Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

182 pages (Hardcover), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Bartram, Jr..
Language: English

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Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Tom Craven Unclosed Prediction Inspired by 5
Woody Landers Triple Acrobatics three cards turn over in deck one by one, last one first wrong than changes into right oneAlso published here
  • "The 24 Hour Happy Hour Magician" (Woody Landers lecture notes)
Evert Chapman A Change of Place selection appears face-up on deck when top card is rubbed with Ace of Spades, then some kind of transposition 9
Unknown Paintbrush Change 10
William P. Miesel All By Themselves four selections lost in deck, then four Kings distributed face-up, they end up next to the selectionsInspired by
  • "Royal Command" (Peter Duffie, Abra #2576)
Jerry Mentzer Fancy Aces 15
Richard Bartram, Jr. Joker Assisted Triumph ends in new deck order, farosInspired by 17
Jerry Mentzer Signature Card Locator coin placed on top card of bottom half, face-up, other half on top and cut again, card changed, non-visual tosheroon 19
Jerry Mentzer Trio Less Two three spectators chose a card, one hides his card and the other two are shuffled back, all three divined, one travels to pocket
- For Magicians
Unknown Simple Shuffle stack attack type shuffle of three five-card runs 25
Jerry Mentzer Two Card Transpo Inspired by
  • "Off Beat Top Change Routine" (Eddie Fechter, Fechter, p. 68)
Steve Beam Face Off four cards are selected and found, cut deeper to select all cards, two handlingsAlso published here 31
Paul Swinford Judah's Undue Goano Revisited three phases
- Stay Stack Version
Inspired by
  • "The S. J. Mutus Dedit Trick" (Stewart Judah, Linking Ring, Feb. 1964)
Tom Hubbard Thank You Norman card selected, four cards from another deck added and used to count to selection, with two variations 39
Jerry Mentzer, Al Thatcher Cardician's Dream (Improved) Inspired by 41
Jerry Mentzer Any Way four packets arrived at, a King (or Queen, two-way out) on top of each 45
Jerry Mentzer Think A Card Improved - Vernon RevelationInspired by
  • Bob Farmer
Warren Stephens Fake Estimation spectator cuts off packet, top card of bottom section named, presented as estimation 52
Jerry Mentzer Two Keys - As a Locator
- As a Force (one of two)
Jerry Mentzer Lie Detector Test 54
Jerry Mentzer Memory Jogger associating playing cards with a trick to remember one's repertoireInspired by 58
Jerry Mentzer Move a Card alternating one-way backs 59
Michael Boden Deck Memorization OOTW with the performer dealing as a memory stunt, gilbreath
- Notes on the Gilbreath Principle
Also published here 62
Tom Craven Hummer Clean-Up four cards, selection is only one reversed after some procedureInspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, Linking Ring)
Tom Craven Hummer - Odd Back selection also has odd backInspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, Linking Ring)
Doug Canning Canning's Baby Hummer with six cardsInspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, Linking Ring)
John Hostler My False Cut deck optionally turned over during cutAlso published here
  • Linking Ring Parade, July 1987
John Hostler Pressure Point ambitious card, then thumb and first finger melt through pack until they can grab out selection, leaving a cut-out in whole rest of deckVariations 78
John Hostler The Wild Card Joker changes into mates of three cardsInspired byVariations 82
John Hostler The Wild Exchange black Seven sandwiched between red Sevens in left hand, other black Seven in right hand, they change places so that a red Seven is in right hand and other red sandwiched between blacks in left hand 86
John Neely Kinetic Aces deck instead of three cards placed on follower Aces 88
John Neely The Resurrection Aces vanish à la Collins Aces and are found again à la Christ Aces 91
John Neely The Waterloo Opener Inspired by 95
Michael Sibbernsen Future Shock prediction written on a playing card matches selectionInspired by 96
Michael Sibbernsen Lucky Card 100
Michael Sibbernsen Post-Cards spectator puts four post-it notes in deck during dealing, the cards are the four AcesInspired by 102
Michael Sibbernsen Thumb-Off Addition Force card dragged from end grip into left hand until spectator calls stop 105
Michael Sibbernsen Triple Indemnity three prediction cards placed aside, selection completes four-of-a-kindInspired by 107
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition 108
Bill Spooner Frontal Attack Top Change card changes into selection, with top change handling 113
Bill Spooner An Out-Of-Deck Experience three cards chosen, one signed, cards jump out one by one, card con ceiling finale 117
Unknown Boomerang Card Grip Related to 119
Jack Chanin Card on Ceiling Method 120
Jerry Mentzer Control to Bottom hindu shuffle 121
Jerry Mentzer Addition to Le Paul Top Palm - The Casual Gesture
- The Flourish Show
Inspired by 123
Jerry Mentzer Direct Palm of a Tabled Card tabled card scooped into deck
- As a Palm
- As a Control
Related to
  • "Dribble Control" (Inside John Murray)
Jerry Mentzer Nine Way Variant nine cards in square, one chosen via instructions, winner/loser written on other sideInspired by
  • "Kane's Variant" (Peter Kane)
Roy Walton Walton's Ascanio Routine four Queens turn over one by one, then change to Aces, Queen travels from one pile to another 132
Edward Marlo Deep ATFUS 133
Jim Lee Nine Card Monte with Ace of Diamonds and eight blank cardsRelated to 137
Michael Boden Boden's Wild Card Routine eight blank cards become duplicates of selection, new handlingAlso published here 144
Tom Craven All Backs Routine five cards, Royal Flush ending 151
Karl Fulves Five as Five Count also six as fiveRelated to 152
Jerry Mentzer Blank Ambition ambitious card routine with double blank deck
- The Bluff
- Really Ambitious
Related to
  • concept in "Riggs - The Magic of John Riggs" (Magic Methods)
Jerry Mentzer Card to Card Case unknown card in case, card signed in deck, Kings added into card case, unknown card later turns out to be signed card 158
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 160
Karrell Fox Foxy "Cardenballoon" without apparatusAlso published here 161
Karrell Fox Foxy "The Perfect Miracle" performer deals blindfolded through deck, stops at selectionAlso published here 163
Nick Trost One Card Reverse card vanishes from packet and re-appears reversed 164
Jerry Mentzer Thoughts on the Pecking Bird some ideas 166
Jerry Mentzer Three Card Control and Revelation crimped keyVariations 168
Jerry Mentzer Five Card Control and Revelation Inspired by 170
Jerry Mentzer Plus-Hue Go Mo sandwich combo with two selectionsInspired by
  • "Hue Go Mo" (Bill Miesel, Visionary Card Effects)
Jerry Mentzer Flourish Aces - Descendents - Black Aces to Red Aces to Black Kings
- Black Jack Deal
- Flourish Finders
- Flourish Finders - Alternative
Inspired by 177
Hank Wocjik Flourish Aces two cards change at onceAlso published here 180