Written by Philip T. Goldstein, Richard Kaufman

Work of Various

124 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg

Language: English

(30 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Shigeo Takagi Card Ping Chien switch as card is tossed on the tableRelated to 11
Edward Marlo Rise, Rise, Rise 14
Masashi Neo Miser's Miracle Again four coins produced from torn playing card 15
Kazuyuki Hase Metamorph-Rose rose transforms in red and green silk 20
Kuniyasu Fujiwara Card Quake eccentric card rise while box is shaken 23
Tomo Maeda Glass Load producing glass from silk, body loadRelated to 27
Tetuo Tanigawa Climax Flower Chains two flower bouquets produced, they fall apart to flower chains 31
Yuic-hi Katakura Double Shock four selections transform into kings, then acesRelated to 35
Kazuyoshi Hirachi Cell Division visible method to split a sponge ball in two 40
Asako Suda Cane from Fireball 43
Masao Atsukawa Coin Fugue a coin travels from hand onto the table, then three more coins appear, coins travel across 46
Masao Atsukawa M.A. Coin Propulsion / The Bullet coin is shot into other hand without visible movementVariations 49
Ken Kuroki Counterfeit when bill is held against light, shadow of card index shines through 53
Kazuto Nishino Joint Account card is "chosen" by some number and countdown procedure 59
Naoki Ogi The Three-Sixty Fan one-handed perfectly circular fan 61
Toyohisa Saikawa Dice Assembly three-dice matrix with playing card cover 65
Takanobu Ishida Chronometer Card same layout, but different procedure 69
Jonny Hirose Triple Production Box plastic box with clear sides fills with spring flowers three times 73
Shinichi Arai Triangle-Circle-Square blank cards, wild card with geometrical shapes 77
Yoshihiko Mutobe Quadruplicate Spellbound featuring new spellbound moves 81
Edward Victor A Further Changing Coin Effect 82
Yoshihiko Mutobe Mutobe Palm 85
Koichi Kawada Crafty Wand Vanish flipstick type vanish with silk 88
Toshiyuki Serizawa Burnt Out signed card in deck, lighter held underneath deck, selection has burn marks 92
Tooru Suzuki Linking Cardboard squares of cardboard with holes in them are linked and unlinked 97
Hironori Morita Dedicated to Mr. Astaire 1. cane floats up from floor and dances
2. silk visually appears in empty hand
Keikan Miyanaka Non-Prediction all the cards from one color that match a selection vanish from the deck 109
Keikan Miyanaka Blown-Up Deck half deck is "aired" to look like a full deck 110
Hiroyuki Sakai, Michael Weber Spoony Ring ring through spoon 113
Hiroshi Sawa Smoke Rings two smoke rings are caught and become solid, then linked 118