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248 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Foreword
Edward Marlo Collection of Collectors Faro shuffle handling with an interesting application of the Merlin Tip-Over Change as a packet switch 1
Edward Marlo Untitled Collectors effect D.I.Y. Collectors effect with three methods for selections and three for revelations 5
Edward Marlo Extra Collectors Clever use of stranger Ace and Face Up Switch 6
Edward Marlo Climax Switch variant of a Daley Switch 7
Edward Marlo Shake Switch a primative switch dropping a packet from the bottom of the deck on top of a packet in the hand. 8
Edward Marlo The Forced Collectors Idea of forcing three pre-loaded duplicates for a Collectors routine 9
Edward Marlo Marlo Prayer Cull Addition same as Marlo Combination Cull and Exchange 11
Edward Marlo The Off Color Collectors collector cards change back at the end 11
Edward Marlo Lost Collectors collector cards change to blank cards at the end 14
Edward Marlo The Duplicate Collectors using duplicates for the four collector cards 15
Edward Marlo Palm Out Collectors deck and collector cards remain separated 16
Edward Marlo Cased Collectors collector cards are cased 17
Edward Marlo Simplex Blindfold Deals seven methods 20
Edward Marlo Combination Overhand Shuffle Stacks no crimps, using Broken Up Milk Build procedure and Pickup
- Two Card Stack
- Three Card Stack
- Four Card Stack
Edward Marlo From Bottom to Top different method to shuffle the bottom card to top 31
Edward Marlo For Magicians Only overhand control to throw off those looking for jogs 32
Ron Bauer To Retain Bottom Stock 32
Edward Marlo Streamlined Lessinout Stack Chicago, 1943Also published here 33
Edward Marlo Card Cheats Two Card Stack includes setting of bridge 34
Edward Marlo Marlo's Broken Up Milk Build Stack 35
Edward Marlo Success Story kings find queens, rough-smooth 37
Edward Marlo, Ron Wilson Solving a Problem problem by Ron Wilson, five jokers are held by performer and exchanged one by one, still the performer hold five jokers 39
Edward Marlo Posing and Solving a Problem but with different colored backsRelated to 41
Edward Marlo, Brother John Hamman Double Surprise version of Hamman's "Mumble Jumble", partial rough-smooth 42
Edward Marlo A Routine of Surprises with color changing deckInspired by 45
Edward Marlo Simple Premonition prediction in hat, card is selected from one deck, this card is missing in second deck and found in hat with prediction, gaffed 47
Edward Marlo Splitting a Thought two cards are stuck together face to face and turn out to be two thought-of cards, rough-smooth 49
Edward Marlo One Eyed Jacks Open Other Eye 52
Edward Marlo Signo-Transpo front and back signed card jumps from packet to packet, rough-smoothVariations 55
Edward Marlo Wild Card Routine "An extended wild card routine to take it out of the ordinary", using standard setAlso published here 58
Edward Marlo Repeat Ace Transpo two double facers 65
Edward Marlo Think Universal with thought-of cards, rough-smooth red-blue Menetekel DeckAlso published here 68
Edward Marlo The 9999 Miracle mathematical count-down selection procedure 70
Edward Marlo The Schmaltzy Showman's Prediction fair selection from new and sealed deck is predicted, Penelope's PrincipleVariationsAlso published here 73
Edward Marlo Mathematical Marlo automatic placement, card and amount of cut-off cards is divined 75
Edward Marlo Sober Slop Shuffle Deal Related to 76
Edward Marlo The Deep Face-Up Switch Bold ATFUS variation which brings the card directly to the centerVariations 78
Edward Marlo The Invisible Toss reappears in the deck at specific position, featuring the Deep Face-Up SwitchRelated toVariations 79
Edward Marlo Accidental Face-Up Row subtlety, "oh, these should have been face-down" 79
Edward Marlo Miracle Faro Reverse two peeked at cards reverse themselves one at a time 81
Edward Marlo Masterful Match Up two methods, stay stack 83
Edward Marlo Masterful Mix Up cards mixed face up and face down, performer instantly pushes out four Aces, three methods 85
Edward Marlo Automatic Placement Double Control, Plus One 89
Edward Marlo, Karl Fulves Lose or Win Proposition sixteen cards, pair arrangementInspired by 92
Edward Marlo Red-Black Arrangement five methods to secretley get a red black alternating order into a pair order (rrbbrrbb...) 92
Edward Marlo The Gaffed Proposition sixteen cardsInspired by 96
Edward Marlo, Karl Fulves Favorite Routine and Procedure sixteen cardsInspired by 97
Edward Marlo, Roy Walton From Scratch mathematical procedure 99
Edward Marlo, Gene Nielsen More on Coincidence 101
Edward Marlo, Karl Fulves Pointed Up Wager proposition plot (problem by Fulves): one black card in a packet of red cards, spectator cuts to single black card, six methods 102
Edward Marlo Propelled Lapping 106
Dai Vernon Tilt 108
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon, Harry Blackstone Royal Monte Royal Flush to Four Tens to Royal Flush, ungaffedInspired by 113
Edward Marlo The Pre-Determined Hour 115
Edward Marlo Time For Laymen 118
Edward Marlo Prediction Surprise and Clock Combination with additional "The Faro Method" 119
Edward Marlo The Darkest Hour 122
Edward Marlo Another Clock Effect 123
Edward Marlo 2nd Clock 125
Edward Marlo System Controls up to four peeked cards, cutting procedure combined with distant key card and a faro 128
Edward Marlo Moveless Placement position of selection is instantly known 136
Edward Marlo Simulated Master Move two methods 137
Edward Marlo Miracle Location spectator shuffles, crimp 140
Edward Marlo A Mental Location spectator shuffles, cuts to a card, looks at it, shuffles; crimped memorized cards 141
Edward Marlo Red and Black Thoughts table spread from left to right both times with overhand shuffle in between, or spreading in opposite directionRelated to 142
Edward Marlo Return to Colors red black separated deck is mixed a bit and still separated 142
Edward Marlo Camouflage Control - The No Slip Cut "Basic Technique" and "Controlled Cut", procedures with center cuts and distant key cards 144
Edward Marlo Cam-Incidence reversed card coincides in position with freely selected card, distant reversed key card 145
Edward Marlo The Cam Myth Smith Myth Coincidence Effect, but with really different selections 146
Edward Marlo Cam Free Alternative reversed 7 spot is used to find selection, distant key card 146
Edward Marlo The Cam Under The Faro Spell quote: "It's the kind of effect bad enough to be used by the majority of Faro Fooler Arounders." 147
Edward Marlo The Cam Dice and Sevens sevens are found with count down procedures and dice 147
Edward Marlo In Case of a Miss spectator chooses odd-backed card via face-up spread force, based on different coatings 149
Edward Marlo Ace Appearance aces appear in deck face up one at a time 151
Edward Marlo Reverse Handling reversing aces beneath top card 151
Edward Marlo Block Slip Cover Up Cut 151
Edward Marlo Surprise - Surprise - Surprise aces produced, triumph effect with no reversed cards, aces reverse at once 156
Edward Marlo Riffle Shuffle Reverse for half the deckInspired by 157
Edward Marlo The Repeater no exchange of decks 161
Edward Marlo Let's Recapitulate or Criss Cross two decks, several "Variations of Criss Cross"Inspired by 164
Edward Marlo Another Triple Transpo four variations 166
Edward Marlo Repeat Card Through Bar (or Table) two versions 171
Edward Marlo Under the Top 174
Edward Marlo Call it the -- showing three cards alike three times, then routined with transformation at the end, credit information for All Alike display with diminishing lift 175
Edward Marlo Is this the Elevator Going Up or Down or Somersaulting - and where is it going to stop combo 178
Edward Marlo Marlo Pull Down 179
Edward Marlo Elevator Aces 185
Edward Marlo Needed a Title aces transform to tens and to aces, tens from different pockets, standing and sitting version 186
Edward Marlo A Quickie card vanishes from top and reappears at its initial position, using Charlier Pass as secret move 192
Edward Marlo Exhibitionism card vanishes from top and reappears at its initial position 193
Edward Marlo Stranger in a Harem spectator finds selection among five cards, queens turn over at once, selection vanishes from top and reappears between reversed queens in center 194
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Block Slip Cut Aces aces are lost and turn over in the deck one by one 197
Edward Marlo No Future Plus two selections with different back are placed underneath a magazine, the become one card 200
Edward Marlo Olram's Coincidence two cards are chosen from different decks, they match 202
Edward Marlo Coefficient of Friction color changing back kickerRelated to 205
Edward Marlo Another Spectator Cuts the Aces with bluff, two aces end up on same pile 209
Edward Marlo A Beautiful Illusion blue backed aces with red backed aces 212
Edward Marlo Impromptu Chamele Aces red backed and blue backed aces transpose, long routine, about hundred additions and notes 214
Edward Marlo Small Packet Displacement 215
Bruce Elliott, Edward Marlo Elliott Change Variation step 28. 217
Edward Marlo Color Transposition red backed queens and blue backed kings, backs change places, not faces 229
Edward Marlo Marlo Note January 20, 1971 231
Edward Marlo Without a Gaff blank card with aces, two versions, version of "Almost Making It" 232
Edward Marlo The Gaff Makes It four blank cards with four aces, one at a time, differend backs 235
Edward Marlo Marlo's Simple Push-Switch tabled, flat palm 237
Edward Marlo On the Spread Switch discrepancy switch as card is tossed on table from spread between the hands 237
Edward Marlo A Three Packet Estimation multiple card control via estimation, spelling application mentioned 238
Edward Marlo Special to the Expert center dealing from different positions, stepped/jogged cards, secret incomplete faro conditionRelated toVariations 239
Edward Marlo Marlo's Center Block Control 239
Edward Marlo The Marlo Center Deal 240
Edward Marlo An Added Observation applications to different deals, see following pagesInspired by 243
Edward Marlo The First Application - To the Bottom Deal 244
Edward Marlo The Second Application - The Center Deal 244
Edward Marlo Stud Bottom Deal 244
Edward Marlo The Quick Cull Miracle three methods 245
Edward Marlo Impromptu Signature Transpo Related to 248