Written by Mike Maxwell

Work of Randy Wakeman

153 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Nelson.
Language: English

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Frank Garcia Foreword i
Randy Wakeman Introduction v
Randy Wakeman Overclock combining Overkill with clock trick layout, chosen hour divined and card predicted written inside caseInspired by 1
Randy Wakeman The Emergency Card card signed and lost, odd-backed "emergency card" removed from pocket turns out to be previous signed selection 4
Unknown One-Handed Bottom Deal Force card touched in spread and placed face-up on table 4
Randy Wakeman Card from Inside Pocket using gambler's palm 5
Randy Wakeman Did You Get The Odd One? ten cards removed from blue-backed deck, one red-backed card placed among them, spectator choses blue-backed one from face, all others change to red-backedInspired by 8
Randy Wakeman Face-up Force kind of face-up Open Hockley forceRelated to 9
Randy Wakeman Here's to the Head Forker spectator says "That's it" on every card shown, suckerRelated to
  • "That's it!" (Eddie Fechter)
Randy Wakeman Playing on the Three-Way three cards shown as all being the selection, then all backs, then indifferent with selection in pocket that isn't there 14
Unknown Tilt 14
Theodore Annemann Annemann Alignment Move 15
Randy Wakeman Alignment All Alike Display for Quick Three-Way 15
Francis Carlyle Carlyle Turnover Move 18
Bill Malone Gag Card from Pocket Production card removed from non-existent breast pocketRelated to 19
Randy Wakeman The Devil & Randy Wakeman 21
Unknown Mahatma Control used for two selections 21
Randy Wakeman Double-Break KM Move 21
Edward Marlo Undercount to Table small packet counted onto table one by one, hiding one card 23
Randy Wakeman Count Wakeman counting trick ten card packet that never has ten cards, then it has fifty-one cards with only selection remaining 25
Randy Wakeman Overcount with Packet 25
Unknown Spider Replacement 27
Randy Wakeman How Did You Know? number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selectionInspired by 29
Randy Wakeman R.W. Four-Card Stunner four selections are found by spectators themselvesInspired byAlso published here 31
Randy Wakeman Multiple Card Control Procedure dribbling, first and last one free, same break forced in betweenInspired by 31
Unknown Bottom Placement 32
Derek Dingle NoLap Switch 32
Randy Wakeman Tri-Version out-jogged card visibly turns over, repeated, then deck turns overAlso published here 35
Edward Marlo Deck Turnover Change deck quickly turned over to affect change of out-jogged card 35
Patrick Page One Handed Face Change Related to 37
Randy Wakeman Reverse-Reverse-Rise-Surprise selection reverses twice, then top half floats upwards and selection jumps out 39
Srechko Howard Float-Flip-Flight spelled "Howard Shrecko", first top half floats above bottom half, then selection pops outAlso published here 40
Tony Kardyro Drop Sleight from spread condition 40
Randy Wakeman The Formula One Card Routine six cardsAlso published here 43
Edward Marlo Retention of Vision Change 45
Peter Kane Gun Revelation Related to 46
Randy Wakeman, Edward Marlo But Fast! peeked-at card turns over, then pseudo explanation 49
Edward Marlo Center Reverse future reverse 49
Matt Schulien Cutting Production Charlier cut, then finger pivot card out 51
Randy Wakeman The Fortune-Telling Aces Ace with suit of chosen card turns over, selection turns over and is placed with Aces, it vanishes from Aces and reappears reversed in deck 53
Unknown Braue Reversal Glimpse 53
Edward Marlo Illogical Exchange Move as outjogged card is removed 55
Randy Wakeman All-Around Square-Up Spread Pass Related to 58
Randy Wakeman All That Jazz Inspired by 62
Randy Wakeman O'Randy Aces with variation in which Kings also show up by surprise 64
Frederick Braue Braue Addition 64
Edward Marlo Flourish Show to show vanish of Ace 65
Edward Marlo Slip Switch 67
Randy Wakeman The Professional Reverse Assembly 69
Edward Marlo Covered Bottom Deal as small packet is counted 70
Edward Marlo Broken-up Elmsley Count 71
Edward Marlo Immediate Bottom Deal 71
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon Count three-as-four Elmsley count 72
Larry West Mirage Count 72
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Change 73
Randy Wakeman Spectator on Stage Also published here 75
Randy Wakeman Do You Feel Lucky? using Harry Riser subtletyInspired by 77
Edward Marlo Slip Unloading Action kind of secret slip cut 77
Randy Wakeman Give Us This Day Our Daley Aces Daley's Last as climaxAlso published here 80
Edward Marlo Wrist Turn Pass 80
Steve Draun Midnight Shift 83
Edward Marlo Mechanical Change mechanical second deal 84
Unknown Toss Discovery friction 85
Randy Wakeman A Dime a Dozen 87
Unknown The Gambler's False Cut Also published here 87
Frank Garcia Riding the Aces Production Related to 87
Steve Draun Revolve Flourish Also published here 88
John Benzais Benzais Spin-Out 91
Randy Wakeman Anything I Can Do, You Can Do Better cutting high card presentation, eventually a four-of-a-kind found, Christ Force 92
Henry Christ Christ Force 92
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move 93
Randy Wakeman Smorgasbord Cannibals Also published here 95
Edward Marlo OPEC Count 96
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread 97
Randy Wakeman R.W. Cricket Count gemini/flushtration combo 98
Randy Wakeman Watch Me Work four Aces are quickly stacked, two handlings 103
Unknown Break Insertion packet side-jogged on top, bottom card(s) secretly inserted into breaks 104
Randy Wakeman Ascension Transposition Queens on table, four spot cards in hand, one by one Queens are placed among spot cards and vanish, then a spot card is put on table, transposition finaleAlso published here 106
Unknown Open Bottop Change 107
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 108
Randy Wakeman The Randy Revelation Also published here 109
Art Altman Double Undercut Palm 110
Unknown Tabled Flat Palm off tabled packet 111
Unknown Palm-to-Palm Transfer flat to flat palm, brief 111
Randy Wakeman The Exploding Aces Aces turn over one by one, then change to Ace through Four, Aces reproduced from deckInspired by 113
Unknown ATFUS Variation 113
Bill Simon Block Slip Cup 114
Randy Wakeman Exploding Aces Production 114
Randy Wakeman eveRywhere & noWhere two duplicates 117
Nate Leipzig Color Change 118
Edward Marlo Pick-Up Move card turned over with upper half onto left-hand half and transferred to upper half 122
Unknown Angle Jog Bottom Palm bottom card starts angle jogged 122
Randy Wakeman, Edward Marlo Maximum Penetration deck visibly penetrates into card case, using solid deception deckAlso published here 124
Unknown Inner Corner Crimp with base of thumb 124
Randy Wakeman The Four-Card Puzzler twisting thing with four Nines, they change into Kings 127
Unknown In-the-Hands Mexican Turnover 128
Randy Wakeman The Card of a Thousand Faces odd-backed card changes into three selections one by one, then becomes blank, two duplicatesAlso published here 130
Randy Wakeman The Card of a Thousand & One Faces gaffedInspired by 133
Unknown Flushtration Count 134
Randy Wakeman The One-Handed Center Deal pseudo 136
Randy Wakeman Randy's Miracle Move same as slip-jog or open hockleyRelated to 136
Edward Marlo One-Handed Top Card Turnover 138
Randy Wakeman Expecting the Unexpected prediction written, five cards removed by spectator, one of those pushed reversed in deck, it matches prediction 140
Unknown Scoop-Up Cull scooping up the face-up ribbon spread and marking position of one card with thumb 140
Edward Marlo Braue Reverse Variation 142
Unknown Center Reverse to Bottom one-card pass 142
Randy Wakeman A Frantic Tumble & A Shy Goodbye transformation kicker and Aces in different pocketsInspired by 144
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread 145
Unknown Partial Change-Over Palm two cards palmed, one of them transferred to other hand with hand-washing transfer 148
Randy Wakeman Lapel of a Trick card divined, on second try the card appears under spectator's coat lapel 149
Unknown Dibble Glimpse bottom card of top half 149
Randy Wakeman In Conclusion 153