Written by Dan Harlan
Work of Aaron Fisher
18 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Dan Harlan
Language: English
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Jack Birnman Foreword
Aaron Fisher, Jack Birnman The Long and Winding Trick Aces lost, four indifferent cards found, their values used to count down to four cards, they are the Kings, Aces found on other side of counted packets
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Milk Build Stack
Aaron Fisher Hey, Chewed dime visible changes into strip of gum
Also published here 4
Aaron Fisher Gum Together chewed gum becomes fresh strip of gum and then magically is sealed again
Also published here 5
Aaron Fisher Think For Yourself all cards except named one vanish from case, using Deck Vanisher prop
Aaron Fisher You Never Give Me Your Money three coins, two travel to other hand one by one, then back, they all change to copper
Aaron Fisher Multiple Shuttle Pass
Aaron Fisher Here, There, and Everywhere first the Kings travel to the pockets, then the whole deck disappears, leaving only the Kings and a previously selected card
Also published here 10
Aaron Fisher Stealing Cards from Deck to Under Case
Aaron Fisher Nowhere Pass Variation to second from bottom, with outjog feature
Aaron Fisher Within You, Without You card to envelope, with card prediction in envelope and drawing on the card, card stolen to under envelope with sticky envelope and deck on table
Aaron Fisher Sexy Sadie's Sandwich mates face-up on top and selection appears between them
Aaron Fisher The Illusion Control
Also published here 15
Aaron Fisher You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello (One-Handed Popover) card pops out in the middle of the deck
Also published here 16
Aaron Fisher Nowhere Pass (Bluff Handling)
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