Written by Jan Logemann

Work of Jan Logemann

19 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Jan Logemann.
Language: English, German

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Jan Logemann Premature Epilogue (Vorzeitiges Nachwort)
titles of German edition in brackets
Jan Logemann Tools of a Cartomaniac (Handwerkszeug eines Kartomanen)
chapter intro
Jan Logemann The Famous 100-Card Trick (The Unfamous 100-Card Trick)
finale for Williamson's effect, surplus cards vanish after inflated deck climax
Inspired by 4
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 5
Jan Logemann Cartomat (Kartomat)
named card and peeked card located
Derek Dingle Open Says Me Production 6
Jan Logemann Rubber-Behr (Gummi-Behr)
one of two rubber bands vanish, two selections made, rubber band finds first one, banded card then changes into thought-of second one
Inspired by 7
George D. Franzen The Dissolving Rubber Band as climax to crazy man's hand cuffsAlso published here 7
Jan Logemann Instant Stooging Think-a-Card 8
Ernest Earick One-handed Convincing Control 9
Jan Logemann Wine-Note (Scheinbar)
bill with corner torn off travels into wine bottle
Jan Logemann Bill Switch Inspired by
  • switch in "Das Manuel Muerte Seminar", 1998
Jan Logemann Three-Layered Silver (Dreilagiges Silber)
paper snippets turn into coin when burned in a flash, one-coin routine, jumbo coin, more coins appear
Jan Logemann WondeRing (WondeRing, p. 17)
borrowed finger ring into packet of sweets
Jan Logemann Bill Paperfold to vanish ring in flash 18