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Grace Ann Morgan Preliminaries
  • Acknowledgements
  • Dedication ("First, to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ")
  • License
Grace Ann Morgan The Card Trick That Has No Explanation challenge presentation for Cervon's speller
  • The Spelling Procedure
Inspired by 5
Grace Ann Morgan Dribble Peek glimpsing card at break during dribbling action, see also p. 43
Grace Ann Morgan The Ultimate Weapon two decks, two spectators select one from each, performer apparently memorises the decks, names position of selections in other decks, then another removed card named
Inspired by 10
Grace Ann Morgan The Image Fades card changes into selection in spectator's hand and back
Grace Ann Morgan The Infamous Non-Working Self-Working Card Trick Joker stabbed between two cards, suit and value of cards above and below used to compose new card, it is found in pocket
Inspired by 16
Stanley Collins Stabbing Force
Grace Ann Morgan Dead Solid Perfect card thought of from a group, progressive set up, made impromptu
Inspired by 18
Grace Ann Morgan Spelling Numbers learning with how many letters a card spells
Grace Ann Morgan Gaffus Maximus unknown odd-backed card placed into deck, spectator choses one from the face and it is the odd-backed one, red/blue long-short deck
  • Ditching the Gaff
Grace Ann Morgan The Perfect Choice spectator deals down in shuffled deck and stops, performer knows the card, faro
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Grace Ann Morgan Blinded By The Sleight performer blindfolded, spectator selects a card and takes out five cards one of which is the selection, performer hold each up while spectator says "no" to each, selection found
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Grace Ann Morgan The Hacker Stack using Si Stebbins as memorized deck
Related to 29
Grace Ann Morgan Flummoxed! challenge location designed for magicians
Grace Ann Morgan The Adequate Cardshark Poker and Bridge deal from Si Stebbins
Inspired by 31
Grace Ann Morgan Setting The Combination Vernon's Aces with Free Cut Principle and stack to get packets of right size
Grace Ann Morgan Harry The Hacker three cards removed and named as memory demonstration, cards next to removed cards culled
Grace Ann Morgan Hacker Stack Basics memorizing Si Stebbins
  • Step One - The Phonetic Alphabet
  • Step Two - Turning Numbers Into Pictures
  • Step Three - Translating Playing Cards Into Pictures
  • The Final Step - Learning The Stack
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Grace Ann Morgan The Power Of Peeks
Henry Hay The Henry Hay Peek handling for step peek
Grace Ann Morgan The Dribble Peek after fingertip peek, deck is turned over and dribbled
Also published here 43
Grace Ann Morgan The Flex Peek
Grace Ann Morgan The Riffle Glimpse
Paul Chosse The Flicker Glimpse credit claim
The Pivot Glimpse all around square-up
Cardini, Grace Ann Morgan The Cardini Multiple Shift overhand shuffle
Inspired byAlso published here 45
Grace Ann Morgan The Foundation of ProActive Control mostly about handling mistakes and confidence
  • The Cause of Fear & Loathing
  • Step One: Introspection
Grace Ann Morgan ProActive Strategies mostly about handling mistakes and confidence
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Mental Floss
Grace Ann Morgan Fail-Safe Guidelines avoiding mistakes
  • Rule #1
  • Rule #2
  • Rule #3
  • Rule #4
Grace Ann Morgan Liar! spectator reads off cards and lies at his selection
Grace Ann Morgan Sonar Detection spectator displaces his card, performer listens to riffle and names card, with out when spectator lies
Grace Ann Morgan Your Momma! spelling "YOURMOMMA"
Grace Ann Morgan I HATE that card! idiosyncratic way to cull a card to the top
Grace Ann Morgan The Off Center Shuffle getting a glimpsed selection to the top
Grace Ann Morgan The Implications of the "Fight or Flight" Syndrome on getting great reactions
Paul Chosse Triple Header spectator removes any three random cards, they are used to "calculate" name of selection with pseudo rules
Inspired by 64
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