Written by Horace E. Bennett

Work of Horace E. Bennett

70 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jerry Mentzer (Magic Methods)
Illustrated with drawings by Horace E. Bennett.
Language: English

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Horace E. Bennett Introduction i
Horace E. Bennett Not-So-Relentless four silver and four copper coins transpose one by one from hand to handInspired byAlso published here 1
Horace E. Bennett Big Coin Routine coin travels from knee to knee, then change into jumbo coinInspired byVariations 6
Horace E. Bennett, Scotty York The Third Coin third phase for coins thru table, based on the revolve vanishRelated to 8
Horace E. Bennett, Scotty York The Sound of Magic coin vanishes in a cup, match thrown into cup 10
Horace E. Bennett, Scotty York The Illusive Coin Pass - Revisited retention vanish to back clipRelated to
  • Talisman vol. 1 no. 48
Jimmy Wilson Jimmy Wilson's Coin Vanish and Reproduction using the J.W. grip / Jimmy Wilson Palm 17
Horace E. Bennett One-To-Four producing four coinsInspired by 21
Horace E. Bennett Bennett Change Over Palm 22
Horace E. Bennett Coins Across four coins from hand to hand, one by one 24
Horace E. Bennett Poor Man's Peripatetic Coins four coins from hand to hand, one by one 26
Horace E. Bennett The Fourth Dimension paper with slit, coins appear and disappearInspired byRelated to
  • "The Third Hole" in "The Gen" May, 1968
Horace E. Bennett Change for Two two half dollars change to quarters, one at a time 39
Howard Schwarzman The Instantaneous Coin Change with back clip / Goshman pinch 40
Horace E. Bennett Clink - Clink - Clink Improved two coins travel from hand to hand, several phases 41
John Ramsay Coin Vanish 43
Unknown Purse Palm 44
Horace E. Bennett A Copper and Silver Quickie 44
Horace E. Bennett Matrix Coins and Cards matrix with four cards, as a kicker random cards turn out to be Aces 46
Horace E. Bennett A Big Production jumbo coin from handkerchief 50
Horace E. Bennett The Improved Cheat four duplicate Aces, Royal Flush kicker 53
Horace E. Bennett Suit Yourself - Stand Up Version four cards in Matrix layout, travel under piece of cardboard, on a newspaperRelated toAlso published here
  • in "Mantra"
Horace E. Bennett Comedy Card to Pocket or Wallet 61
Horace E. Bennett Quick Reverse reverse of card while other cards is turned over 64
Horace E. Bennett Instant Reverse card reverses several times, then it changes back color 67
Horace E. Bennett The Spectator Does a Trick 68
Horace E. Bennett Errata corrections for "Bennett's Best" and "On Your Feet" 70