Written by Román García
Work of Román García
239 pages (Hardcover), published by Producciones El Asombro, S.L.
Illustrated with drawings by Kiko Pastur
Language: Spanish
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Luis Piedrahita Prólogo - Sueños Muy Bien Pensados
Román García La Opción de la Narrativa en la Magia on the narrative in magic, presentation with music and patter
Román García La Carta Escupida torn corner travels between Jokers on the table, then card visibly is restored
Rafael Benatar El Cambio de Clark Kent
Román García El Enigma del Huevo y la Gallina red-backed card is unseen, signed and put it spectator, blue-backed card is signed and placed in the deck, card in pocket has both signatures
Román García Topit Card Transfer card put in side jacket pocket is placed back on top of deck through topit path
Román García EL Viaje de la Luna del Comandante Bouzas little rocket formed with tea bag is lit, ash on blank card forms name of selection, flag appears on selection, story trick
Román García Una Partida Entre Tahúres Triumph, Kings are found after each shuffle, deck ends up in new deck order, faros
Related to 35
Román García El Mundial de Futbol cards with football players, coins as footballs appear, yellow card changes to red card, matrix and jumbo coin/ball appears as climax, story trick
Román García El Principio de Samuelson coin and label of bottle inside bottle, bottle can be handed to spectator
Related to 53
Román García Los Cubiletes de Wittgenstein routine with two cups, one chop cup
Román García El Mal de Kaps deck penetrates balloon, then balloon is inflated and signed selection is pulled out through balloon
Inspired byRelated to 71
Luis Piedrahita, Kiko Pastur Cards in Balloon balloon pressed against deck of cards, it shrinks around deck which is apparently now inside the balloon
Related to 79
Román García Versión Simplificada de la Baraja en el Globo simplified version of El Mal de Kaps
Related to 88
Román García Una Visión del Mentalismo essay on mentalism
  • Caracteristicas esenciales de la magia
  • Magia realista y magia ficcional
  • Mentalismo ficcional
  • Las demostraciones
  • La credibilidad de las demostraciones ficticias
  • La importancia de la ambigüedad
  • La frontera borrosa
  • La convivencia del mentalismo ficcional con las demostraciones ficticias
  • La ética del mentalismo como demonstración ficticia
Román García Memorable deck is shuffled by spectator, one card removed, deck is memorized and every card named including missing card
Román García Test de Vivos y Muertos five blank cards with names, spectator writes years since passing on a paper which is burnt and ashes rubbed on back of the cards, on the card with the dead person the number appears
Román García El Juego que Yo no le Haria a Dai Vernon puzzle illustrated with cards, finally a coin appears under a card
Román García El Juego que Yo no le Haria a René logic puzzle illustrated with cards, magical / transposition ending
Román García Aplicaciones del WOW applications and ideas with Katsuya Masuda's WOW gimmick
  • Mi carta favorita
  • La firma
  • La transparencia
  • El tiempo
  • La repetición
  • La transformación
  • La transposición
  • La prolongación
  • La inversión
  • La ambiciosa
  • Viajes
  • Mentalwow
  • Otras aplicaciones
Román García Aplicaciones de la Mezcla Lateral ideas and handling for the faro fan
  • La mezcla lateral
  • La extirpación
Román García Agua y Aceite ideas the faro fan for Oil and Water
  • Evaporación y condensación (à la Carroll, one color vanishes and reappears)
  • Agitación
Inspired by 138
Román García Baraja invisible idea with the faro fan for ungaffed invisible deck
Román García Brainwave idea with the faro fan
Related to 141
Román García Triunfo idea with the faro fan for Triumph
Román García Todo Dorso idea with the faro fan for All Backs
Román García El Secreto: El Dilema de la Evolución on secrets and amateurs
Román García Cambio Horario watch travels from spectator'r wrist to performer's wrist
Román García La Carta en el Techo with chewing gum that is spit while cards are thrown into the air
Román García Viaje 2x1 two deck decks, named card is card with different colored back, in each deck
Román García El Ritual de la Patata card is divined with french fries
Román García El Muro de Cristal four cards signed on the back, through transparent handkerchief, covered with postcard
Inspired byRelated to
  • Gabi Pareras' "Ases clandestino" in "Sequencias"
Román García El Sueño del Alqumista four coins change to copper and back
Luis Piedrahita El Volteo Timoteo apparently showing both sides of a coin shell, example of turning four coins over on the table
Purse Palm Morrit grip, separating coin from shell
Román García three copper and three silver coins change places, with cup
Román García Xatel two-handed
Román García La Creatividad on creativity
Román García La Varita de los Cigarrillos two cigarettes morph together so they look like a magic wand
Román García Index writing on back of joker is moved and card can be checked immediately
Román García Los Agujeros Viajeros four hole travel to one corner of signed card, one by one
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