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Harapan Ong Introduction
Harapan Ong Memorized Decks: Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a memorized deck?
  • Why should I learn a memorized deck?
  • Is it really that useful?
  • How do you memorize a deck of cards?
  • Which memorized deck should I learn?
Harapan Ong Memorizing a Deck Chapter introduction
Harapan Ong A Stack to Forget The stack itself
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Harapan Ong Tip #1: Use a deck of cards to help you memorize.
Harapan Ong Tip #2: Don't bite off more than you can chew.
Harapan Ong Tip #3: Use mini games to test your own memorization.
  • The Mixer Fixer
  • The Number Namer
  • The Imagination Indoctrination
  • The Faster Pass-ter Master
Harapan Ong Features Chapter introduction
Harapan Ong Bits and Pieces Smaller features of A Stack to Forget, including a small sandwich trick, spelling bank etc.
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Harapan Ong A Short Word on Gambling Routines Why the stack has no gambling routines built in
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Harapan Ong Going Both Ways Triumph routine, Nine of Hearts is revealed which is then used to find all four Aces
Harapan Ong, Joshua Jay Plunger Lie Detector Lie detector effect using Plunger Principle
Harapan Ong Four Choices Spectator makes a series of choices, locates four Aces
Alex Elmsley, Harapan Ong Snap Swap Minor handling variation for the original Elmsley trick, two card transposition
Inspired by 45
Simon Aronson, Ramón Riobóo, Harapan Ong, Persi Diaconis, Ron Graham The Three Hours Three spectators each think of a card, magician divines each card without making any wrong statements
Inspired byRelated to 48
Harapan Ong Matching the Cards classic effect
Unknown One handed Bottom Deal Turnover
Harapan Ong Same Data, Different Conclusions Two cards selected. Three cards used to divine color, suit and value of first selection. Those three cards then change into the mates of second selection.
Brother John Hamman The Rolling Control
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Harapan Ong Spelling On spelling tricks
Harapan Ong Spelling Chain 1 spelling to suit, then value, then selection itself
Harapan Ong Spelling Chain 2 spelling to peeked-at card
Harapan Ong You Can't Handle the Truth Lie detector, spelling
Inspired by 66
Harapan Ong Prediction à la Kruskal
Inspired by 70
Harapan Ong Old School, New School Spelling to divine the first card's suit and value, then find all the mates to the second selection
Harapan Ong One Final Note
Harapan Ong Recommended Reading Books to check out on memorized deck magic
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