The Delayed Bottom Palm usual delay with angle jog in right hand end grip
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Peek Steal directly into LTP
Roger Crosthwaite Profound Magician - An introduction to NLP
Edward Marlo Red and Blue performer and spectator each shuffle a deck, they shuffle the same deck to the top
Also published here
  • "Red and Blue" (Ed Marlo, Linking Ring Vol. 39 No. 7, Sept. 1959)
Justin Higham Revised Red and Blue performer and spectator each shuffle a deck, they shuffle the same deck to the top
Justin Higham Pre-Subtlety vs. Post-Subtlety
Roger Crosthwaite Monaco's Queens Queens lost in four packets that are combined, found again with help of Joker à la Christ Aces, Kings show up as well, using Erdnase's patter for "Exclusive Coterie" with long justification
Inspired by
  • "Ricardo's Aces" (Ricardo's Card Artifice, 1979)
Related to
  • "Roger's Aces" (Linking Ring, July 1994)
Michael Vincent A Machiavellian Masterpiece
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
Ribbon-Spread Hide-Out
Wesley James The Original Twist Pass all-around square-up action, for Geoffrey Latta claim see review reference in Genii
Related toAlso published here 185
Wesley James On Ethics and Theft longer essay
Also published here 185
Roger Crosthwaite Afterword on Michael Skinner
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